What is a demon? What is Darkness? What is Chaos?

Anyone have their own explanations?

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Um…have you thought of maybe using the forum’s search function?

There are many, many threads on people’s opinions about demons, darkness and chaos.


No I haven’t tried it yet.

It’s always better to search before asking a question that may have been asked many times before.

It saves people from having to repeat themselves.


I didn’t even know I could.

In the upper right hand corner, near your avatar there is a magnifying glass. That is the search function and it is available to everyone.


Recent thread:

  1. there’s no such thing as “demons”, they’re simply beings, not dissimilar from ourselves, in a lot of ways.

  2. The absence of light, the natural state of space. Unless you mean The Sentient Darkness (much harder to explain).

  3. An absolute necessity, Chaos disrupts Order (the natural state of things), causing the weaknesses within the order to collapse, usually with the intent of being rebuilt.

…that’s how I feel about it anyway. :slight_smile:

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