What exactly is the black sun?

Now before you tell me to go use the search button I’m just going to tell you that I just did and I’m still confused. Can someone explain to me what it is and what it’s supposed to do spiritual? I heard I very powerful and can be dangerous. Thank you.


from Azazel I get that it’s the infernal flame within the human soul aka darkness within and also a reference to saturn and serpent power also a nazi occult symbol meaning power



The Black Sun is one of those things that’s easier to explain to someone who experienced it, which is one sign that it is very powerful. It’s basically a kind of symbol of becoming and mystery. Some people believe the Black Sun = the “false” Qlipha Daath. I’ve seen others equate it with various other things like a hidden Chakra and an alchemically transformed soul. It’s a manifestation of the darkest and hidden energies that man is capable of, but it’s also a goal and a place. It’s a destination on a long road to becoming, and a place that will stay with you forever.


black sun found in nazi building also like I said from Azazel I get infernal darkness and serpent power dark even evil magick etc



The black sun is manifest and unmanifest spiritual potential, a liberating force that each of us hold within. But as @SabahSnoblod said, it’s also a place and a goal.


I get Saturn being the black sun every time I see it and I get it being a gateway of sorts


Saturn does have ties to the Black Sun. I think I read somewhere that Saturn is considered by some to be a “dead” sun.


saturn was once our sun and was worshiped as a god



Allow myself to share some knowledge with you all, which comes primarily from personal experience. When I’ve worked with the Black Sun, it is, as we all know, nothing like Sol. It’s a flip side, in a sense. If Sol is life and vigor, the Black Sun is decay. Now, Saturn’s energy is limitations, banishing, binding, death/decay, authority, power (in a sense).

Being a Necromancer, I’ve tapped into both. They do resonate with one another and are powerful sources to tap into for Death Magick (not just death curses, death magick entails more). It is potential in ignition. The true nature of man. Transcendent. Destruction, as a prelude to creation. Void, or rather an aspect to or relating to such energy. Death.

When one walks into a ritual involving the Black Sun, they don’t walk out the same. If there isn’t some form of change, either immediate or over time, something is wrong.


I don’t know if it is the same “reality” but it does exist a Black Sun which is the male aspect of Lilith. In her/him, negative (Black Moon) and positive are expressed in their purity: - (-) and + (+), as opposed to the world commonly known and experienced. This holds the mystery of a possible static life.


Any good occult books on utilizing this symbol? I keep only finding Nazi history stuff lol

I have seen the Black Sun as a gateway. After seeing it a few times, I saw through it. I asked on here if anyone else had ever seen what lies beyond the black sun, but I got no replies, so all I can tell you from my experience is that it’s a gateway.


The Nazis were an occult organisation that co-opted this ancient symbol. Check out Robert Sephyr, I’m loving his work uncovering ancient mysteries. Here’s his info on the black sun from an historical and multi-cultural perspective:


So I read and internet is replete with articles saying Saturn was black sun and worshipped as god once… a lot of noise.

No one knows the truth.


It was interesting for a historical lesson, but no magickal knowledge

And here’s the one I was thinking of - evidence linking the swatstika, black sun, wheel of the year and serpent:
Skip to 27.70 to see images of swatstikas and at 29.20: “Zeirscheiben” which were used as brooches and sword belt mounts, possible after the symbolism was forgotten but this video links it to the black sun and world snakes from orobouros, to jormungandr to quetzalcoatl (sp?).

29:20 image:

27:50 image:



My point was that not everything is nazi related, since their use is very recent and didn’t add anything new that I know of, and by knowing where it comes from, and the many ways traditions branched off from it, you have the leads for further research.

Try 19:00 - 21:15, quotes Crowley and the Kabbalah and continues to explain what be meant, going on to link the energy of the black sun to dark matter, unmanifest potential, the universal first matter of alchemists “absent nowhere”, etc etc. Info in this is literally everywhere. You just have to have the eyes to see it.


And I suppose I shouldn’t just assume people have all seen this - EA’s Black Sun meditation, where he explains it from the perspective of a black mage and there’s a pre-defined magikal application for you @Mapachtli :

And Lucifer-Amaymon is revealed the Black Sun - so you could try working with that aspect as well:



man that symbol kind of drew me in. very weird I son’t think I have seen it before

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