What happens to you in the afterlife if you make a pact?

So I found this awesome post by Micah called “Struck by Satanic Lightning” and I feel really drawn to do this rite yet it says it enters you into an implied pact with Satan. I’m fine with that (the soul selling stuff is Christian bull crap) yet I’m just remembering what Lady Eva told me last year about how you how if your senses aren’t ready you shouldn’t make a pact (because you could join their legions of servitors) yet at the same time Micah says it doesn’t matter in this case because satan’s presence is so strong. My goal here is dark ascent and the purposes that Micah specified in his post but does dark ascent mean just becoming a demonic servant? I’d rather be darkly empowered and maintain my individuality (which I feel is a major point of the LHP) but I don’t want to become some sort of psychic drone in the afterlife, I want to revel with satan in dark glory and freedom! If anyone has any thoughts on this I’d love to hear them…


Listen to Lady Eva and take everything Micah said with a grain of salt.


Dawg sounds like you have no idea what your doing just saw a post and wanting to jump right into some dark waters you don’t understand


Most beings don’t have armies of servitors that’s only humans who make servitors as their legions. Beings like Lucifer, “Satan” etc have real living beings under them. It’s like being in military service for them, but some may have eternal servitude.

When making a pact you should have your senses in better condition otherwise you may or may not agree to something you later will regret, but when making a pact you should also have your own dos and donts within the pact.


OP, no offense but consider yourself a blind guy and you are gonna sign a paper with someone you really dont know of, does this make sense to you? :smiley:


Might as well do it in blood


Please be sarcasm. The OP might take you seriously. Blood in spells and pacts is a serious and sometimes dangerous things.


It is , not trying to be an asshole, I just hope he rethinks his decision

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One last thing, soul selling pacts are actually a thing which you are giving your freewill after your contract is over.


Well then I’m not making any pacts. I value my personal freedom too much to risk it like that.

@anon55033742 Well if you want to ascend or descend, just start with developing your senses. :smiley:

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So, the drama. I just went and read that rite, and there isn’t a pact involved as I would think of one.
There is certainly no “soul selling”. Not sure where that came from :thinking:

There’s nothing alarming about that rite, or much different than any other evocation: it’s fine.

I think, what he means by “the pact is the possession”, since there’s no more about any pact terms there, is it’s basically the usual, call an entity and ask to begin a relationship with them. Same old.

And, you know @anon55033742 , you’re the operator. Intention is everything, and you can edit this and set your intention any way you like - make it personal, it’ll work better that way anyway.

If you want more ideas, there’s a ritual with similar feel to it in the Beelzebub compendium, in EAs section.

And by the way, all this well meaning advice is cute an all, but you’re a black magician not a mouse -

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
The word of Sin is Restriction. Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay… There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt."


Well, I could ask my Shadow for an incantation that could help open my senses. I also was using the inner black flame chant with several results, I only stopped because I was working on a different occult project. Maybe I’ll just commit to doing that daily.


No offense, but I don’t think you or the others actually read the ritual -
Read it and then tell me that’s anything crazy, please, cos I’m just not seeing it.

When did BALG folks become such a bunch of fearful “ooh don’t work with Lucifer, he’s a demon” wimps anyway?

I’m SO confused by this thread.


Very good, foundation is utmost importance before anything like evocation astral projection soul travelling etc.Can you not do a successful evocation without them? Well yes you actually can but for someone who aims ascension, you need it.

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That’s what I felt like too when I was reading some of the initial responses to my post. I’ve used Satan’s sigil before and felt his presence. Nothing bad ever happened…


You are fine,I can explain why I said what I said about Micah and I didn’t read that post so you are correct.

And when did I say this? Making a pact without detailing everything is simply risky for someone who really has no open senses in my opinion.Meditations and evocations are a thing,a pact is,again in my opinion, something that should be thought upon before doing it.

But I guess that wasn’t the case in ritual Micah posted, well I didnt read it, my bad. :smile:

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Lucifer is one of the safest, most controlled entities you could pick. You can give him carte blanche and end up a king.

I’ll tell you what - I’ll do it as written, word for word, ask him about it and come back with what Lucifer says, whether a long term pact was created and what effect that has, how’s that?

Because, if it works, and I end up in a pact that aids my ascent, I’m not seeing that as a problem, exactly. And if it doesn’t engender a pact, or just doesn’t work at all, I’ve lost nothing either.

And Samael, who is with me because I do have an active pact with him right now, is saying ‘go for it’, and grinning ear to ear, so … what the hell?


Sounds great to me