What is soul transmutation exactly?

I have read that term in quite a few places on the forum and I was wondering, they say that a God, Dark Lord, etc. Would be capable of transmuting your soul into something else, an example is that Inari could transmute ones soul into that of a Kitsune. But what does that entail, does that mean the soul you have now will be changed and you will no longer be yourself? Or do you just eincarnate as a Kitsune in your next life? (If one plans to reincarnated that is)


It’s basically just changing your soul/essence to that of as you said a Kitsune, a demon, etc.

You don’t need to wait till reincarnation to get something like that done. I don’t think it would change your personality/etc but just what your true self is. So if your true self was human, and you asked Lucifer for a demonic soul transmutation, then your soul/true self would become a demon.

@anon48079295 would know more then I about this. I’m still new, but this is a plan of mine and the soul transmutation was explained to me by Velenos.


Soul transmutation is when someone’s soul becomes something other than whatever it is their soul already is human, demon, angel, etc.

There are many examples in mythology one widely known one being Psyche and her becoming a Goddess by completing her trials (which aren’t mandatory) and Zeus transmuting her soul into a Goddess, Enoch’s soul transmuting into Metatron, or the idea how the ascended master Saint Germain is from my experience with him an angel under Archangel Zadkiel where he is a patron of the violet ray.

There’s also another myth of Inari having the ability to transmute a human to a kitsune/nogitsune, and many more myths.

It’s not the same as a godform which is immersing yourself in an entity’s or deity’s energy and taking on the traits, but a literal change of the soul.

In a nutshell it’s what some view ascension as but without all the extra “remove the ego” nonsense.


Soul transmutation if you keep undergoing it can have some negative effects on ones soul. @anon48079295 can explain more if he wants

From what I’ve seen it’s best to be exactly sure on going through with it (if the Deity or goetic demon/lucifer/Lilith/7 archangels who stand before Yahweh, Yahweh himself,etc) agrees to do it, constantly trying to put your energy body and soul through change and reversion can cause damage and traumatic fragmentation. It’s like constantly trying to beat and batter your soul to take a form, change back, take another, introduce this energy to it, remove it, introduce another to it, it’s dangerous.


Like hitting red metal with a hammer. If you do it too much it cracks. Any other knowledge?

what are the advantages of it?

Like what?

Most do it out of companionship/closeness to that particular race, others feel “it would be better for them” depending on what you do with it as a friend of mine who was a follower of Inari did this with Inari so for him the advantage was he found a group he aligned with in etheric projection/spiritual projection, he has a “place to go” after said life as he joined her group of Kitsune and the pantheon under her. Others do it for a reason they feel it would help in them being able to better protect themselves when projecting and again after this life.

But I also find an advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you look at it) that you take on the capabilities of that race as you are it spiritually/soul wise, but you lose the previous things in regards to what your soul is as racial abilities are far and few but do exist, some beings can do things other beings cannot.

An example is human souls are a jack of all trades but not in the sense they can do everything “perfect and 10/10” but more they can learn many things while say a Kitsune gains 9 tails as they progress and the abilities tied to those 9 tails, they excel in those abilities as their focus and a human soul would not be as capable of doing the same to the same degree, a jack of all trades is good but the issue is the lack of something to focus on (generally) compared to a kitsune who has 9 abilities to focus on (other than their common energy manipulation capabilities we all are capable of)


Thank you for answering my question

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What are some of the races that someone is capable of becoming that you know of? I never knew about this subject and what what would be their advantages and disadvantages. This is extremely interesting!

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Practically any spiritual race from angels, demons, yokai, Fae, the list goes on really, just a matter of petitioning the proper Deity or infernal entity that’s suits it.

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Soul transmission enhances emotions enhances the already self

That’s not soul transmutation lol.

I added to his information

Do you know what the already self is? It’s who you were before the transmission so emotions

The already self is your true self and what your soul was prior to the transmutation, not emotions.

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Yeah it enhances emotions. if I became a demon it would enhance certain feelings I have just like if I were to become a Hybrid sexual desire would be enhanced

That’s not exactly how that works, but sure.

Interesting. Is there any risk for lets say a one time transmutation? Pain and such? I’m not planning on transmutation, but I may put this in my research so I have the information just in case.