What exactly are demons?

Ok so this is an interesting dilemma that was brought up and I wanted to see more opinions.

Someone on a witch chat, was asking about demons. And I explained that some were fallen angels (like the goetia and some not in the goetia) that were worshipped as gods. Someone else showed up and said they’re not and this the view of those following christian beliefs and that angels cannot change and become demons (which I never claimed that was the case). But I questioned it saying that this is the general consensus from what Ive seen from well known demonolators working with them for years and told them that no one is saying that angels when they fall become demons. Just that some well known demons like those from the goetia and some others are fallen angels, were worshipped as gods, and now known as demons. But they havent changed to become entirely different entities.

Whats interesting about this, is that there can only be one person thats right or wrong. Either that I’m right and theyre misguided, or I’m misguided and theyre right. Whatever you believe is true please explain it and if you agree with that person can you explain it? Because they told me they can’t explain it after I told them that I’m not saying they become entirely different beings. I’m not trying to troll or cause problems. Just looking for explanation for my confusion.


In my opinion demons are a race of beings in terms of a general sense, while they also have their own species within their race. The Goetia being demons but also sometimes confused as Gods due to human connecting them, due to religion demonizing existing Gods. However, I do agree some demons are fallen angels, but not in the sense that they fall and instantly become demons, but fall and choose to become demons by whatever or however the demon species/race came into be/created/, however, you believe demons came to be. Although, when I have experience with demons I usually ask what type of demon they are and if they’re born one or became/turned one to avoid any stepping on toes, most of my contact with them are in terms of projection. (not astral as my view on it is different from others.)


Demons are not “fallen” angels. That is, in fact, religous propaganda. It amazes me how many people on the LHP who love to denigrate the Judeo-Christian mythology will actually repeat that mythology.

In my experience, angels and demons are each distinct beings in their own right.

As for demons being ancient gods, there is zero historical basis for that assertion, beyond a few references in, surprise, surprise, the Christian bible, that mentions B’al as a Caananite storm god.


Then Then can you explain what yoou believe demons to be?

Makes sense and I agree.

Demons are demons. They are a distinct species. It’s really as simple as that. Why do they have to be anything else?

Humans are humans, angels are angels, gods are gods, demons are demons, and deer are deer. In the vastness of the multiverse, i think it is downright silly to think that demons have to be fallen angels or ancient gods, and not something else entirely.


Your opinion on this is somewhat unpopular from what I’ve seen. Do you read books or your demons and just your experience in general led you to this conclusion?

I agree with this however, it’s kind of noted that the Goetia are in some cases demonized Gods due to religious views. The Goetia Amon, Sitri, and so forth are usually considered Amon Ra, Set, etc due to the demonization of them. As for the fallen angels, I do believe a fallen angel is just that a fallen angel but I do believe some fallen angels could decide to become demons however way the possibility exists beyond our plane.

they are ancient beings, omnipotent consciousness, trying to explain or understand them in regular words wont be enough


“K so I hope this doesn’t like scare anyone but angels & demons for what my kind calls us all that includes succubi, shadow ppl, skin walkers, devil’s, angels etc. Alot of them from the astral plane call us Astral races we have no bodies and are in the astral plane some say the Astral races are older than the physical ones beings like humans, grey and green aliens, lizard men they are all physical races, and are alot younger because the astrals created the physicals but like this is all theory and legend in my plane so like not sure how true it is, but I hope this adds to the discussion :smile: and some extra examples some astrals have no free will Succubi do just like humans but some have none and are bound to one being and serve only them and are physically unable to think for themselves, but I’ve only met a few other beings, the rest I just hear being talked about but you know, anyways I hope this helped and added to something. Beings I’ve met or ran into are shadow beings, a skin walker one time, and a Angel” -Macy


Although I believe shadow people would fit more under elementals given they are embodiments of an elemental energy just as fire, water, earth, air, and other spiritual elements.

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“Yea but they still count as an astral since all those elemental energies are in the Astral plane anyways l, and I forgot to mention that physical beings can become astral beings in the end of course, but alot of physicals get lost and sometimes get captured by an astral and become a slave spirit, but most of the time they go to the right place though.” -Macy

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The astral plane is only one of the additional dimensions they permeate.

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Personally I view the astral as a plane that touches down on home of thoughtforms rather than real entities but that’s just my own view/experiences with that plane as opposed to other planes. Each with their own spectrum of density/vibrations, but still staying in the astral spectrum where fears, desires, thoughts, and so forth are free to manifest on a whim or with intention.

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“just to clarify it felt to you that the astral plane feels like it’s all over the place and really has no solid plane correct?” -Macy

More like it is a solid plane, however, what’s inside is every changing but some places within it are a bit more dense than other places within it, but at the bare bone of it thoughts, fears, imagination, desires are able to manifest due to it having little to no limitation on what the mind can affect.

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“K so that can be explained so hii I am a succubus and the reason it feels like that is because like you said it’s always changing because the astral plane is kinda like a network many different parts, the more dense parts could be private planes within it or a place where energy build s and builds and builds for so long it get trapped, but like you said the plan is solid but it’s always changing due to what beings can do in it I basically made my own perfect world in my private plane, like when I was saying astral I kinda was just talking in general, but you are right the plane I am from doesn’t always play by the rules you know?” -Macy

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Because Christianity took over most of the known world, people have to justify their worship of and dealings with, demons in some way, so they came up with the concept of “masks.” By reducing all demons down to the mask of something else, they can sidestep their cultural biases and deal with the cognitive dissonance that tells them demons are “bad.”

It is interesting to note, that Christianity is not the only religion that has demons, though. Hinduism has the Asuras, beings equal in power to the gods, but who are more power hungry and lusty compared to the more elevated Devas. Greek mythology has the Titans, vast primordial beings who were seen as Chaos personified, and had to be “conquered” by the gods, representing Order, to create the universe.

In the Book of Azazel, by EA Koetting, Azazel, when talking about his kind, says “If we all stood upon the earth, our numbers would block out the sun.” I think it is ridiculous to reduce demons down to something else.

In my opinion, angels can’t fall. That concept comes directly from Christianity.


Yeah, it seems like you’re talking about the idea of pocket realms or in some views “demi realms” which are smaller realms within larger realms, or folds in the space of the existing realm that the creator of it has total control of what exists inside of it.


I always connected “fall” to the idea of leaving home, or disconnecting themselves from their creator, I do agree of the concept they don’t exactly fall but simply cut their ties to their creator.