What is sexual energy and why is it so important?

I have seen many posts saying things along the lines of “sexual energy is source of all magic” in BALG and other places.

I can’t quite understand what exactly that is supposed to mean, do they mean “sexual” in a standard definition of the word? Is sexual used in context of “creative”?

I mean, I can see how sex and sexual energy can be used for many kinds of magic but I really can’t connect with the idea of it being source of all magic. Can someone elaborate on this idea? What about asexuality?

I don’t feel like sex or sexual energy is important for anything at all but that’s just me. I never had to use any kind of sexual energy or anything resembling sexual energy in any of magical feats I have pulled. For me, magic is absolutely disconnected from all of the cardinal feelings and operates only on the realms of ideas, thoughts, and mental constructs - without any resemblance of feeling and emotion.

Have you ever had sex with a human being?

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Multiple times with prostitutes. (No shame)
Too crazy to be able to have sex with religious people that surround the town.

So you feel it’s important enough to pay for and risk STDs!

That doesn’t answer my question, please read the thread and the first three paragraphs.
I paid because I was horny teenager, it is fun, it might be important to some, but I don’t see how it’s “source of all magic” as many claim.

I am not entirely (ENTIRELY) sure how you would jump to a conclusion that someone hasn’t had sex based upon his statements.

I based upon my own experiences don’t understand how anyone couldn’t think sexual energy was incredibly powerful in magick (in fact some of if not THE most powerful energy.)

For me, magic is absolutely disconnected from all of the cardinal feelings

On some level I agree, however when you orgasm it is hard for me to feel (even if I try) like that isn’t something magickal. And sex is the source of pro-creation amongst humans, and magick itself is an act of creation.
People who are solely focused on the lower levels of consciousness (food, survival, sex) and not the higher levels would think struggle with magick I imagine.

With all respect Wrath, I think something may be wrong with you. There are issues you need to address. You have a blockage of some sort.

Care to elaborate?

Care to elaborate?[/quote]

Without launching into the multitudes of magical systems and principles which highlight the importance of sexual energy (-cough- Tantra -cough cough- Orgone), I’ll simply say this: sex builds up tremendous amounts of energy, then releases it in orgasm. A magician of even little skill can find ways of using that to his benefit.

What strikes me, and most likely DeathWish and Based Eva as well, is how quickly you, as a magician, are able to discount that. This marginalization of the sexual energy has led Eva to believe you’ve never had sex (a logical assumption) and DeathWish to assume you’re somehow sexually blocked (also a logical assumption). You see, even hordes of Normies often describe good sex in spiritual terms. “Lost in the moment,” “Saw God for the first time,” and my personal favorite, “Oh God, I’m coming.” That last one, of course, could only possibly be spiritual ascent, you know.

I have a bit of a different theory, though in keeping with the above, very valid, assessments. I’ve been reading over your posts. Using magnetic fields in magic is interesting, but as a specialty it strikes me as something quite cold. Something that divorces the magician from the actual work, in some vital way. I see that same separation in this thread, in which you question the validity of sexual energy in magic, because sex is of course something that is extremely intimate. Intimate with another, and intimate with yourself. I think you’re incapable of being intimate with yourself and others. I think you are compulsively detached, and this is why you discount so powerful a force; because it requires you to be in the moment and engaged.

Or, I could be dead wrong and in need of another cup of coffee before I start my day. Have you ever tried French press? It really is the only way to have proper coffee.


Valid points but not kind of crap I want to act based on.
Detachment is power, getting lost in cavemen bullshit is not.

And you shouldn’t base your magic on “energy”, it’s weak. Instead of altering “data” of the system, alter the “code”.

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[quote=“Wrath, post:9, topic:8526”]Valid points but not kind of crap I want to act based on.
Detachment is power, getting lost in cavemen bullshit is not.

And you shouldn’t base your magic on “energy”, it’s weak. Instead of altering “data” of the system, alter the “code”.[/quote]

Well shit, man. You got it all figured out! Except that one. Minor. Detail. About having the force to alter reality.

It’s actually kind of comical how off you are. Spend a little less time with your magnets and more time with Yoga.

Hey guys, hey, guys, guys, hey:

Anyone know the single greatest thing about waltzing in with beginner-ass questions and then turning around with snide theoretically-biased disdain for the time and attempted helpfulness of magitians who can offer actual experience of the question at hand?

Shut the fuck up. As if y’all know.

This is just my opinion, based of my experiences with sexual energy and spirits for several years. For me, it’s essential and an important aspect to ascend magically and spiritually. But, and this is a big “but”, you just have to peel the layers of the essence of lust and enhance your ability to sense and feel spirits and energies in a wider, general sense. You will never learn or benefit from this if you’re in it for the fun and games.

So, what is the benefits of being with sexual spirits, and what can you learn from it?

These kind of spirits like to interact with us on a physical level, and for us to physically feel them, they sometimes open up our head chakra and our left temple chakra. These areas are often connected to both the astral plane as well as our ability to physically sense and feel them. If you just peel the layers, and maybe have an open mind, you might understand the potential of these kind of spirits.

Do you actually believe that these kind of spirits is simple, animalistic and only have sex for pleasure? If you thought so, I have to disagree with you.

Besides from learning about energies, and spirit energies, you could also procreate as a part of ascension, and even create your own Kingdom if you like. And if you’re not totally egoistic in your magical path, you could even have a serious relationship with them.

No matter what path we’re on, if we choose to stick with the path of our choice, there’s so much to gain the deeper we go. That includes sexual energies.

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Just wanted to elaborate on why Eva said her thing, she wasn’t implying that Wrath had never had success. Only that sex is already magical enough for the monkey mind, that it is not hard to see why people place importance on it in magic.

As for why they put such importance, off the top of my head it has life-based symbolism in that it gives birth to spells, egregores, magic, etc. through the life-giving, generating, and ‘‘creative’’ forces, which go in the flow of the universe’s ‘‘more life for all’’ view.

It can also be seen in a more destructive or transformative way, as an internal death during the orgasm, with a strong build up, and the massive consequences of that. And yeah, it does tie into energy and all of that stuff mentioned above.

There is also passion as a dangerous, but strong tool, not just in a sexual context.

It can be a useful, albeit distracting, catalyst. I dn’t think that many people elevate it as the single-most important and powerful form of magic ever though.

As for what you’re speaking of, in terms of ‘‘altering the code rather than the data’’ or the ‘‘lines of the world rather than the energy present’’, it certainly is possible, though ultimately harder, which is why that kind of magic is something I(based on recommendations from a friend) labelled reality hardware magic, as it alters reality on a more direct way rather than having to jump through hoops of causality, probability and all that as with most human magics.

Both have their merit, in that you’d use reality software for more everyday things, and reality hardware for major things. Literally encoding and warping reality isn’t something you’re gonna do to get a job or a girlfriend…though it does depend on the job and the girl.

I don’t think anyone was elevating it all that high. It’s a thing, that people do. It’s not THE THING, that ALL people HAVE TO do.

EDIT TO ADD: And yeah, androgyny, and asexuality are both a thing. Though asexuality is often a lack of attraction, especially to humans, rather than a ‘‘natural’’ celibacy. Once again, it depends.

How about the motivation it brings to the LHP magician who wants to experience the fulfillment of one’s own desires? Furthermore, what about experiencing that fulfillment? It’s pretty fucking magical to get the release you fantasize about in your head. Just saying…


We as humans are truly at the centre of our universe and until we realise this, then we will continue to live our lives in hap-hazardous ways thinking that we are at the mercy of the environment when in reality > we control and create our worlds around us either subconsciously or within full awareness.

Magic is our godlike natural ability to create and at a core level, we are sexual driven creatures. The energy generated through sexual thoughts and physical interplay can therefore be used by the magician as a directional and motivational source to feed the outcome more in respect to our intentions.

All magical work is energy driven and sex is just one way it can be intensified but this isn’t the be all and end all by any means. I’ve performed evokations and other less elaborate forms without any sexual attachments to great effect. On the other hand, I’ve had spirits drawing sexual energy out of me in ritual to power the entire proceedings as there seemed to be a leakage somewhere in the operation…

“this tended to happen more often than not when no circle was present as the circle contains energy very well indeed”.

To close my remarks, sexual energies can, should and will be used at times by the magician and the spirits he interacts with as this is a great source of raw power which lies at our root core of creation, it is indeed magical within itself on all levels but NOT essential to a successful outcome…I just feel that it can certainly help the flow at times when other elements aren’t either available, or understood enough to be used effectively.

Although I am very proficient in sex magick, and say that passion, will and focus are all important factors in success, one or each of those can become an actual hindrance to magick if the intent is wrong.

I will also play devil’s advocate here and say that Wraith may still gain great success in utilizing will and focus alone in ritual work, if sexual passion is more of distraction, then an aid in ascent for him. It is true that many magick users get lost in the moment and distracted with the physical rather then maintaining focus on the spell. The benefits of the climatic energy can be lost completely if you constantly have to fight to direct your focus towards magickal intent, and not on the beautiful, sexy creature who you are embracing. A very real danger for any person.

I would also add a comment on Lady Eva’s remark regarding prostitutes. Apart from the ancient and long historical context of prostitutes in temples and sex magick, although I don’t use them myself, I do have several friends in this industry and they practice safer sex, and protect themselves much better then the general population at large.

So to conclude, I find sex magick a great benefit to my own spiritual ascent, but if one were highly analytical and calculating, I could easily see sex as a disruption to their magickal focus, and would recommend they carry on doing what they’re doing to maintain and build on their spiritual path.


vonPfaff and Succupedia gave the type of answer i would have given if i responded.

I’ll move on to the next thread without further comment.

The reason why sexual energy is important from my experience, is that it is the essence of kundalini. The more you have accumulated or saved up, the more powerful you are POTENTIALLY.

I say potentially because if you are blocked sexually, then ironically that energy cannot run and flow freely through you. Also the more raw power you possess, the more it’s important to be balanced, otherwise you’d do more harm than good to yourself.

If you have problems with depression, it would get worse, because your raw power augments all aspects of yourself, but your ability to manifest your will shall be greater.

I believe the whole concept of sex(besides procreation and pleasure, as well as sex magick to get certain things you want in your life) is a symbolic aspect of union with the divine as well as a means to transcend the the old learned self and become enlightened as is done in Vajrayana Buddhism. In my opinion, it is an action that in the microcosm, relates in a bigger way to the macrocosmic idea of union between man and Creator.

A friend of mine once told me, before I had experienced sex or any intimate relationship(he was not a magician either) " How can you find out the creator’s love for you or get to that level of intimacy or enlightenment, when you have not experienced intimacy here and now?" Even if you could, why would you want to give up the chance to experience that here and now?" Having someone look at you and TRULY care about your well being in a way that’s different than a mother’s love." “Accepting and giving that love yourself, cannot help but give you more appreciation for the creator and the love they might have for you or want for you, or what’s even possible for you.”

Just my 2 cents.


So you think sexual energy is weak! Then you are sooo wrong. You see when we humans make kids to give the child life there need to be sexual “life” force to create a child. So if you can creat a human with this energy. What can you ells use energy for? Ahh empower your aura. You can use energy to empower your soul. Empower fysical objekt like your “magnets” you can learn how to use and form and direkt energy to do what ever you wan’t like healing. How in your world of thought can that be weak i must ask!? You can draw energy from the sun and moon to forge in front of you and then empower your psychic abilities and chakras. If you are seeking for raw power you do not need to continue serching.