What is intention?

The foundation of all magick is intention as many states. In my study of magick I have come across the 3 basic of witchcraft or magical work: Raise energy, program the energy and direct the energy. What is programming actually? What is intention?
Have I programmed my magick already by formulating my purpose in my mind that is then cared on in the subconsciousness? Should the purpose be said in the actual magical operation? The books I have read talks about formulating the purpose precisely but they never talk about if it’s said in the ritual or before the ritual.

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Yes, you may start a working by saying “I’m about to summon (Name of a spirit) in order to…”, “It is my intention/will to do a scrying about (that situation)” and so on.
After having raised energy, besides stating your intention, one of the possible ways to program it is also (for example) through color: form the energy into a ball and visualize it as dark green for qualifying that energy in elemental terms (specifically, Earth). Either yellow or gold for the planetary energy of Sun, etc.

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Are you saying that planets and elements are more about the programming of energy than the raising of it?

I hate to be that guy but you answered your own question in your asking.

Do this ^


The rest is really upto you. If you write it down, say it aloud or proclaim to whatever spirit you’ve conjured you already know what you intend and that feeling is present just as you are.

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This is my view and might not be shared by others but magic isn’t a one glove fits all solution… The XXL rubber might fit your length but still be too thin for your dong (lol sorry I had to)

I do not work with spirits. I practice low magick. What happens in ritual when I write my purpose down and read it it ends up distracting me. This is why I have sought a way to get my formulated request in my subsconsciosness so it won’t distract me.

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My bad I was using that as an example… a generalisation.

I’d recommend visualisation then. Naturally I don’t know what your rituals entail but visualisation is a powerful tool. If you use the 3 fundamentals that you mentioned and push the energy into your visualisation then you are giving it life.

When it comes to directing the energy I use the concept of amulets and talismans. When I wanted to have a disease pull out of my body I used a raw crystal I directed the energy into. It seems there is no problems with the raising and directing part. It’s the programming I experience troubles.

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I don’t know how better to explain so I apologize, it’s my own failing. But the point I’m trying to make is to feed the visualisation (of what you want/intend) with the energy you raise. If you work with talismans or amulets then perhaps consider this concept…

You visualize your intention, as you do so you draw your own random (but not) symbol (or scribble or whatever) KNOWING that it represents your visualisation/intention and then feed that the energy it needs to become alive.

I made a post about digitally created sigils that might help you with the symbol creation part of this but it’s honestly not necessary. Just visualise what you want and know that what you draw whilst doing it represents your desired outcome and then feed it.

So for instance I know that the 5 pointed pentacle represents protection against magical attacks it will become like that in that moment I direct the raised earth elemental energy into it as I make it alive?

The pentagram represents the elements if I remember correctly. I forget the dogma so I unfortunately would not be able to answer accurately that part of your question.

But a fact is that is if you used it and raised the earth element for protection as you have stated then yeah itl work. A natural defence to a magical attack is to ground it so it makes sense.

There’s a saying about which wolf you feed… I forget how it goes… But energy flows where your mind goes. You could use an array of ‘magical symbols’ for protection. Or one you made yourself.

Idk how to simplify this…

Give me an example of what you want to manifest and I’ll try and explain processes that could be useful to you.

Please bare with me also as I don’t work within any system within or without this forum.

I can understand that visualizations is not always about the ability to create images in the head but also about the knowledge or belief that certain objects have powers. Moon is associated with disease in the bowel so to remove such a disease I take a moon solomonic pentacle and direct my magick into it and the object will the become alive that will remove that disease.

I have no basis for truth of that as a statement.

I don’t know dude I don’t believe in anything I can’t prove so am probably not the best person to ask.

To assume that an item has innate power by its own virtue to me is preposterous. Everything you believe has power has it because you believe it so.

I recall my statement regarding where your mind goes and the flow of energy.

If your system works for you then ok but in this situation I am genuinely not the guy. Tried to help but sorry I’m dipping out of this thread.

I have no religious beliefs and if you are coming from a puritist solomonic angle then you are trapped in a religious box and that’s not what I work with. I work with what is tangible and provable.

Belief is virtually worthless unless you believe in it.

Focus on these and you will have no problem. Don’t drown in dogma

Is the belief that these herbs, pentacles, stone etc etc have powers not the visualization I infuse within them when I raise and direct the magical energy into them?

No. They are fetish links. They are designed to draw you more into focus within the ritual. By their own virtue they have no meaning at all. The meanings are all ascribed by dickbags who wrote books or by you the caster. (Make your own path)

Look if believing in dogmatic religious systems works for you then it works for you. It’s not for me to say. But there is 0 evidence that any of these things possess power by their own virtue. The power in literally every case comes from the caster.

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Agreed but are they not meant to represent the purpose or intention? The programming.

Guess someone told you they did?

You are supposed to do that.

No that’s my own theory.