What is the safe way to cause yourself pain while activating a sigil you created for your intent?

I activated my first sigil yesterday with the help of masturbation but it’s hard for me because i am quite asexual so today i couldnt do it again so I thought about activating it with physical pain

In the end i put my finger on fire of a lighter until i felt pain… i hope it is a good method

get a old rag (any color but white), fray the edges and braid them very small, the opposite end (corner of the rag) tie into a knot to hold in your hand, whip yourself over each shoulder while toning an appropriate mantra.


You sick bastard!
Love you.


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Buy a whip or paddle from an adult toy retailer and whack yourself with it.

Or buy a set of LEGO, dump it all on the floor and then walk around on it. Or pointy gravel. Probably cheaper to buy 1 ton of pointy gravel than a single LEGO set anyway

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Surprised no-one told him the normal way to activate a sigil is to just stare at it. FFS.

I PMed him with instructions and one of EAs tutorials.

I don’t know if RA was trying to be funny, but not everybody gets black humour and it could be read as him telling the OP to harm himself. Good call.


These could also both cause some damage - just get rice and kneel on it for a bit. No damage max pain.

But I don’t think these are going to open the sigil anyway - these are offerings not charging and not openings.

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Reminds me of having tonsilitis, can feel the pain when reading it.

Not a funny comment either way, bloody hell

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