What is 'right' and what is 'wrong'

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You made some good points about nature, the disasters and the beauty. Your other concerns though seem to stem strongly from religious viewpoints. I was raised Christian af, turn the other cheek and let god handle it, etc. Fun lies to tell; the Christian god isn’t real, and if he is then he isn’t the one they think he is, and certainly isn’t “the all” of hermetics and other paths. Ill quote Kingdom of Heaven, “he is not God, and we need not worry.”
Now as far as determining for yourself what is good and what is bad, you have to do exactly that. In any given situation, cut off all outside input, teachings, and dogma. Block out thoughts of karma, cosmic retribution, etc. There’s only you, you alone. Lets say you are harassed like in your example. Think, what has that person done to you? How did it affect you? In your eyes, did they add negativity or positivity to your life? After getting a feel for that, you have to examine and decide what you want to do about it, and what you’re comfortable doing about it. Do you feel that their act/s is/are worthy of retribution? If yes, then how much? Think of how you honestly feel that they should be “punished”. Then, carry out the punishment. Whether it be a brief curse, a death curse, a loss of money, lose a limb, a punch in the face, a nasty email, or simply cutting them out of your life; you are the final judge and jury for your own life.
As far as I’m concerned, if I get punched once, ill punch back twice. If a drunk driver hits my family’s car and gives them headaches, ill do something to ensure theyre involved in a fatal accident on an unpopulated highway. It could be asked “Is that justice? That doesnt seem fair.” In my mind, he could have killed my family, so the potential damage has to be repaid in full.


Every being has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The desire to improve your circumstances is a natural one, and one that no one can rightfully fault you for feeling. Whether you be an inmate or a dude who gets bullied at work.
Oh, and as far as the balance thing goes. What I feel personally is that what I described as to negative actions of people, do the same dor positive people. Bless them, do a protection spell or money spell for them etc. Punish the negative, reward the positive. That’s balance af. As far as “who decides who is a negative person and who is a positive person”- you do. Its your life, and only you can judge the impact people have on you.


So what do i do if i fight for so long to protect myself and family until the bad guys seem to win. And no more energy physically or emotionally to fight further. I feel so weakened and my magic isnt working enough and theirs seem stronger. Im so tired of fighting and being bullied and cut off from any supportive person. Does the universe step in at any point? Its either make or break for me but im stuck in limbo and neither ends. Friggin half my lifetime has already nearly gone past and my situation has not improved and am tired of just surviving and not living and not having the freedom to live my life and not being controlled and bullied. I just need it all to stop. Im tired of forcing myself to be postive eat well when im crumbling to peices for not really any fault of my own. I literally have to live a double life, and controlled by a bunch of bullies who on paper too have made me like a criminal instead of the hero i fought and sacraficed to be. Yes i tried minfulness yada yada but all i feel like im doing is trying to avoid and distract myself how i cant sort out my life and how miserable it is. I wished that the truth come out and these people be exposed and punished, but now all i wish i could of legally be able to run away and start over, which unfortunately i cant. I dont think im skilled enough in magic to properly ‘bend nature’ if that is possible. But something gotta give. Sorry for ranting i just felt like i needed to. I know the world is unfair but not to the extent i have witnessed. Being ‘good’ and not ‘stepping on peoples toes’ never helped me either.
So you say the Christian god is not real , that might be true, but what about the jewish one ‘yahweh’? Gosh my family etc give me grief for not being religious enough and he is punishing me for leaving, and it hurts because when i was younger i was brought up to believe he is the light of the world… like ive got recently the book the Key of Solomon grimiore so how can that magic work if there is no truth in that or the lbrp etc use lots of jewish ‘magic’. Now i dont believe in only yahweh and i have felt my devotion has not done me justice at all and i have even turned to ‘Satan’ for help from this tyrant in the past and generally i love learning about all diffrent gods ( which is against all the rules of the enviroment im forced to live, but all that aside, the effigy in nature and when i look up to the sky or around me something is definately there but i wouldn’t call it yahweh or havnt put a name to it. Dont know if demons are ‘bad’ either or if people say to keep away just because they have so much knowledge and dont want us to have it or they truely are tricky beings ( yup definately bitten by the religion bug lol) .
So what is it i should do? Everthing in my life is effected one way or another, which i cant turn a blind eye that this looks like a full blown curse, and i have a whole lot of jewish enemies for no good reasons that they come after me wherever i go, especially because i have something they want - ‘their kids’. Im so tired of being silent just because people arent aware and outsiders might think im making all this up. I have even a newspaper article that would back this up ( regarding me and others they were doing it too…) . Anyways, magic and understanding the universe is my life and wonder and it keeps the spark and happiness in my life, but i dont know if its the be all and end all to help me change everything, but it is the main thing i hold on to support (embarissingly to admit) but constantly am reminded on by others and reality check that things aint good and i cant ‘magically’ make it so. (Yet more i delve more i think it has the potential) but i cant get to that point quick enough to learn everything i need, especially if im learning by myself on whatever and whenever i can ly my hands on.

Ill start by addressing your enemies and their power, and your apparent lack of ability to do anything about it. There are people out there who are just plain pieces of shit. They’re experts at manipulation, appearing to the masses as beacons of light when really they are, as I said, pieces of shit. These people tend to surround themselves with similar people, and people they’ve manipulated to the point of no return. In that kind of situation, there is rarely a chance of winning. They have allies and the ability to control what others think about you. My advice is to try and get as far away from them as you can.
Now as far as the Jewish God, its the same one the christians follow. Yahweh or YHWH or whatever, the abrahamic god. The only difference (major difference) between Christian doctrine and Jewish doctrine is that christians believe Jesus was the son of God and the messiah, while Jews believe the messiah has yet to come. Both are religious institutions, and I can not stress enough the importance of breaking your religious bonds. If Yahweh/God is real, then it is only given power by the ones that believe in it (like Santa Claus). It has no power over you unless you allow it to.
The only actual “god” out there is the “All”, which flows through everyone and everything. You can access it at any time you want. You also have your own inner power, which I see has been repressed by your environment so much that you no longer believe in it. Don’t give up, dont bend to their religious craziness. Be true to yourself and your beliefs, whatever those may be.
As far as demons and angels and all that, my understanding is that these are all archetypes. For example Satan wouldn’t be a “demon” like in religious mythology. He would simply be an entity/being that exists and can be called upon, neither evil nor good. There are no horny pitch fork demons sitting in hell waiting to trap and trick you into eternal damnation. There is no eternal damnation.


You keep saying this. Time to let it go. You’ve been lied to and betrayed. The Christian/Jewish/Muslim god is a relative minor daemon that is incapable and uninterested in helping you, and not worth all this angst and soul searching. You’re now being your own worst enemy holding on to old pain. What should you do? - protect the kids, make a plan, act on it.

She can’t - they have her kids. @Eve1, are your kids safe or are they being abused currently?
I’ve read a few of your posts, responded before with this question, but didn’t see an answer - and I’m not clear that they’re ok. You said before you tried to leave years ago and the lawyers were bought, and I said go to a women’s shelter, or call a battered wives helpline for real advice, and you didn’t answer that either.
Also why not take the kids to counseling? If they tell the counselor what happens they counselor can instigate proceedings to protect them. Sell the story to the local paper, write letters to a few of them, hell, write to Trump. You have more resources you haven’t exhausted yet.

Otherwise, take care of them as best you can until they’re emancipated, make sure they understand they’re not bad people and it’s not their fault. And then leave on your own.

Sorry for ranting i just felt like i needed to. I know the world is unfair but not to the extent i have witnessed. Being ‘good’ and not ‘stepping on peoples toes’ never helped me either.

Yes it is as unfair as that. And it can always get worse.
I don’t mind ranting, I do mind constant complaints with no real effort put into fixing the situation. I had an ex-freind who did that and it turned out they were unconsciously an energy vampire, and the flow of advice they asked for but never acted on was how they fed. I ditched them, I’ve no patience for bullshitters. You’ve been stuck for years now, and are starting to sound much too similar - a lot of people have given you advice and you’re not doing any of it. Have you acted on or even planned to act on anything anyone here has suggested?

So this is my last response and then I’ll not worry about it, PM me a name and a photo, PM me as many as you like,. I’m not the first person to offer, take us up on it. This could have been fixed by now if you had, I think, don’t you?


I have been to refugues over these years… i have exausted options and i have reached out to a friend in the past who said he would try getting hold of trump, but straight after i came back from there they put markers on my passport and framed/claimed i put the kids ‘at risk’ for going to see this person and had hell with social workers etc. And also nobody else here that i was aware of offered for a name or a photo. And no im not trying to be an energy vamire im just tired and hurt and dont know what to do and i know i might be wrong for offloading here, but i need to find a way to put things right but i dont feel i physically can and i dont have physical friends to rant to, i have to have the extra pressure of acting all happy in the physical world. There is alot I havnt said about what ive been through and it would take ages to explain, and not everything i can sit and explain so please dont judge. If i had my life sorted i wouldnt be complaining, something i dont generally do but i am aware i did somewhat here. I dont know about your friend, but i know ive tried, tried very hard on my own for years example picking up and leaving 10 years ago with 2 kids and 2 suitcases for safty reasons ,to being in refuges, to being to being through court to having tried taking my kids off, reaching out to orginazations, trying to get hold of israeli president too, and noone to complain to or support me all these years, and its only fair if i can offload abit to my magical tribe… maybe they can send some good energy my way or magical advice, because i dont think i can do much more and physically fatigued… Anywho i think i shouldnt say much more about this here. Especially if it makes me look like some energy vamp.
All the best.

I can send name(s) and photos if still intrested. Thanks

Ah I didn’t know the details about the kids part. I tried to help a friend who was in the same situation, they had the lawyers and the judge on their side, making her look like a horrible mother in court while the guy was abusing her and the kids. I tried my best but I wasn’t doing magic all those years ago, and she ended up losing them. All I can say is don’t give up, be smart, be careful and thorough in whatever plans you make. Save incriminating texts/emails etc, be patient and get as much evidence as you can if possible and applicable to your situation. Once you have enough, take it to someone you trust and who can do something with it. If the lawyers near you are corrupt, find one from a different area and tell them your story. Not all of them are bloodsucking leeches. Make sure you do your best not to come off as crazy, that’s another way these types of people get you. When they’ve fucked with you to the point of emotional exhaustion and desperation, they’ll use your state of mind (a perfectly justifiable one in that situation, but judges don’t care) to label you unstable. There’s always hope, don’t give up until you’ve tried literally everything.

Alright. Don’t mind me, I’m just frustrated by the whole thing, but using that to ramp up a tornado of anger to send someone’s way.

But, you didn’t answer again, are the kids ok or not? I’m thinking yes, since you don’t talk about them and haven’t said they were beaten or emotionally abused. Personally, as a mother they’d be my main concern before me, but you only talk about yourself with no specifics.

You don’t need to explain in detail, you could make bullet points. In PM if you prefer. Why do you need to act happy - what happens if you’re sad?

Here’s an example:
– this is me until I left home for college, being raised by a sadistic, socio-phobic narcissist who drove out my rather nice but weak father, blamed it on him and cut me off from him (and now he’s dead):

  1. I was not allowed to ask for anything - this was punished with long lectures and withdrawl of privilidges
  2. Blamed and accused of things I didn’t do, but not allowed to self-champion, see 1
  3. Not allowed to see friends, have freinds over or go out to see them, or allowed out of the house on my own, not allowed to go anywhere unapproved, and getting to anywhere approved meant so much drama it wasn’t worth it
  4. Not allowed to choose my own clothes, hair style, have pocket money or any kind of self expression that wasn’t pre-approved
  5. Not given affection, loving touch or kind words
  6. Beaten and/or berated for hours for resisting pre-approved mandates, such as asking for a different haircut
  7. Not allowed to show by my facial expression or body language that I had an opinion on any of this.
  8. Not allowed to be proactive and do anything for myself or the house, but berated and beaten for being a selfish person for ‘making’ my mother do all the work of taking care of me
  9. Beatings were deliberately mark-less, and the one time she fucked up and gave me a facial wound I had to go to school with, I was called ‘heartless’ because my mother made a big show of crying about ‘the accident’ in the staffroom (she was a teacher in my school so I had zero freedom there either) and I didn’t act concerned enough for her, although I’m the one with the scar on my face.
  10. I was called a worm, a gutless freak, a worthless whore, and after crying myself to sleep. would be reawoken on a school night 2 hours later so she could apologise and I could make her feel better - but guess what happened if I said nothing instead of forgiving her over and over again?

There. Did that take ages?
I survived because I’m very analytical and judgemental. I’ve had nothing but contempt for this broken excuse for a person since I was about 8 and played her game better than her. I was required to behave exactly as my mother expected, as an extension of her will and no more, down to the look on my face. So when I hear you say you have to ‘act happy’, maybe I get that, I’ve done it. I have plenty of source material to get angry enough to do all sorts of workings on controlling family members.

So please do explain. By PM if you like - It’s all fuel for the fire. And by all means send the info.

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