What is a good offering to Valefar?

I’ve been looking around on here and other places but I haven’t found information that can help me. Thank you in advance if you have an answer

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Nothing material… When in doubt, don’t offer anything but your attention and thanks.

Offer something you personally enjoy as thanks after you get results if you like. It can be anything you are drawn to give that feels right to you, and practicing following your intuition like this helps develop it so you get more intuitive impulses.

It’s not a great idea to start a relationship with trying to buy thier attention, and it’s more likely to attract impostors that will take the energy and not deliver.

If you want to burn incense and/or a candle during ritual that’s always nice, and is also considered an offering by some.


I see
This will actually save me lots of trouble then so thanks I’ll keep that in mind


I think it’s just cool you want to work with Valefar. Keep us posted on what happens. :+1::+1::love_you_gesture:

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I’m with @Mulberry keep it simple. An apple, a stick of sandlewood incense a candle…

After getting the results that’s a good idea too if this is the beginning of that relationship.