What exactly are the Gatekeepers?

Hello everyone. I’m new here, and I specifically came to get a question of mine answered, something I haven’t been able to get a clear answer to. I’ve been working with the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers for about a year now, and I have never gotten a clear answer as to what exactly they are. I tried to ask Azazel, and he said something along the lines of “We are the primordial aspects of all humans in the abyss that exists before one of you is born.” And Belial (I think) told me that they are aspects of the great serpent (who’s name I will not show out of respect, if you know, you know), and that the serpent itself is the higher archetype of our species but at the same time is primordial. It just confuses me and I ask anyone who works with the Nine if they could provide an explanation.



Demons viewed as Gods by those who work with them who are suppose to help them achieve ascent into ‘godhood’ however the list of who is a gatekeeper is dependent on the individual as far as I’ve come to see here. So there being a who and what are they is no single truth. As my time with Azazel he doesn’t really all that much tie himself to the others or as an aspect with the others.


Azazel kind of hinted at that I think. Saying he was primordial and a part of our species in the same sentence, implying that there is no one true answer. I always thought of the Gatekeepers in accordance to what they told me in various evocations, that their original selves are sort of these dark archetypal figures that manifest as gods to humans, and that they only call themselves what they do now because those are the names that are popular. So while one of them manifests as Azazel, Azazel himself is not the same as his source… thing. Idk if they’re spirits or what but that’s what I’ve gathered,



This might be useful to you but I’m not 100% sure.

the spirit doesn’t want to be called upon?

I’ve seen that. They have told me that they have manifested as gods in ancient cultures, an they even told me what they were originally gods of. Belial for example said he usually manifested as gods of the earth and of vegetation and nature and stuff like that.

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I honestly don’t even know if it a spirit mate. It’s so incredibly powerful.

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I’ve had something like this mentioned that I’d probably keep out of public lol. So it’s a probability.

As for the serpent I’ve heard some claim the name Satalos but I’ve never heard the name mentioned by Azazel or Belial so I assume it’s still depends on the individual who have chose to create that hierarchy.


yes i had satolas in my mind as well

Satolas according to my gnosis is the dark serpent and the nine gatekeepers combined as a metagod.


Satolas was described as having nine heads (the gatekeepers) and the body of a black dragon (the ancient dark serpent)


Some things are really important to them and never give out who are what they to anyone. They like secrets.


I mean ancient pagans as far back as the Paleolithic knew what they were. I don’t see why they would want to keep those old identities secrets nowadays.

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Some things they kept from them told me “we give away the bread but we keep the secret sauce a secret”

So what do you think? Do you lean towards them being primordial or a part of our species?

Of course, but doesn’t mean Azazel follows the connection people gave him lol. My bond with Azazel expands for years and time prior to this life. In my UPG and SPG Azazel was never the type to cram himself into a group but more let people put him where they choose to lol he’s even somewhat of a troll if he wants to be.

But my point being they not speaking of it has nothing to do with secrets lol

It’s more of a matter of if it matters to them or matters to the own individual.


Still, when working with some very old aspects of the Gatekeepers, I always come across a fiery sort of fighter deity that has energy resembling Azazel. Azazel himself is a Jewish demon, and is not the same as his source.

I do believe Azazel to be a Deity, personally just not all of them. When I meet Azazel i am usually aware of his shifting his energy to suit the situation he has in mind.

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I misread that, but some things don’t have name that people use.

I’m kind off today.