What is your most terrifying or creepy occult or mundane experiences?

@C.Wilson Do you feel that this was something that was present in the building or perhaps something that was already attached to you?

I ask because after all these years I’m beginning to believe in the 2 pilot theory. I’ve always felt that something attached itself to me during that Fire scry however, what If the more likely scenario is that the Fire scry brought something out or rather it brought something hidden to the Fore.

You were in danger and pilot 2 (or maybe it was pilot 1) reached out to protect you, in that way obviously protecting what is important to them.


Possession by a really pissed off spirit that took the form of a greasy angry/disgruntled hospital security guard. When he left me (the hospital actually got some rabbis to try helping because after my CT scans and everything, still couldn’t find a reason for this week long blackout (that’s also up there as scariest shit I’ve seen), he kept shouting in this raspy but forceful tone " no, no, no!"
The blackouts come inexplicably and during these blackouts it’s like I go somewhere (astral or soul travel?) And returning feels like crash landing back into my own bodh


I am pretty sure it was a spirit there, as one of the individuals who died there perished by falling down the stairs. I guess they did not want someone to meet a similiar ending.

While I did already thanked whoever did it in that moment alone, I have been meaning to go back sometime to see if anything is still there since the building was torn down


Being murdered/ attacked and left for dead in my dreams every night for a week was probably the worst :thinking:. Other than that my scary experiences were all before I every really got into magick.


My experience is a bit hard to describe, but I’ll try. I was a missionary-in-training in Provo, UT back when I was 21, and shared a room with three others. It was getting late and I was on the top bunk resting and listening to the others talk. I may have gotten into the state between being asleep and awake, but I’m not sure. Suddenly, I became completely paralyzed. Then I felt an entity above me, like it was there to harm me. I started to feel an invisible part of me (like my essence or something spiritually related) starting to seperate from the middle of my torso, and slowly peel off of me. I could feel it being pulled upward, but when it got to the top of my head, the entity seemed unable to fully rip it out, and I felt it my “essence” roll back down into me. This happened maybe four or five times before it gave up and left, and I was trying to scream the whole time. When it left and I could move again, the other people in the room had no idea anything had happened. At the time, I fully believed something was trying to kill me, but now I have no idea what it was. Since getting into magick, I’ve evoked spirits and demons, and have never been fearful or felt hostility from them.

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If in the UK , visit the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool
Once a very prestigious place, where royalty and prime ministers stayed - ic. Churchill

In fact Churchill, being a very very no-bull kinda bloke, woke up in the night (he stayed in the executive suite, you can too) to find a woman rummaging through his stuff. He shouted “Stop Thief” and ran after her as she fled down the corridor, as he ran she turned and walked through a wall ! Now to many people you’d say “yeah, dreaming, or emotional person” but no, this was Churchill who wouldnt believe this if he heard it.

Me, I went there myself. I didnt know anything about the building - I went to my room in the lift pressing up… it went to the basement. Weird. I went back up… it stopped at the cafe. Weird. I pressed up again to the floor i wanted. ( i later found out a boy had died being crushed by an old mechanical lift, a guy decapitated himself on an also old lift and one guy committed suicide in the current lift - lift engineers are baffled why it acts the way it does). The hallway is like something from the shining - they go on for miles, marble everywhere and it’s really quiet.
Once i got there my old man texts “oo youre brave, most haunted hotel in the uk?” This was supposed to be a romantic weekend!
So, there we were, reading stories online about sighting, entities hovering over peoples bed as they open their eyes in the night, old sailor stands by your bed, knocks bangs and fire smells, downstairs is a replica of the titanic… we wandered round to find a secret room, in it a Freemasons ritual room (of course! Prime ministers and the elite stayed there!)

Everywhere you went, be it in bed or otherwise it felt like a thousand eyes on you - the 3rd floor has a roaming Demon, with one room i passed and the lights flickered - i found out later this room is particularly active and electrical engineers cant solve the electrical issues. People who stay ask to move rooms all the time, reception go “level 3? sure, we’ll move you”

For me, the biggest one was where i woke in the night and to my left i heard on the wall, 3 big bangs like someone banging on a table literally 20 cms away. I didnt open my eyes in fear, just stayed under the covers
I woke up to see if i could replicate this - the wall was solid stone! Like a castle wall - i couldnt make any such noise with any kind of limb or item in the room as it was just solid.

Every floor feels different, its so strange, they even have a 666 room on level 6

Go there and you’ll experience something - the funniest was a Review online of the hotel of a business woman who didnt believe in all this ‘mumbo jumbo’, took a room and was so pee’d off she kept having her stuff thrown around the room by spirits she was too tired for a meeting! Literally more concerned about business than the paranormal activity - she asked for it to be resolved! haha

All in all, its a cheap stay, the rooms are like £20 a night ($35) yet you are in a magnificent building with so much history - you’d not be allowed to step near it back in its hayday! Ask for level 3 if you dare.

On the flip side, when working with Michael if had the usual feathers drop from nowhere or on my arm, brushing of my arm hair, and a big golden Fibonacci ‘shell?’ light up the corner of the room and family members feel a presence in the part of the room, calm, warm, golden, with no improvisation from myself.


Why do you think the sword came your way?


I didn’t think nothin, i made the mistake of idling asking
how the whole ring of fire thing works when i was already halfway into my daily practice at the time and Michael answered “LIKE THIS” Followed by said flaming sword flyin at my face and months of random electronics burning out if i failed to defend myself properly during training “visa ve random spiritual ambushes by said angel with said bloody sword!!” . Ya learn real quick why spiritual defence is important when it can cost you many toasted electronics. Effective but a right pain in the ass.


The same goes for public housing like Apartments or Army Barracks buildings. People die all the time around the Barracks and I’ve been held in sleep paralysis by an entity there before. One trick I use to get a spirit response is to give a soft whistle, then wait for a sound. I’ve also gotten small sounds there before along with whispers.


We both know your dreams are intense, especially when redheads appear :wink:

Personally I do not see my occult experiences as “creepy” no matter the depth of the experience.

I was born and raised in this unique world and choose to interact with each experience on a level beneficial to my evolvement. Maybe my personality traits aid me in dealing with such experiences :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve chosen my path therefore embrace all that’s on offer, even the “freaky” stuff :smirk:


I lived in Kodiak, Alaska and this is 100% true the base on Kodiak was built in the 1920s.
It was first the Navy’s then it became a Coast Gaurd base. There has been murders and such there too. So some of the buildings are super active.

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I was going through my journal earlier and found another experience of mine.

I had gotten up to use the bathroom at like, 3 AM and when i walked back into my room there was a black shadowy female figure with glowing grey eyes on my bed. I blinked and it registered what i had just seen after I blinked. It turned out to be my sexy succubus wife H. just chilling and waiting for me to get back. Not scary, but it still made me jump a bit.

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Scariest experience: forced to eat offerings to ancestors by your parents but you just feel the offerings are ‘dirty’ after placed for an hour.

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This is very interesting! Many cultures have a similar belief, that a human whistle attracts spirits. I was in Kashmir several years ago, I lived with a family there while traveling within the country. One afternoon I was with several other women and found myself whistling to a tune in my head, just some random tune. It was soft and sweet and I have no idea for how long I was doing it but one of the women touched my arm and put her finger to her lip, to silence me. She explained that it wasn’t just the whistle but the type of whistling that spirits were attracted to.

I’ve experienced this same whistle precaution in other cultures. It also reminds me of the worldwide Siren lore, of beings who lure men with their “song”.

There’s a lot more to this and I’ve just had some weird thoughts!


It has the same effect and vibrating names, tones, and singing bowls. There’s a reverb effect in the environment that gives entities the energy to “ignite”, both in the mind and surroundings. And certain combinations of tones tend to attract certain types of spirits. EX: You ever felt a sexual tingle from low, heavy concentrated bass? Because it is tied to that sensation.


I use sound experimentally within a ritual chamber in my home. Different sounds have produced different effects on both myself and the environment within the chamber. I’ve amplified this by constructing a psychomanteum and using sound within it…both chanting myself and from recordead sound. Sound, in a space that conrains a water sourcemarine combined with a form of smoke/incense has produced the best responsive results so far. And yes, I’ve experienced base vibrations through my body and had OBE at the same time…without hearing the sound of the base just feeling vibration.

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I’ve written about this somewhere here on BALG!

Most terrifying experience was when I was a teenager. I woke up one morning, went back to sleep and dreamt about a conversation with someone in my dream. He said he could teleport, I said I didn’t believe him. He said “I will teleport into your room, then,” and I agreed. Immediately I was shocked awake, completely paralysed. I involuntarily rolled onto my back, and my eyes rolled back in my head of their own accord so I was staring at the ceiling, but I couldn’t voluntarily move a single muscle. Out of the corner of my eye though I could see a deep black, man-shaped shadow, standing by my bedside, and I felt a sensation as though my consciousness was being forced out of my body through one side of my head, while the entity was trying to push its way in.

That was about 15 years ago, and I’ve had plenty of sleep paralysis experiences since then, but nothing so jarring or scary. At the time I knew nothing about sleep paralysis (or it being a gateway to AP/OOBE/LD), so I thought I had experienced some evil spirit trying to “possess” me. Finally I was able to mentally shove the presence away from me forcibly, out of my head, and at the same time was able to move a single finger on one hand, so I came out of the hypnagogic state gasping and flooded with adrenaline.

These days, the same occurrence would be a welcome one (forced AP, yay) but with a minor annoyance (unknown “entity”).

A few years later I had an incident where I was in bed trying to fall asleep, and heard the distant, insistent barking of a dog, which set off a chain reaction of the neighbourhood dogs, all chained together and growing closer and closer, until they all suddenly stopped simultaneously, and right outside the bedroom window, next to my head, I heard the panting of a dog. I was freaked out so I firmly mentally projected “Stop!” – and the sound stopped. All sounds. Not immediately, but in a quick gradation, as though some great hand took the world’s volume knob and turned it down from 11 to zero. And then there was complete and utter silence – no more panting, no background noise, no tinnitus. That was what weirded me out the most.

More recently, like a little less than a year ago, I also distinctly remember a night I called on Belial with just his sigil and enn, and a pendulum. After a while of calling him, the room temperature plummeted suddenly, and the pendulum went from a gentle swing to a wild and rapid arc. I erupted in goosebumps and every hair on my body stood on end. I had spoken with Belial before but never felt anything like that, so it spooked me. I thanked him for coming and quickly dismissed him.


@Antony I had this experience which goes back to what @Ulunas was asking but also ties in with sound.

So, I was working part-time at an electrical components company (last time I ever worked for someone else, in no way related to what happened) and day 1 I’m getting unusual vibes from the place. Day 2 I’m hearing my name (this is something I’ve experienced since childhood) and I’m seeing small things and feeling things. When I say seeing, I mean I catch quick glimpses of things. I find myself alone with this guy right and he’s been there for years, He starts telling me about people who’ve died/killed themselves in the very building…several people, and also weird things all the staff have experienced. So it makes sense to me why I’m feeling what I’m feeling.

Week 1, I’m in the Hood or attic above the second floor and I’m checking a component list for a client. I’m on a step ladder making notes and I’m directly below an area that’s just like a gap or hole that leads to a very narrow space between the Hood and the ceiling…A dark space.
I’m humming a tune…humming for long periods at a time.

I’m not sure if I sensed it but without moving my body I looked slowly to my left and there was, for lack of any other way of saying this, there was a smoke, black smoke, coming out of that space. It poured out like fluid. I stopped humming and turned my head slowly as it was now forming behind me. It took a vague shape of a human-like ‘something’ and moved swiftly to my right. As I turned the other way to better see it, it was gone.

I felt no malice or I’ll intent just a sense of curiosity. Other people there saw things that left them praying out loudly, some just left. But again, whatever it was had kept itself to the peripherals and only partially revealed itself when I was humming. I left a few months later but it was an interesting time.

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always wanted to know what the correct wording was for this. i am able to do this and i’ve been doing it quite frequently but it comes randomly.

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