What else must I do?

I am trying to get the word out about my apps but I’m not having any success . I asked Duke Dantalion, King Paimon and Prince Orobas to help me get more users for my apps . After being told I have to put in the work to I am constantly trying to the best of my advantage . I am promoting on social media and I paid two websites to feature my apps but nothing is bringing in more users . Do I need to step back and let them handle it ?


I have a really short (but successful) experience working with demons, and I do think you have to give it time for them to work. Just be patient, go on with your things and when you least expect something will happen. Just try to “forget” about your request to them because this could slow you down (AKA. the more you think about it, the more doubt you’ll have and faith is a precious thing).

Good luck! :slight_smile:


So should I keep trying to promote my apps or just leave it to them ?

They did tell you to do some work too… Can’t just expect them to everything… Put the effort, it will make them want to help more :slight_smile:


Are your apps any good? Do they need to be improved?
What is the market? What have you done to research the market?
Is the price appropriate? Is there a limited feature sample?
What interface does it have, are there glaring spelling mistakes?

Have you simply created an app and set it loose?
Have you user tested it? How does it perform client side?
Does it need to be continuously connected to a server to work?


Answer to all of your question lies in the below book.

Financial Sorcery - Jason Miller


as @KingOfHearts616 said, you too, have to work for it. They aren’t your slaves! But they do help. Keep working hard mate!


William Deming

Plan - what is you will do
Do - create
Check - test on a user base and release
Act - act upon results - Rinse and repeat ad nauseum…


There is sometimes a fine line between acting in accordance and obsessive action. I would not be idle, but at the same time don’t stick so many fingers into so many pies that you get in their way.

Just a thought that popped into my head while reading: Is this your debut into the app market, and are you charging for it? If this is the case, then perhaps consider giving an app or two freely, or at least make a free version with an upgrade available for an appropriate charge.

The worldly trifecta is money, status (fame/notoriety fall into this) and power. All three of these things are nothing more than measures of influence and devotion; your ability to compel or inspire the expenditure of time, devotion or energy of another.

If nobody has ever heard of you or used your apps before, and you can’t force yourself into the market via a costly ad campaign, then there is little reason for anyone to send money or attention to you, is there? Give them something for free and let them find value in your efforts. Then they will actively seek what you have to offer and give you what you want freely. It’s an interesting transitional cycle if you can get it going.

Also consider market saturation, relevancy or demand of the tech in your market, and as this is an endeavor you are creating for yourself I would suggest beginning a relationship with Lord Clauneck. At the very least you may want to hear his thoughts on the matter.

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No both of them are free

So should I keep promoting on social media or not ?

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You should continue working on it. Also, King Paimon takes things slow, he is a great strategist and he will wait for the best time possible to help you. As for Dantalion, I never got results so I don’t know if he can help or not.

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Don’t stop promoting. Bune works wonders for this as well.

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Yea I asked her and Clauneck to bring me in money from the apps . But I think I need some users first

Depends. If you are reaching your target market, then yes, absolutely.

Then you have to analyze why they are not being used, or why people are not becoming aware of it’s use. The answer could be as simple as how you are presenting it. I don’t know anything about it, which is why I suggested Lord Clauneck for a “consultation”.

I mean, a pretty solid start would be to tell us what they are called so we can try them and give feed back… Just saying

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So you are giving them away - right. So what are you getting back?

Also perception - free, what is your perception when you see an app that costs $20 and one that is free? Which one is better, which one has more work put into it?

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Ad revenue is possible

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I’m just showing ads in them to bring revenue