What is the purpose of the order of the gatekeepers in The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Saga?

Is there even a purpose? I have most of the books, but nowhere does it explain the order they were published.
Why is Belial first?
Why is not Lucifer first? Or should he be second to last? Or last, instead of Satan, even.
And why is Satan last even in there? I understand that Satan is just a title, not a gatekeeper. Some places say Moloch currently has the title and some say Lucifer has it.
Someone please enlighten me.

Short answer, i believe that was the order @E.A received and was told by the gatekeepers themselves to proceed with, As far as the greater purpose i don’t know, perhaps one of the many, many videos he has put out on the subject may offer a more in depth explanation?


Thanks. I will take the first answer. As you said, it is many, many videos… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wondered about that too and asked Abaddon about it last year. His answer was that the different parts of you need to be embraced. In a specific order that builds upon each other.
A generic answer to you maybe :grinning:


I don’t think there is a greater purpose as I’ve seen various others use their own order and even their own entities not even part of the group of demons listed in the gatekeepers.

Yeah @Yazata, this is what I would assume if rank is not used. Pretty dark to start off with Belial though. It will be exciting to see who they have as Satan now, if it is a title and if it is not Lucifer. Maybe the “Office of Satan” does not necessarily lead/control the underworld, but rather evil??

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What is the purpose of the 9 gatekeeper project for those of us who hold open the gates.
I have been realizing that I haven’t yet had a clear answer on that. Just vague answers like ascent and stuff?

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I assume it is to anchor them better in our world. Their energies will build on each other.
Perhaps once they are all here they can bring about the Antichrist? Or maybe this is a step to their next battle with upstairs? Pardon my ramblings.

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Okay but if I am gatekeeping, what do I get besides damnation and the ability to help these beings?

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For that which knows his purpose, there lies the road. For those who have no purpose, there lies your death.

The “gates” and the “keys” are within you! :thinking:

E.A. never intended to be a guru; yet, people have a tendency to “worship” him. He gives information about things - take ahold of the things you want to learn from and leave the rest.

And this is my opinion, I think a lot of the story line has to deal with an entire Dungon and Dragons type of thing. If you go back and listen to his videos, he has stated he always wanted to be an Occult author.

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Outside of knowing these spirits that benefits me?
Isn’t that sort of like having a minimum wage job without the wage and being like: well you get to clean these things and wear a uniform?

I’m confused on what you mean like:

what do you mean by this?

You get to hold open their gates allowing them to be more in this world.
What do you get in return?
If you do the king pathworking for example you can become a king of Hell.
Some of this is good, some of it perhaps less so, but that seems like a clear thing.
As a gatekeeper we get to keep gates? Is that how it works?

Also there is some thing in the Bible about all the gatekeepers having to burn in Hell, I don’t know what to think of that anymore, the Bible seems to be non sense to me, but the spirits seem pretty real.

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Oh now I see! I think people have this idea that a group of demons can help them become their “godly” selves which make no sense to me but I guess an 1+1=6 now :man_shrugging:

I think people allowing the gatekeepers to enter this world are based on them not knowing the full extent of these beings own intentions lol, not cause they are demons since this is for any race of beings Gods, Demons, Angels, etc. but it’s silly to me to follow the “they just want to help us ascend this channeling told me so”

because with my own experience with the infernal not all personal intentions from them are love and light and help humanity lol.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my demons, but I’d be lying if I said that they were never sneaky.


Lol my point exactly, that’s the proper mindset in my opinion.

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I believe for me, my reason for wanting to be a part of these ancient beings is because I believe it is their time to reign. Religion has run its course in this particular human era.

They’re kind of no difference from religion lol, people worshipped these beings back then too even if they werent Gods, demons have been worshipped for a long time too. So you’re basically saying it’s religion’s time to reign again.

No, I think there are particular Gods or beings that have been ruling this era and their time is running out and other Beings will rule. I believe it will be these ancients.