What is your view of afterlife?

Statistically speaking, we either die and thats it, or it doesnt end here.

People does have experiences and clues of afterlife because of this, but again its pretty much impossible for one to prove what happens after we die to another.

What do you guys believe? I don’t know about yall, but I want pizza.Its the sole reason we exist.Yes,pizza.


I renounced to prove things to people

Pizza is the true will of mankind


stares at the forums resident necromancers

I won’t have a comeback but I surely hope that no asshole will try to call on me after I did my time.


@A_Pariah Not even for a pizza? Damn.


I’ve heard a few different stories. The Dogons say they reincarnate, right back into their tribe if they choose. Or if you’ve gained enough power in this lifetime. Raised your kundalini to your pineal gland, or Seat of Heaven, you ascend. I believe that raising the kundalini to the pineal is the answer for me. Many ancient texts seem to confirm this, if you’re into that sort of thing. Energy that is created can’t be destroyed, so ascend or be stuck in the wheel of reincarnation until you figure out how to ascend. Also, I’m unfortunately allergic to everything pizza stands for. The wheat, and the cheese.

I don’t think I answered the question. After raising my kundalini to my Seat of Heaven, onto the next level and beyond. 5th dimension? I’m honestly not sure. What’s you’re view @anon84423462?


My view on the afterlife is:

You follow a faith or religion: you give them judgement over your afterlife. You follow Judeo pantheon? you either get into heaven and stay human, become an angel (by zadkiel administration) reincarnate after a while, or go to their realm where they send the “punished”

you follow the norse? you are open to Valhalla, reincarnation into their framework/worlds, or go to Hel.

Celtic? you are led to the underworld where you rest for a time and either choose to reincarnate, become someone’s spiritual guide and work your way into living among the gods (not as one) or staying within the different areas of the Celtic underworld one being often called Avalon, realm of Arawn or the realm of Cernunnos/Don.

You follow no one? you go to the etheric/spiritual plane either as your true self or reincarnate as one of the many races there.

you choose to not move on? you wander the energetic layer of the physical or ‘middle world’ in which overtime you’re likely to become a lost soul as there are many of those within the middle world that seem insane.

there are a plethora of pantheons where if in their good graces a human soul has “ascended” to being one of the races from Valkyrie, to angels, to demons, etc depending on the pantheon.


I have no single idea.I am open to every possibility at this point.Some would say we would reincarnate in amount of our karma, some would say its just the end, some say you get to choose.I just don’t know.I will wait and see.

@anon48079295 Where do you think a nihillistic non believer would go?

Book of Ra - densities of consciousness , if you graduate from the 3rd density positively with a service to others oriented path , you go to 4th density positive , which requires spiritual knowledge of self And at least a 51% orientation of service to others , if you want to graduate to 4th density negative , you have to be atleast a 90% negative service to self being , like gengis khan was an example Ra Gave

It’s just a transfer of energy from one realm to another ,

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I believe they will pass right on to reincarnation, unless they really believe there is oblivion after death, which I have only seen done by a soul being “destroyed” in the sense it no longer exists as a conscious soul but more as ambient energy or food for whatever finds and consumes/vamps it. That’s the only way I see oblivion to be reached.

Since reincarnation is for the most part a choice and so is where you go within reason of you cant just go into a place that doesn’t belong to you.

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I assume you mean a human druid? as one’s a race and one is a path lol.

Yea yea , I was , I have alchemy knowledge in my system from that and my life as a pleadian , and I’m super drawn to Egyptian knowledge , so maybe I lived there too

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Earth is one of many schools , here it’s just intense as fuck and polarizing , lots of chaos here , it’s one of the hardest , pretty sure suicide is one of the only ways to cease to exist as an energetic consciousness , your soul cannot be vamped, Etheric and other subtle body yea

Earth for me is just a place I was curious about, not really a school, tbh none of my reincarnations were to learn something they were just out of a whim desire to see what was going on lol.

and you’re wrong here but I’m not here to change your experience, but I am here to tell share what I know.

You picked the wrong place to explore , it’s a Zoo,
I see the physical body as a vehicle for ascension and the earth as a training ground for it

How can a soul not be vamped exactly?

I might clarify , it may be vamped , but it cannot cease to exist , unless you desire that

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I don’t believe I did, this place is an open season, by that I mean a free place, no one holds power over this place, it’s under no higher power’s rule. People do as they please and can go where they please unless they follow a religious faith.

but it can, an entity can consume a soul and it will cease to exist as a soul. Souls are energy, energy can cease to exist in one form and become another, meaning a soul can cease to exist as a soul as consciousness. This I speak from experience and from watching many entities do it.


I guess that makes sense , but there has to be a fault within the victim for them to open a gateway for it

More like the being needs to know how to vamp or be experienced enough to reach it. simply saying no to someone doesn’t really do anything against someone who is experienced enough to do what they please to one “weaker” than them in that aspect.