What exactly is the process and point of making psi balls?

Seriously. How do we gauge any progress in doing this exercise, by at some point actually seeing color in between your hands?
Yes, I feel the energy tingle, faint but there.
But still, the point of it escapes me.

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The point is simply learning how to sense and manipulate chi. Once you have learned the basics of that, chi or “psi” balls can be left by the wayside, though it is kind of fun to throw them at random people and watch their reactions.

Chi balls can also be imprinted, or programmed, with intentions, and sent out to manifest.

Practice channelling energies into one and try to sense how each feels. Pore breath elemental Fire, for example, and condense it into a ball. See if you can feel the heat.


Awesome answers as always @DarkestKnight … thanks.

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This is the basis of some folks instruction on how to create thoughtforms.

But yeah, practice is the only way to get good at magick and energy working.

You can also use them as an energy cultivation tool, making them and then instead of dropping them, place them in lower Dan Tian.


I will keep this all in mind. I did find a good book on Qi Gong, and will go to the libraries in town that I can access, to see if they have more stuff on the shelves. Last I visited the main library, I saw that they has some occult books, stones and such … will have to pick those up as well.

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It’s a largely pointless activity that people indulge in because it’s flashy. If you can direct your will then you can do much more than just make a psyball therefore it’s redundant.
I’d learn how to meditate and then skip straight to something more legitimate like making constructs or working with spirits.

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guilty as charged

If you combine it with “magickal” techniques you can use it like “practical ritual magick manifestation.” I usually just use more “normal magick” for that, though, and energy work is more for increasing ability to sense spirits and spiritual phenomenon.

Way back in the day, when I’d be mowing the grass outside for hours on end in blistering heat, I’d sometimes attempt to manipulate my body temperature with my mind. I had no knowledge of magick or meditation, but thought that bald monk dudes were pretty cool. I distinctly remember once when I managed to create a lingering sensation of coldness despite being in direct sunlight at around 100 degrees F. There is also apparently a Tibetan practice called Tummo where you cultivate heat.

Other energy work experiences for me have included feeling elemental energy in a rather tangible way within and outside of my body. Regardless of “practical effect” (although this does really bring you more into spiritual communion), it is a way to strengthen a connection to spirits and to help you sense their reality. It is actually quite remarkable how possible it is to sense manifested spiritual energy formed in space around you, and there have been reports of highly skilled spiritual practitioners achieving group experiences where energy has been intentionally manifested in space in a specific form with specific colors that others were able to accurately perceive. These dudes were in highly cultivated states, and they already were extremely skilled practitioners going into that retreat, but it was presumably achieved.

If you’re just trying to get laid get paid then yeah there’s maybe other methods that are a bit easier to get working, but once you get to a certain point magick doesn’t have to be about just surviving and manifesting what you desperately need. You can begin to explore more deeply.

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You can use a psi ball to influence a person remotely. Just imagine the person/target doing or saying whatever you want as you allow the energy to flow through your hands and into the ball. Then physically toss the ball away, imagining it reaching the person you are wanting to influence. Repeat daily.

If I remember correctly, Charles Cosimano/Uncle Chuckie talks about psi balls and their uses in at least one of his books. I think it’s probably in “Elementary Psionics”, which you can download free from his website.

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