What exactly are demons?

What exactly are demons? Demons are incorporate beings. What demons are composed of is unknown. They are an energy form that can change at will. Demons are not fallen angels but were created when the earth was formed and are a petranatural force of nature. They are not gods as they can not create life, but they do have the power to enhance life or harm life.

Myths and legends abound regarding the demonic, witchcraft and the occult. Many ancient, ferility gods and other pagan deitys from the Middle East were later demonized after the Jewish and Xian faith took hold to discredit the various deitys of there past.

Demons are a force of nature not gods or fallen angels but are worshipped as deitys as they can effect significant change on the human mind and certain events, either to enhace or destroy what has already been created.


That doesnt really explain anything.

Please explain where you got your initial information from.

Daemon just means powerful entity its a really generic term

I’m sure everyone is going to have their own opinions on this and that’s perfectly ok. This is only mine.

There are multiple perspectives to this and which one you go with is just going to have to make the most sense to you in order to help you make the most of your astral journeys or rituals etc

Based on my research the farther you backtrack within the use of our language

Demon coming from greek once meant a “lesser nature spirit” they were supposed to be below the gods neither evil nor good but capable of either

This can get confusing considering that many gods are also nature spirits

Within christian mythology yes pre christian gods from multiple cultures did get absorbed into demon mythology it only takes a little bit of research on an individual demon such as Abaddon or Ishtar to confirm this

I personally disregard the christian perspective on these entities and instead focus on what pre christian followers may have said of them and then I ultimately go with my own experiences on the spirit but I do feel pre christian sources prepares me better for what I might deal with

I then categorize the spirit based on what they show me themselves

That’s just my personal method for working with any spirit and for me it works

Also if you want to do more research looking into greek philosophy helps show how the word demon became morphed over time and all the various ways it was used so then you have specific sources you can pull from if someone really wants to challenge you on it

For example at one point the difference between angel or demon was that demons were mortal angels were immortal and then later it became thought of as demons were fallen angels or bad and angels were still good

I find the very last classification to be the most subjective and kind of idiotic but unfortunately it is the one that is most popular at the moment. The angels have their darksides too they have not suddenly become cuddly teddy bears just because most christians would like to think so that’s not even close to what their own bible says about them

Personally I think less about good or evil and have more of an animistic approach


But my post does explain everything and quite succinctly I may add. DarkestKnight and SpaceStranger give excellent explainations and posts give even more detail, if you still dont get it theres always google.

Not really. Theyre all vague to he honest And google wont be any helpful. Its just more contradictory opinions. Which is not what Im looking for. I should search for my own truth, it was interesting hearing everyone’s thoughts though.

I was not brought up in religion, so, other than horror movies and novels, I had no preconceptions regarding what demons are.

Then I got my hands on a copy of EA Koetting’s book Works of Darkness, and started evoking them for myself. That is mainly where my initial information came from.

Over the course of almost twenty years of evoking demons and angels, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are each a similar, but separate, class of being.

I know the word “demon” is etymologically derived from the Greek word “daemon,” (which means “guiding or helpful spirit,”) but I don’t have a better term for them so that’s what I call them. I don’t refer to them as “ancient gods” like some people do simply because there is no evidence they were ever worshipped as such (except for a few, such as Ba’al) and my experience of various godforms has shown me that they are not similar.

So I’m perfectly fine with using the terms angel, demon, and god.

I always thought not “fall” exactly but more jump. As to quit a job. They didn’t like where the company was headed so they made a change. Although, not all. Just those who identify as having once been angelic or shall we say, in the employ of the god of Abrahamic tradition.
Just as all humans don’t come from the same place, or have the same beginnings- likewise, they have diverse beginnings. I do agree that calling them all “fallen angels” seems… rude, at best. Just my thoughts.

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You’ll get different answers to this question for decades :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the definition of Demons or understanding what/who they are, depends on which tradition you decide to adopt first, as a reference or source. If you will consider all traditions then you will get all kinds of answers, many contradicting beliefs and countless opinions. You will end up more lost than you started.

I personally believe and follow the Jewish tradition that views Angels and Demons as equal powers of one God/source/all. And this is the only reason - that makes sense to me - for them helping humans. All other explanations in my opinion are wishes and fantasy, made-up to satisfy the human ego and feed the ignorance of people with anything that tastes good enough for them to accept as a “fact”.

Is this opinion or point of view true? Yes it is, within the Jewish tradition. According to Christianity or any other belief, it is not. That’s why I suggested you choose a tradition or belief system first. Where those beings exist.

Does that mean they don’t have independent existence outside those religions and tradition? I believe they do. But when we are dealing with them, we need to use that as a tool, even if they don’t. At least until we have scientific method of analyzing and understanding the nature of spirits that would provide specific answer to such question. I hope I’m making sense to you.


I never followed a religion or traditions view of them, I kind of just started getting into occult through practice rather than text and stumbled on a few experiences with incubus/succubus, and other demon species. It wasn’t until after that I started doing some research.

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I think it doesnt matter what they are,but do they help us or not ?


I wouldn’t say “us” but I am sure they help those who they feel like helping for whatever reason or not.

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I believe about every fantasy creature exists in multiple mythologies and cultures. Vampires, goblins, fairies, dragons, ogres, dwarves, ect. Each culture having their own variation. When it comes to demons and angels, its usually angels are the beings that serve the gods; meleks, nymphs, deva, whatever. Because the gods aren’t always good, some worse than others (adonai), their servants are sometimes sent to do some deplorable things. Where as there are beings that serve the gods, there also beings who oppose the gods. In some myths, they’re inherently evil. In others, the gods intermingle with them. It’s complicated, I know.

I define demons as infernal trickster spirits. They aren’t all evil just as gods aren’t all good. Just as gods work to maintain order, demons create change. This does put them in opposition with the gods. But because two sides fight does not mean one is good and one is evil. Look at democrats and republicans, liberals vs conservatives. I don’t get into politics too often. I can’t stand them both, but I’d take the democrats over republicans, but not with absolute trust. So just as we don’t have to take sides in politics (we all have our beliefs of right and wrong and our own self interests to concern), we don’t need to take sides between order and change.

Christianity is a fear oriented religion that often times places things in extreme moral polarities. There’s a whole history to it, how it conquered other civilizations, and how it came to be what it is. The word Angel comes from the greek word, Angelos, meaning messenger or agent. As in a spirit that serves the divine. The word demon comes from Daemon, meaning spirit replete with wisdom. In Christian mythology, if it doesn’t serve God, its evil. Plain and simple. It’s the most primitive of human nature. If it’s different or able to challenge me, it’s evil. That’s it. So to trust a Christian on spiritual matters is much like asking steroid user how to build muscle.

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What most people today consider demons are indeed rogue former angels.

The human (especially Faustian-Western) impulse to categorize, rank, and differentiate may be futile when considering entities.

Obviously generalizations can be made, but if these beings are existing on a different dimension, they can be multiple things at once.

Also, most people agree they do not experience time, at least linear time. So, if some demon x, was once some god y, it means these two things always existed and they share a collective conciousness, whose difference is perceived by the magician.

They literally may not be able to even express to us their full makeup and rank in relation to others, because we can’t comprehend. It would maybe be like some high form of geometry.

The human thought projected on them can also be a factor, not only in the sense of a false egregore, but also additions to their real ‘persons’. Like, if some of these spirits just fundamentally are a conscious expression of some emotion or phenomenon (like love), the stories humans tell about them could become psychological gateways, which the spirit becomes identified with.

So even if the ‘Fallen Angels’ did not fall, this could explain why experienced people on this site receive Abrahamic-like gnosis on this subject.

Whatever the case, the human mind probably plays a role here, and they also may not fully comprehend us.

I think the best way to approach the occult is viewing everything as a stage performance and having a sense of humor.

When a demon starts telling you allegorical stories of itself it may be some impromptu off the cuff shit never to be said again. And your own mind probably plays a role.

But since they don’t experience time, is it an eternal assertion or truth?

But, you experience time :sweat_smile:


in my view and through my religion the gods and demons not so much different they are just the sons and daughters of supremgod but they are created by same god


I don’t believe anything is omnipresent, however there is in energy work a way to have multiple projections around and about at the same time, feeding information to you all at the same time or whichever one you syphon information from first. So it’s a possibility of Nigh Omnipresence, just not infinite omnipresence.

To me, they are spirits of great knowledge. Stemming from the root of the Greek word Daimon meaning “Spirit of Knowledge”