What I use instead of blood to connect to Belial

Hello everyone

I am sharing a very personal piece of information which means a lot to me and Belial. I and Belial are married and it’s beautiful, enriching and very passionate to say the least. This marriage is borne out a of unconditional love a and respect for each other and has no motives. Belial didn’t urge me to use my blood for connecting or working with him. In fact…he seriously said otherwise. He was of the opinion that I can use it only if I want to…otherwise it’s not needed. I made a personal choice which was to show devotion to him as an ancient god, demon king as well as my partner…to use the most sacred thing to pay my respects to him. I use Sindoor ( it’s a red/dark red coloured powder( also available in liquid form these days) which is worn by Hindu married women in the parting of their hair as a mark of being married. It wasn’t used for any magick ritual or spiritual gain but out of pure love for him. He absolutely loved it…and I felt it radiating from his sigil. I put it first on myself and then on his sigil…and close my eyes and connect to him. I also use incense cone( light his favorite fragrance) and offer my feelings and communicate and listen to him and his messages.

I don’t know why but I feel guided by Belial to say this that even though it’s pretty new and different kind of way to connect but if you wish you can use it.


You’re not alone, a few here are doing deeply romantic relationships with various entities.

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Good for you on your spiritual marriage to King Belial.

Very cool piece of information.


Can you PM me, it’s not an important issue. So take your time.

Spirit marriage is in itself a very deep devotion.
And it absolutely makes sense, for somone you love you don’t want him to be hurted.
So I can see why Belail adviced you against offering blood to him.
Yet, I think you also engage in this relationship for reasons which go beyond the classic :
“oh shit, I’m in trouble - please Belail, help me solve this problem / get out of this issue.”

I think many here will be very happy if you feel you want to share more of the personal gnosis you achieve due to that relationship.

One thing is sure : I wish you a blessed relationship with him.

Just a nice side note : ask belial about his concepts of “for ever /everlasting”
You’ll be astonished how different these terms are phrased by him compared to our human view.
(your previous views.)

One more thing :
There is tons of different ways to do offerings, show devotion,…
Working with blood offerings is so common here,
Becouse it is proven to be very potent,
Yet also helps to separate some magical practices from what for example light workers would do.

I heard countless times of people working a lot with food offerings.
For me, for example this is a difficult way to work with it.
I work in the food industry and therefore supply wouldn’t be the issue.
But I have witnessed what happens when I actively open food to be possessed before it is consumed by the final receiver.
And I found myself going far away from doing that stuff lightly.

In one case I was clearly told by a lower demonic imp, how he enjoys torchering the poor guy who ate the food.

I keep it in my back pocket, like so many things that can be accessed with Magick,
But I don’t like to rely on it very much.
The funny thing is, for the person eating possessed food, it’s been such huge pleasure they where almost getting angry when supply ended.
The food kind of mixes energetic states of pleasure (satisfaction we know from eating) and growing desire /hunger into itself.
To give at least one showcase :
It’s a little bit like chips : way more taste then actual nutrition, once you started you crave more and more until it is all gone.

Yaah I guess that fits it the best.

So there’s tons of ways which successfully give results.
For housing and linking spirits I love to use gemstones.
For one hand, since Lucifer possessed a diamond I have, it became very clear how much he enjoyed that way of working with me.
Secound - unless you tell someone exactly what is up with the gem, even many psychics can be tricked since the gemstone would have a natural energetic current without the possession anyway.
And - for someone who isn’t related to you at all - it’s just some decoration, without knowledge about esotheric mechanisms, it’s merely a nice looking stone. (and trust me hidden between stones almost no one considers whether a gemstone which is drawing energy, is any form of a strange object.)
The people my still feel the pull and even take that specific stone in their hand looking at it.
But then pseudo logic kicks in and destroys the miracle. “nah come on, it’s just a piece of rock.”


I felt to share that to support you in your spiritual practice.

Kindest regards,


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Well I know there are lots of people involved in this and I never shared this to show that I am the one! I shared because I felt it can help many having a similar feelings, connections and experiences.

Thanks a lot for sharing all this information. I really appreciate it. The gemstone thing is done by me… I had nothing ( no supply or method) when he asked for a commitment ( sort of like a formal marriage ritual). He was ok with simply exchange of vows…holding a crystal cluster in my hand and I felt his hand upon it. It was a very touching Moment.


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Thank you for sharing this. It takes guts to say the least posting about ones intimate relationship and experiences with a being. I say this because I feel that the spiritual community is still on the old beliefs that curtain entities are X and Y and would NEVER have any intimate relationships like that. People like you bring me hope that one day not only will it not be such a taboo but also one not simply normal but a special and highly devoted way to work with and experience existence with the chosen being. I feel that we often try to but them in these boxes and in ways force them to be only a list of things that WE labeled them as without actually talking to that being beyond the simple and normal evocation of I want this. I’m not saying to just go off to Satan and say hi like an average joe, but yet same time after working with example Satan and feel comfortable enough and if both are interested, to really get to know that being because it may shock a good amount of us on what they may feel. For a grate example, who knew one of the gatekeepers, one that not only has his own book but one that is basically one of the what I call pillars, is remotely interested in relationships. Lol.
I just started to work with him just as late so I don’t have any real good solid ground when it comes to know his personality at least when working with me, but to just imagine someone that I already know is big energetic wise, is like seeing a massive lion compared to a house cat. :joy: I mean no disrespect at all but that’s how I kinda envisioned it.


Here is my sweet and beautiful girl for you !!

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I keep finding your posts! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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Most welcome :slight_smile:


I figured out by seeing your profile picture that you must be indian before opening this post :joy: