What is this green thing coming from inside my couch? **Caution ugly selfie** look at own risk

Hi Everyone,

I recently discovered something show up in a photo I took of myself. I initially hadn’t noticed it at the time I took the photo, but only when I got the urge to revisit photos taken during the past few months that I suddenly noticed this green thing below me emerging from inside my couch.
I would never want to show this photo publicly, as I am shy and introverted and I’m looking dead tired from insomnia, but curiosity is getting the best of me and I feel pretty safe here so far and feel I can finally get an answer to this mystery.
Anyhow, I tried to get answers from a Facebook group only to receive replies saying "it is fake, it’s a len’s flare " etc. I have not altered the photo in any way. Can anyone tell me anything what exactly it is? You can even see a face. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of the day. =D

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Green is associated with healing / Raphael, for example.

So if you asked me that question on a street corner, I’d answer it’s Raphael healing you and keeping you stable throughout your sleep deprivation.

However, since you ask me here, on balg, I feel such an easy answer might be to little.

The green energy emerged at your neck / zeal Chakra, which means the healing had to do with your memory and sense of karma.

The neck probably felt like it had a dark, crispy energy inside it, during that period of time.

If so, your sense of identity has been affected, and you’ve overcome a fear, or confronted something you’ve been scared of.

The symbol I see, in the green mist, is a mixture between sol and venus, which means you’ve been given solar female energy.
Or to put it simpler, you’ve been healed with female light / bliss.
You probably felt more innocent than before, maybe got over an argument or fight that you had before.

Taking into count your physical appearance, I’d assume you’ve been dealing with something in your family, a child that had chosen to go a route you didn’t like, most probably.

The kid made a decision, you disagreed on, and you 've now come to peace with it better /more.

That, is what I get from the picture.

In terms of the green mist, I have a tip for you:

Take a candle, and sit in meditation.
Draw the mist from the picture into the candle flame, and speak to it.

Ask who it is, and wait for it to answer.
(listening into the silence, a voice May emerge and answer you.)

you’ll get more information for yourself, directly when doing that.

If it is archangel Raphael (wait for the spirit to tell you its name. But be aware, that the answer might be a different name / language, when it comes to you. Note it down, if you want to research it afterwards.)

So if it is Raphael, I suggest you make a small offering for Raphael, to thank him for his help.




The other being i associated with such a green emerald color, would be thoth, or leviathan, but those aren’t as likely, if you hadn’t specifically worked with them.



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Your selfie is not ugly at all. Do you remember the day you took it? Did you do some works this day? Did you have any special wishes? Did you contact any entity? Why did you do this selfie? Did you intend to send it to somebody?

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Other than that - first association to me - Kermit the frog

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Hello ¥’Berion,

Thank you very much for your lengthy reply, I appreciate your time and and effort in helping me solve this mystery.

Firstly, I am relieved to hear it is probably isn’t a negative being. When I showed my mother ( who is a church lemming) she told me, “It is an evil spirit” then admonished me to watch what I’m doing in life ( probably was referring to my association with santa muerte etc )

You are correct about a family issue. My son who is 24, abruptly decided to go move across the world and live in China almost two years ago ( he is still there) Which affected me so much, I tried to end my life and ended up in the mental hospital against my will by the police. Held captive for ten days before i could go home, and given Sertraline (Zoloft) for my mental state.

I have finally come to terms with it in the past year, and now felt an urge to get off the medication.

That sounds very interesting. I will surely give that exercise with the candle a try, but feel I must wait a little as I’m withdrawing from Zoloft.

I do not have a relationship with Raphael but with Michael. It is not a strong bond, but i feel very drawn to him and recently set up an altar to him. I may have made an intention for healing to Raphael in my mind a few months back, probably from watching one of those pick a card readings on youtube, but can’t recall for sure.

I do have an interest in both thoth and leviathan but it’s currently a mere curiosity, so I will side with you on that as unlikely, but maybe this will compel me to research them more. =D

Thanks again for your response. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and taking into consideration your thoughts on the matter.

Hugs, and I wish you much joy, peace and happiness!

Cheers! =D


Hello Lill,

Thank you so much for your reply.

It is ugly to me as I suffer from chronic anxiety/panic, insomnia that I know distorts my confidence and view of my self worth ( like so many of us) but none the less, I truly appreciate your kind words. Hugs!

For sure it was taken in 2019, but do not know the exact date, will have to look at the exif to know for sure.

I also do not recall having any intentions for this photo other than mere curiosity to see how sleep deprived i look as i get stared at a whole lot in when I’m using public transit, keep catching people staring at me and not looking away at times. ( i know i probably look very sedated on sertraline some days) The staring makes me feel like something is highly wrong with me, I know it’s just a negative mind set, but it is hard to shake as it feels as if it is true.

Did you have any special wishes?
My constant wish is for my son to return back to Canada.

Did you contact any entity?
I have a loving relationship with santa Muerte but have not developed my abilities well enough to hear a response from her intuitively.

Why did you do this selfie? It was for no particular reason other than to assure myself I am not as odd as i feel.

Did you intend to send it to somebody?
I had no intentions to take it for anyone

haha, I love kermit the frog. i wouldn’t mind him coming to visit me. I bet he and I would get along great as he isn’t human.

Thank you again, hope you have a great day and rest of the week. I appreciate your help! =D

Cheers! =D

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@AdamThoth Would you like to add anything?

For Leviathan,
i don’t have such accessable information ready,
but basically go with this:

yeah, those don’t even know their own Angels. :wink:Leviathan

Depending on which feels better,
the secound Sigil is rather new. :wink:




Thank you again! Thanks for your support. May it return to you.


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Hello @Sleepy_me, your details gave you the answer! Kermit the frog or whoever he is came to tell you that you’re not odd! And I am telling you - even if you had not slept you look great and I’m sure that when you address properly what is bothering you you’d feel and look even better. If it is really bothering you. I mean yourself, not those around you or the society. I came to the point when I don’t suffer anymore because of my own oddities. It’s not my fault that not everyone sees what I see. I just stopped sharing it with the others.
Good luck and take care🤗


As far as kids - yep, it is very tough whem they grow up and take their own way… But it is what it is… With all those modern communications nowadays at least we could be in touch. And support them and make them feel comfortable to talk to us… Just imagine the opposite! Would you feel better if he comes back to Canada, comes back to your home and sticks to you only and … even becomes one of those “kids” that in their 30ies still live with their parents and even don’t pay their bills and never grow up… My brother was one of them and now at the age of 44 it is very difficult for him to accept that he has to take care for himself. It even came to the point that I needed to tell him “Listen, I’m not your mom. She passed away. You don’t need to explain me why you failed paying your taxes nor expect from me to pay them instead of you just like mom did. She’s not here anymore and you’ve got to accept it and be responsible for yourself. Or take care with the result of your irresponsibility by yourself as well!”


You’re beauiful! I’m happy you’re alive too. Those people had no right to violate you like that though. That selfie isn’t ugly, people that profit off the suffering of others are ugly.

I’ve had many encounters with the police, they are sociopaths. I’m so sorry you went through that. I can’t offer any information regarding the green mist, but I just wanted to say if you ever need to talk to someone please dont hesitate to reach out to me. I’m really good at providing emotional support & I really don’t mind either. Thank you.