What entities would be good for help with mental illness and spiritual/mental blocks?


I am new to the magick world and wanted to ask about what entity you know of that could possibly help me out. (if there is one)
I have ptsd/anxiety and depression that has been holding me back in every aspect of my life. It’s created huge creative/emotional/mental blocks. I am an empath with a very strong intuition normally, but with these blockages I’ve been dull. I have sought help through traditional methods for years and its not really working so I wanted to see if there is some outside help I could get with this. I have read a lot about Lucifer as he is quite the fan favorite but from what I read about his intensity, I don’t think I’m ready for that. I’m fragile af right now so I dont want to be slapped in the face with everything, kinda just spiritually hugged lol. Please let me know your thoughts/ experiences.

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I’d advise you to summon Marbas and ask him to help you with your problems (you could also summon Raphael so both of them work on you, both of them are very powerful healers).

Marbas is veery patient and understanding

That, combined with 2 hours of deep meditation each day have helped me, but you do need to take meditation seriously to achieve fast and lasting results… From my experience at least

I’m also dealing with anxiety and depression

:joy: whoever said marbas was patient? Sure he helps but he’s the most impatient spirit i’ve met so far.

Kept wanting to hurry up and he scratched me when I wasn’t 100% focused. Called most of it a waste of his time.

He’s good but I wouldn’t go into it 100% thinking he’ll hold your hand. He wont.

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OP here!
It’s funny that I was just asking about this and then i remembered: I met my spirit guide before. She was a beautiful angel and I heard her name as “Anabelle”. After some time i brushed this off as my own imagination as there is no angel named Anabelle. Last night I was watching some youtube video about clairaudience and she mentioned that words and names are often misheard as a word that sounds very similar. ex Jane, Loraine. That led me to look for an angel with a similar name and then i found Aniel (Haniel). When I saw a picture I got chills because it was her!!! I asked if this was indeed her and she confirmed and said she would help me.

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