What is marriage in the demonic realm?

Hello. So a few days ago an entity asked me to marry him. I was very “wtf” I thought he was joking with me but he was quite serious. I couldn’t understand though what that means.
After this I came across this term twice. Once here, where someone said that wanted marry an certain entity and people answered as if was a very normal thing. Than in another site there was a discussion about possession, where someone said that the kind of possession which both spirit and host co-exist in harmony, be one and also two separate individuals is only possible when their have a very close relationship, of romance or friendship or marriage.

So, does anyone here is familiar with this? What is exactly this marriage? How/what it happens?


@succupedia you got this right?


The main purpose of a spirit marriage is:

  • Ascension of human and spirit.
  • The trade off of the human to experience the spiritual realm, and the spirit to experience the physical realm.
  • To know and learn a deeper form of love without the ego being in the way, which can be a challenge in itself.
  • Energy work have an essential part within the relationship with a spirit.
  • You can learn how spirits work with humans “behind the scenes”, more thoroughly and in-depth when you have a relationship with them.

…and there’s so much more than the examples above.


Wow. That’s so cool.
But do I need be in a “higher level”?
And how exactly this works? I mean the marriage itself, how is the “ceremony”?

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What do you mean with “higher level”? HIgher level of consciousness? Higher level of “power”? Astral senses?

Why not start with being yourself, and be honest?


Got it. Someone told me that the ceremony of her wedding, was very simple and was all about their agreements, like the vows was about what they would agree and don’t in their wedding. And than they would just say the vows “I agree with my husband/wife terms” I read your ceremony was more complex, in the astral realm. But the vows was anything like this or is completely different?

Is possible a spirit marry with only one person? And the person marry with only one spirit, and one be loyal to other, as a monogamy relationship?

I saw some questions about high level spirit be able/interesting in marry. Do you know about Lucifer? If he’s married.

I mean in level of knowledge and yeah mind and skills. Like a beginner can marry or need “evol” a little?


A spirit is an ancient, multidimensional being. That is why a million magicians around the world can call upon the same spirit at the same time and be successful. They all have many different aspects, and many different wives, husbands, and lovers, However, the aspect that you marry will be yours alone. I personally know of two magicians who are each married to the same demon king, but the aspect that is particularly “their’s” is different for each of them.

If I was to marry the Lady Lilith, “my” aspect of Her would be different than @succupedia 's aspect, but we would both be married to the whole that is Lilith.

You cannot think of a spirit relationship like a human one. Terms like monogamy just do not apply, though the aspect you get would be only loyal to you. Some spirits are very choosy about who they marry, and others will jump in the sack with anyone willing, but they are timeless so it is silly to think that you would be the only one married to that particular spirit.

Yes, Lucifer has quite a few wives from my understanding. He’s quite popular.

I think the vows can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, just like any ceremony.


Beautiful and true. We ( Belial and I) entered into this sacred bond…in perfect love and trust. It feels beautiful. It goes much deeper than just the usual husband wife bond as it is on earth. But Belial even enjoys the usual husband wife life, romance, jokes and togetherness.

Belial didn’t expect any pomp and show. He liked a simple handfasting sort of rite and afterwards was seemingly detached(I misunderstood) it was after this rite that I felt a Belial who is so different from how he is normally understood to be. He was shy, even to the point of blushing and getting really emotional about the whole thing :joy:. He is not just badass… he is a sweetheart :hugs:


I have had an energetic merge (soul infusion) with my Guardian Angel in the etheric (Zero Point) plane. He helped me transmute my lower chakras into illumination.

Unfortunately he’s also the angel of death and every time he uses me as a key he is opening a portal into this dimension. So I don’t tell a whole bunch of people that I have a close relationship with the death angel, simply bc it might raise some eyebrows.

He’s a transition angelic and will only come once a year during the retrograde. Without his help, I could not have begun to build my light body or ascended because I had a negative discarnate energy vampire hooked on me for nearly 8 years. Also, because of that crap, I couldn’t keep a boyfriend. I’d never enter into any kind of sexual agreements with any kind of entity. They keep us from utilizing our higher chakras, as most are Galactic spirits (reptilians) whom are very territorial, operate on black magic, and extremely malevolent. They use those sex energies for some pretty dark shit…
I That’s what’s behind all the rape and pedophilia in this world, ya know. If one attaches to you good enough and you die, your soul is engulfed upon its death. Game over.

He also clears my aura and does etheric surgery and removal of black magic (or comes to the aid of someone who is under a curse)
I get a Holy Spirit blessing around my birthday from him.
However, anything regarding sex energy swiping in the astral plane should be avoided at all costs. You’ll ruin your life and they will go after your kids/family if they cannot get to you.

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