What is the fastest way to develop astral senses

Have you actually read the book? I havent seen or read it before and skimmed through it now in 5 min and theres not 2 exercises in there there was tons of them, they are not put out like instruktions in like 1-5 steps and some you may need some basic knowledge to understand or know what to do with them.

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Maybe bad download i will try do download again

ok i redownload it from pc and it no longer has 6 pages with 30 blank pages (phone internet is not the best) (but adsl too…)

It’s true that some people are unable to visualize. It’s a known “bug” without a known solution.

Can you remember what someone looks like? When you are talking to someone on the phone, do you imagine them or their surroundings?

The challenges for developing subtle senses cannot be skipped over. For a newbie, you will have periods every few days of no perception at all, because you haven’t built up the psychic “stamina” and the senses shut down to rest.

Another challenge is to trust, allow, risk being wrong, and learn as described above, how to tell imaginary from real, projection from perception. Then to not lose the perception when a car drives by or something simple like that disrupts your focus.

I appreciate your impatience, but these senses take time to learn and control. When you begin to hear, you may hear hundreds of voices all at once until you.learn how to focus properly.

Memory exercises are good. Hold an (imaginary) apple, feel the weight, take a bite, taste the juices and feel them dripping down your chin… hear the crunch as you bite into it. And keep trying to see it in your mind. With quirky details.

Don’t get frustrated. Every new skill takes time - if you were a natural psychic, you would not be here asking for instruction.

Keep a journal so you can track your progress and apply new insights to past experiences. This is a huge help.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


If you can remember what someone looks like - as in remember when they are not present - you should be able to learn to visualize. It is basically memory at first, then added details (like, remember a face, then give it blue skin), and from there it is only a matter of allowing impressions to form.

I am having trouble understanding the rest of your post. Hearing is usually in your head, a mental thing, with perhaps the occasional physical sound, but once you learn to filter, the sounds tend to stop because they are usually not important and are random.

Once your stamina builds, you can perceive for longer periods until eventually you never have “blank” times at all. I have been working with spirits since the '90s. It took about two years until I no longer had gaps in my perception. Though it does fluctuate in strength at times, and it is not always clear whether that’s my perception or the spirit’s signal. They don’t push hard during times when I am busy unless there is a reason or they are in a playful mood, etc. So sometimes when I shift my focus, I have to speak to them so they know I am seeking to interact and to turn up the volume.

Every subtle sense comes from the same overall perception and merely requires focus to work, though sometimes people have trouble with understanding the way the perceptions are processed by the mind. I can smell and taste, for example. My most difficult sense is touch, and I crave something more physical - and I know it happens, because I got to know Donald Tyson (we have been friends almost 20 years) back when he wrote Sexual Alchemy, and he says touch to him is pretty physical and is his strongest sense. In fact, in that book he states his.perceptions as if they are experienced that way by everyone, because he had not yet met anyone else to tell him otherwise. So he was going by his perceptions alone. Later books, he includes my feedback and some from a couple of other women.


Okay seriously knock this off now.
Someone who has experience with this gave you good advice, just because you don’t like it does not mean being rude is okay.

Take the advice you’ve gotten in this thread (there are lots of options) and try things but don’t break forum rules for no reason.

Where im rude (okay maybe one at start of topic) i was only explaining my prevorius answer idk when im rude my english is not the best i writed multiple times and i do not want be rude
And where i break rules please quote me

Ok this is answer idk this function im not rude i only stated that i do not like closed minded (skeptic) people (i have bad bad relations with people who say many things is not possible) but what other i can write on magick forum i realy realy do not like sceptic and im not trolling (from my perspective) im not disrespectful (i didnt wrote anything wrong i do not have any warning and adult lang is accepted

So i can write fucking life (i have realy fucking life)

No worries on your English, we’ll try to help out.

I was reading through the thread and felt it was very interesting.
Just mentioning this is kind of jabbing for no reason. It just wasn’t info you liked, it happens okay?
This is a big place so just remember most just want to help and share their experiences.
It’s okay to have a difference of opinion.

Lol you can swear :joy:
Just know sometimes the system will filter that out so it’s not anyone person who does it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah i found that was answer for prevorius post so i writed about it it this post looks rude i can delete it (for me this is not rude this day was for me just very bad (i dont like talking to some closed minded persons and i was talking to closed minded persons in real so i wrote

Mostly because i was thinking about closed minded (church etc) as i said earlier it prevorius answer looks so rude i can delete that but next time private message with this will be better

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I see what you mean by skeptic and close minded, have had my share of that too.
Sorry to hear about the crap day, got a similar one here too.

Don’t worry about Skeptisism here, it helps you see the fine points you might need to get a spell or, in this case, the energy work going in ways that work best for you.
I’ve been reading up on this subject too, working on finding what works for me. So I’d say trial and error isn’t bad but make sure you can still stand in order to keep trying until you find one that works.

I recommend stuff like this from my experiences to start out, it’s been very helpful.

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Sounds to me like you’re trying too hard. And so you’re blocking yourself with all that psychic tension.

You also have too many preconceptions and expectations, and are dismissing what you have achieved because it’s not good enough for you. Too bad. Practice is the only thing to make it better.


But problem is i achived nearly nothing all things like seeing that ghost feling energy all my third eye activity all my other shit

Your list is your problem.

Yes … can do many esotheric things

Ok, do more of this - build on your foundations. And stop being impatient and judging yourself negatively. You’re being your own worst enemy.

i want lucid dreams

So? We all want something. You still have to earn it. What makes you special that you should automatically get something hard to do without working for it, hmn? Do your work and it will come.

Wtf, you drink iodine!? You don’t want to do that, it’s highly poisonous.

DON’T take melatonin except to maintain a good circadian rhythm - take it 1/2 hr before bed, always at the same time. You’ll mess yourself up and make sleeping worse if you abuse it.

Taking Vit C in high doses on a continual bases is bad and can make you sick. It works great for a week to help get rid of a cold. Don’t keep doing it.

Also, holy run-on sentence batman! - try separating your thoughts in English with a LOT more periods aka full stops. That was really hard to read, and to be honest I gave up.

Dude, you need to get a grip on reality. You’ve become obsessed and blocked, are taking weird doses of things that make no different or will hurt you for no reason. You’re gonna get sick if you’re not already.

You know what I think? STOP. Stop for 1 week, stop everything, go outside in nature and enjoy the trees every day, go to bed at the same time every day, eat healthy and take care of yourself. Heal.
In a week, pick up one practice, without preconceptions, and just enjoy it.

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No don’t drink iodine. I’m not kidding it’s poisonous. You’re supposed to put in on your skin and let it absorb.

Try vitamin D in winter.

Yes but i have more powerfull way (sungazing)

Dude drinking iodine is not good and not gonna help your senses