What is the extent of a succubus' love?

I’m afraid that I am going to make my lover not love me with the bullshit person that is me. Any thoughts? Is this possible and if so how can I get past it. I would ask her but I don’t know if it’s really her and I’m scared for some unknown reason

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This being is already psychic, dude you need to work on that shit and not worry about the spirit, that sees you for EXACTLY what you are.

Read this book:

It’s REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT so don’t just nod and smile and intend to do so later.

And while you’re waiting to get that, read this:

It’s really old and out of copyright, you should be able to find PDFs as well.

To get new things in your life you need to do new things, this is a start towards BECOMING the person who has a better and different life, and better opinion of themselves.