What is right and wrong

Hello brothers and sisters of Become a living God.

I just wanted to share my journey so far while posting questions and answers so that other members can give their honest opinion about it.

I am currently 21 and has been exploring the occult world since I was 15,my very first occult book was the Lesser key of Salomon but it wasn’t until a year ago that my mentor came across EA and instantly we both ordered the Mastering Evocation course. I have had several sessions to which only the group evocation has yield results all the evocations that I have attempted on my one has been in vain. However I still believe that I only have to follow the proper channel before I can start seeing the results that I want to see.

Now my question is what is right and what is wrong? As someone who grew up in a christian family I was thought to go to church every week and to stay away from any form of devil. As someone who has been involved in meditation for quite a while now I have come to the realization that what we have been taught that is right or wrong is actually relative(it depends how you want to look at it).

I believe God, universal soul or call it whatever you want is inside of all us, so what is right and what is wrong. Whatever you believe to be right or wrong is instill in your essence…from knowing not to steal a paper clip to knowing not to kill your mother is engraved in your essence…no body has to tell you what is right and what is wrong.

Now if we come back to the idea of occult,the reason I believe that religion or society for that matter wants to crucify everyone associated to such group or such knowledge is for the simple matter that God as the universal source of energy wants us to experience a life of abundance. But because religion is now part of politics which on the other hands encourage limited amount of wealth this is why today you are being discouraged to explore the real you with your true potential…now when I’m talking of true potential I am not talking about what the current educational system tells you but the true you who has massive power to turn your wildest dream into a reality…this is the real be what you want to be! So this is where I think God has made available entities to help whoever one in their quest to really be who they want to be or who they were meant to be without the limitation of parent or society.

So this is my opinion on the topic, if you guys and girls agree or disagree just give me a shout!

Separate from what society believes and so called religions, I believe morals justify right and wrongs. But I also believe it is dependent on how one was raised, rough childhood, sheltered, bible thumped, etc.

For instance, I believe in justice with my own accord, by any means necessary(especially through magick), just because a majority of society would tell me I’m wrong, I don’t care. Its my life, not theirs. Letting others tell you how to live is not LIVING at all.

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I personally don’t use morals or ethics in my thinking. I know this may seem crazy but I do have my reasons. I think the biggest restrictions and limitations we place upon ourself are based around what we feel is either right or wrong and good or bad. This behaviour is conditioned into us as children but in reality, it doesn’t exist as things are what they are and once you understand this then you will know what to expect from anything in life. We may like or dislike aspects about someone or something…everything has its positive and negative counterparts but this doesn’t make it good or bad, or even right or wrong?

When you get over this and eradicate it out of your mind forever, you will lose a lot of those limitations and restrictions you have developed. Initially, you will find yourself prompted to consider other words instead of good or bad and right or wrong as these become too generic and therefore restrict better articulation. It will start your mind wondering and asking more meaningful questions, more empowering questions to yourself and others, which in turn gets the mind searching for better answers. This will open the mind up in general to possibilities stretching yourself further and setting yourself up to achieve more. It will increase motivation in you as your fear will be replaced by confidence. Losing these morals and ethics can release you from alot of guilt, shame and heartache which cause no end of misery. You will be able to see life for what it really is without placing any labels on the situation, it will simply allow you to ascend without restraint from empty judgement.

Black magic is centred around power, results and respect for ourselves and others. We are not a bunch of mindless thugs or anarchists, the rebel aspect simply erupts because many of us have been severely hurt emotionally, suffered loss and depravation which prompts us to reclaim back our lives in this extreme way. The church of cause hate this as it challenges their shallow ideas of reality to try and control others.

If you dare me to assume wevocator, I think you want more control over your life but the church still grips you deep down. This can cause conflicts with your magical practice and hence, your rituals may seem weak without the support of others. You may have become accustomed to doing things in a group atmosphere and therefore, your abilities to assert yourself individually may have declined.

This is probably why manifesting the spirit is giving you problems. The truth is, if you call upon the spirit then it is always there, which is the problem at the moment as you feel nothing within the situation. Try to feel its presence initially by developing a strong desire to reach out to the spirit within the ritual. This urge to try and see past what is presently there at that moment in time will definitely allow you to feel more, and therefore sense a presence. As you get proficient at this, you can move on to seeing it through an open minded state, which can only occur without limitations or conflicting beliefs.

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Consider this: the moral frameworks that human societies have arose for a reason, people didn’t just pluck them out of thin air. I posted my theory on the origin of moral codes here fwiw, and Claidheam made a great reply.

Most moral, ethical, and legals codes are to do with what works for the mass of people, and assures some parity for those who are NOT single childless men in the 18 - 45 age group of prime health and physical strength - weirdly, a demographic that’s over-represented among black magicians of course! lol!!

IMO someone who prays to their god to slay unbelievers and send them to hell is infinitely more disgusting than someone who evokes a demon to get a promotion, so the occult side of things, what spirits you work with, doesn’t even come into it - it’s about that moment of choice in your heart.

Just make sure you can live with whatever form that takes, and you’ll be fine, people mostly do what they want anyway, regardless of what codes or religions they pay lip-service to.

Nothing is right or wrong, but some actions might have consequences you don’t like.


So the right question is, which actions will be judged big time later.

Everyone has different moral values that vary depending on the way you were raised and the way your brain is hard wired. I mean, some muslims believe that stealing an apple because you are hungry is a heinous enough crime to deserve getting your hand chopped off. Here in the U.S. that would be a slap on the wrist, they’d make you pay for the apple, then give you the number to your local food pantry so you don’t steal another apple. So morals are not set in stone from culture to culture.

You seem to be tackling this from a heavy christian perspective. I don’t believe in the christian concept of the devil, they took both Lucifer and Satan and corrupted their entire being, making them out to look like bad guys and from my experience, the help I have been given by those 2 entities far outweighs any bad rumors the christians have spread about them in their bible. As someone who has a pastor for a father, I can honestly say that morals are something that christians only adhere to when it is convenient for them to uphold reputations whilst socializing with others like them. I have seen some christians do some of the most evil and horrible things and then attempt to justify their wrong actions by using their god as scapegoat “The lord told me to kill that man, to rid the earth of the sinners!” So even religious people seem to have a hard time adhering to moral values.

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So what is ‘right or wrong’ if anything ’ clever or unclever’ moves. Im trying to figure this out lately and am feeling confused. Of course ‘the background upbring’ has been an issue for me too, and most of my life been brought up ’ like a saint’ and now it bothers me how much do i have to endure victimisation before using baneful magic for example in retaliation? Is there a balance which is to be respected in life. Do i have to care? When i look at nature it can be very vicious and hearless, in the animal kingdom one may eat anothers young, the sunami may kill people, ugly disease etc yet it wont differenciate between the good and the bad. Yet through it all there is also a calm and goodness, the sun shining, growth, the breathtakingness within. So can i learn something from this? Can i or need i pick a side? I have to except both are here… i dont know… i was always brought up and disaplined myself to be ‘good’ ( whatever that is…) now i got the larger end of the stick of bullying and pain, and i feel ‘bad’ or ‘guilty’ to defend myself to retaliate which i feel is a justice my situation, but i always thought/learnt heaven will take care of evil doers and its not our business to retaliate, but if someone or something unfairly keep on punishing you for years and even made you feel the doors of death, then what? Make as is didnt happen/silenced? Feel like it all didnt happen; learn/grow from it? But what have i learnt by all this? Cant i learn it in a less painful way? Or is this all bible bashing control nonses?
What do we say to those who were falsely accuse and locked away in prison , even for life, because of some hiracy and conspirers ? Be happy? Live because god wants you to live this way? And never let retaliation enter your mind too lol. Why is our humanistic instincts bad? If someone kills someone will they be killed back , nam ya ho renkayo/ karma? Its not that simple and if anyone thinks that might be missing a big piece of a reality check puzzle. I have seen many evil wicked people get away daily with their deeds to others and morally (whatever morals are…) are respected, manipulate control and have lots of money, get away with everything and almost like untouchable- who gives these people all this strength? Yet most ‘goodie’ people eat their humble pie of poverty - and we are taght that is a good thing! I want to know why being sad or upset a ‘bad’ thing and being happy necissarly a ‘good’ thing? Why is it other than a feeling that makes you feel good yet have no justification that one must force oneself to be happy because its a ‘good’ way. Same question i have with love, why is it such a good trait when you make yourself volnerable to peoples power and hurt through it and can make one so miserable if the object of the desire is obtained; there seems to be two sides(sometimes more lol) to everything. So how would have the knowledge to know wrong from right? I thought i once knew, but im not so sure anymore.

Ps anyones answer to my question welcome. I might share this as a separate post because it a thought at my heart at the moment. I need to be clear about the path (and choices) i make…

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