What is mugwort for

I bought some mugwort from a local new age healing place a short while ago for an attempted evocation of a spirit that I was told really digs mugwort. So know I have all this mugwort left over and. It sure what to do with. I’ve found they only stay burning on coals- which there again I have a hard time seeing the point in coals. I got some intense powder online for use on coals and it’s burnt up in under a minute so don’t see the point there

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Basically it’s supposed to aid with spiritual visions.


Charles9 sumed it up perfectly.

Just by burning it? Seems to have a hard time staying lit even on coals. Seems hard to reach THS when having to keep shaking insense bowl- but that’s just my experience

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I Checked out that link and speaks of using (among other uses) to aid in bringing about “benevolent spirits for protection” with that said does it serve any purpose for the summoning of " not so belevolent" spirits and cursing?

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You need to let it dry some before use, crushing and grinding it helps as well.

As for your second question. Not that I personally know of. That said I don’t see why it couldn’t be.

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It’s pretty neutral, if your wanting something that’s used more for baneful workings you can try something like Asafoetida, just be careful with that shit, it’s called Devil’s Dung for a reason.

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Never heard of that. Thanks for that!

It is dry and sold on bags. Suppose I could grind it up some how. They closed the local head shop where I could’ve at one time purchased a “Tobacco grinder”.

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Do you have a morter and pison? That would work just as well.

Mortar like brick mortar? Never heard of pison? Can you expand a little on these?

When you say be careful what is the possible “side effects” unwanted “attention”?

Try smoking some for divination purposes.
Also, put some in some wine on the night of a new moon, and let it sit there until the next full moon when you drink it . . . for divination.
You can brew it into a tea too.
Just keep in mind that using it all the time is bad for your liver and kidneys.


Are you speaking of the mugwort? I actually tried smoking for grins- no enhancements. Shouldn’t have really done that for various reasons- and what the hell here they are- as a recovering severe drug addict and severe alcoholic even a drink of wine is off limits for me. Not sure but even tea maybe off limits- ha ha just kidding that’s a good idea

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Mugwort also is a great additive to smudging wands if you custom make your own.

Unwanted attention? Yes a lot of people say it really, REALLY stinks…

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:grin: ok now I gotcha. I thought maybe it had a reputation in ritual use for bringing about undesirable spirits- I don’t know poltergeists or whatever. Really stinks huh. My small ritual space will burn my eyes if I go overboard with intense especially dragons blood- mryhh not so bad for some reason.

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Don’t use wand- don’t even have dagger. Been trying to keep it simple. I have an evokation cloth, burn insense, candles and have a scrying mirror. That’s it.

They meant mortar and pestle.

Still don’t know what that is