What goes inside of a demonic circle and triangle

Never mind I know now

The circle and triangels are tools like an athame or a chalice or whatever tools one might use.
From what i have gathered from members here on the forum next to nothing is needed when you can do it.
Some use no tools at all, some visualise the tools but use no physical tools.
In the end it comes down to what world for you.
As EA says in vid use a working system.
And in the beginning when you learn it might be good to follow it as its laid out and with ecperience start making it your own.
Fairly new to the practices myself but long time studying the theory.
On piece of advise that helped me with the understanding whas that of pshycodrama, meaning that the tools and the rituals and the use of them helps you alter state of mind. So for me all the tools with circle and triangel is helpful since its in my mind the picture of how magic work should take place, that said i fell or should i say know that i will with time be able to remove some of the tools or all and it will make no changes to mu magic.
Tools are like trainingwheels😃

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Do you think I would be safe without it as a beginner ?

According to EA the circle doesnt “protect” you. The circle is a tool that “makes” you the center of the universe.
If like me you feel that you need it then you do. And the resaon you do is that you have put that limitation on yourself and that is perfectly fine.
But before you do any work as said earlier in the thread do a divination on the subject.
If you feel you need the circle as protection to work with a special entity then mayby try an entity that you dont feel you need protection from.
If love, lust, sex is what you seek then Venus and Freja might be good choices with no need for protection(;


Well I won’t use a circle or triangle . I honestly don’t wanna do the whole Venus and Freja thing .

I was told that demons appraciate a black hexagram, you could begin with one made from ordinary card and them if you like the system, move up to something different?

You don’t NEED a circle or triangle, but they can be helpful to assist your mind in entering a state where symbols affect reality, and some items (such as the Universal Circle) are powerful tools, “actors” in their own right in the enacting of magickal changes (evocation is a change to the natural order of things, changing reality to confiorm to will is also just such a change).

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Blood And Sexual Fluids Would be useful

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To create a link ?

yes to charge his sigil then place that into the circle

Okay well I have decided i won’t use a circle . Can I put my sperm on the sigil and go on from there ?

Haha Sorry about that i ment to say use the circle and place the energized consecrated sigil into the triangle

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Hi Knight I seen your reply on the demon triangle. I’m wondering… I’ve been reading and am looking to summon a demon to help me with a issue. I read and some say you need a circle and triangle and the book I’m reading now says I don’t. What is your advice on the issue? Secondly I seen what you said about the Works of darkness… do you know where I find that ritual?


Is the book titled “Evoking Eternity: Forbidden Rites of Evocation” ?

I’m in the process of ordering soon but just making sure this is the Evoking Eternity book you’re referring to?

Thanks in advance

Yes, that is the book I was referring to.

A circle and a triangle are only necessary if the system you are following uses them.

You can easily get confused, especially if you read a book on ceremonial magick, which talks about circles and triangles, and then read a book on the religious practice of demonolatry, which says not to use them because it’s offensive to the spirit.

My advice is always to find one system of magick that appeals to you and follow what it says. Once you become proficient in that system, then you can try the other ways of evocation, but master the basics first before jumping system to system.


Right. I believe that book is the last of several that I think I need considering EA is very knowledgeable. Already have 2, this’ll be my 3rd and from there on I’ll decide which system or approach I take.

I’m thinking of using a scrying mirror on my first summoning but I still have to figure out which would be easier for a beginner - invoking or evoking.

Edit: and yea I’ve stopped reading on the approach by S Connolly once you clarified it for me before. That was helpful.

Do i need Solomons triangle for summoning Sitri or Amon? Is it necessary?

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No, it is not necessary. There are many methods for summoning the demons of the Goetia besides the Solomonic.

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ok, good.
On some websites warn you about summoning Sitri or Amon without the triangle in place.

You can use the method in the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, or Goetia PAthworking by Corwin Hargrove, for example, with no need for a triangle or circle.

That sounds like people in the grimoire tradition. They warn against summoning anything without a circle or triangle.

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