What has your experience been with Ahrimanic Yoga?

I’ve been working with ahrimanic yoga for abou5 a year now and have seen great benefits However I recently got more serious with it am am wondering what changes you all noticed (for those who used this system also.)

I notice the changes seem to happen slowly and as it gains momentum the effects start to become noticeable. I feel much more energy, physically, mentally, etc and my ability to focus, enter states, maintain my concentration, as well as manipulate and use energy have increased.

I can hold greater stores of energy also. I’ve also noticed how i view others and the world, the ability for me to direct my thoughts, change perspective, use my emotions willingly toward my desired goals, etc have gotten better.

Recently working on the Aeshma (sacral chakra) has started to create this effect where I feel the desire to push away from people, a lot of emotional pain is coming up lately but it’s helping me become more self oriented and uproot a lot of old habits of acting and thinking.

Only thing i would add is that sometimed the pracrices take a physical toll thought, I sometimes feel sick, tired, feverish, etc.

I ask about your experiences becausw i tend to be skeptical and figure it’s always good to see what could be verified through the experience of others and be a good gauge to see from their experiences or if I overlooked anything.

What changes did you notice? Any of the physical symptoms? Etc,

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hi, i have similar feel with hatha and kundalini yoga. When you do it its make you feel like beast energy grow up, mind get stronger etc I always thinked there is more in breath then in body position. But weird is if you stop one day you dont do it its feel like you be drained or energy level fall down hm