What does "White Magick" mean?

Hopefully you can learn to have a thicker skin in that case.

Can you please show me where I told you that you couldn’t comment? What I said was if you want a discussion on a topic, you may have more luck with newer threads.

Or do you think it’s rude my opinions differs from yours?

Add: I see you’ve edited your post. We simply have different views I guess.

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Reiki is DEFINATELY not self serving. What do they get out of it. They heal other people for a really small price or even free when they could spend their time being selfish and making more money doing something else, and no you didn’t but you indirectly made me feel like I shouldn’t be commenting! I can comment where I like it you don’t like it don’t reply

Hi I just want to put my 2 cents in. Reiki is very much self serving, as in they charge you for healing (you said so yourself) putting bread in the table is a form of self serving. Just to be clear I’m not against them charging for what they do.
On another note have you ever worked with the goetics? You may be fathomed that some goetic spirits are very talented at healing and some of them really enjoy healing more than doing baneful magick.

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Mine charges not much at all! I can think of 100s of businesses they could make 50x the turnover they do, and I’ve met some who even give it free. And I don’t belive they actually charge for the healing. it’s more their time, environment they have created (salon or room or whatever)

I can actually see your point, however if they weren’t self serving they wouldn’t charge at all, but hey it as it is and a person has got to make a living so it’s all good. I also know quite a few of LHP practitioners that do pro bono work, and guess what? Some are even in this forum, so just because a reiki master doesn’t charge remember there are 2 sides of the fence.

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Also I almost forgot some of the goetics also are excellent for practitioners that have trauma, PTSD etc. They help out those who have issues some even help with drug addiction! As a believer in magick and in the spiritual realm we must not make everything so black and white, sometimes there is middle ground between LHP and RHP maybe a gray area if you will!
Anyways, I hope you find what you are looking for in this forum, for this a a great place to learn, and also to debate one’s points of view (with respect that is) so I wish you well and again hope you find that which you seek!

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They need to cover their expenses to be able to heal people, my reiki practioner rents a room in a salon and pays that weekly, she has a massage chair that she needs to claw back the money back for, her time. Her clients help her by paying her to be able to carry on being in a position to invite them to a space where they can carry out the session. My reiki practitioner doesn’t have much value for money, she uses it to be able to keep healing people and then any extra she enjoys it for spa days, treats etc. Black magicians on the other hand take it to another level and practise wealth magick etc to serve themselves only and are on higher levels and in more lucrative industries

Interesting idea. One I disagree with in extreme. In fact, aside from using “black magick” as a keyword to find curses or intimidate Love & Light folks, I never use the term. I find coloring of magick nauseating. The only distinction that can be made is personal and often ties in with how moral a person would like to present themselves.

You’re opinion is interesting, but certainly not a fact.

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I just realized that I myself am a LHP magician, and I just came to the realization that actually I have never done curses, money magick, lust magick (although I do want to try that but think that my SO would not appreciate it). Mainly my practices is self growth and healing, so I might be the exception to the rule. Either that or I am not sufficiently emerged in the LHP.


What term do you prefer then for love lust wealth and hex magick then ? It’s on the darker side of the craft so I’m happy to call it black magick I don’t see a problem with that

Again, your opinion. Not mine. I don’t have to have an umbrella term for it.

Congratulations! As I told you, that’s your opinion. I’m of the opinion that people should aspire not to have problems against their own opinions.

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So what you trying to get out of telling me you have a problem with calling it black magick , what you trying to achieve?:see_no_evil:

My last reply. You asked me a question and I answered it.

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@Lovewitch Ok. Old or not, this thread has activated and I’m hoping it doesn’t count down to 0 and go boom but I’ll give my view anyhow

All magick is self serving because the doer aka the magickian aka the mage gets something out of doing it. Whether it’s money or the satisfaction of helping someone.

Now as to white and black magick that’s a fairly easy one to define if you go to the traditional

Traditionally white magick is magick that does no harm to others and traditionally black magick is magick that does harm whether by casting curse or by trying to override a persons free will in the case of love magick.

I’m inclined to class all magick as grey since you don’t know how your magick will affect an unknown person or future event.

To put it into other words, The short of it magick is self serving because you do it to achieve a result that makes you feel good or gets you something and the good or bad of it in other words the black or white of it is a combination of motive interpretation and result and therefore it’s all in you and how you perceive it. It’s not an external this is good that is bad because that is a judgement you make yourself and another persons perception may ne different from yours even when the situation is identical.

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That’s my opinion, but I really don’t think there is pure white or pure black magick. It’s just energy in the end of the day, and you are the one shaping it into something you want.

That’s an interesting thing to discuss actually. I don’t know how it works in different countries, but where I am, there is a real industry of what people would call “white magick”. Mediums, healers using a bunch of different techniques, magnetizers… you name it, we have everything here. A lot of them are just doing it for the money, some charging a really high price for their “gifts”, and some others that in reality, do not do anything, it’s just wind if you see what I mean.
And so on the other hand like you said, black magicians practicing wealth magick to serve themselves… well, I don’t know how both of them are any different.

But I see what you are trying to say, don’t worry. But the world is not black and white in my opinion.

Oh right! Nothing like that where I am. I know a lot of reiki practitioners who were actually in way more lucrative industries before they did reiki and made way more money before, but they chose the path to heal people. It depends what kind of magick the people you are talking about practise and conduct? If it includes darker side of the craft then i get how they can make their buisness a more self serving one as part of their own path is to build wealth. I’m talking about witches who are very much nowhere near black magick and only want to do things like reiki etc

The common (and famous) view of White Magic regards it as good and/or done for God, with His assistance. There are also interpretations where White Magic is the destructive creation, active/positive and static, representing what is visible and the macrocosm; or where it is neuter, corresponding to Mercury etc.
All of that has applications in practice: the magician wears a robe of that color to do a working e. g. for health or, in the second case, the clothing symbolizes his/her status of the wise who overcame a duality. In fact, besides theory and practice, white magic may also be a stage in a path of spiritual growth.

I have a book that states that white and black magick did not originally have moral connotations. Black magick originally was about changing the world around you. White magick was about changing yourself. Theurgy and Thaumaturgy.

I think white magick is the magick that is done by getting the help/using the powers of the spirits that originate/exist in light.

Just my thoughts, please do enlighten me if you think I’m mistaken.

Totally agree with what @Alahimavatara said

Magick isn’t good or bad, there’s no black magick or white magick

This was simply created to classify magical acts

White deals with consciousness and order representing light, it is masculine in nature, and is classified as healing, service to others, exorcism type stuff

And the black deals with more earthly and primal things, it is feminine and magnetic, so things regarding money, personal fulfillment, vengeance even more human stuff

You can’t be a good white magician without mastering black magick to a degree they go hand in hand…

People have this notion of black magick being bad, but it’s just as necessary, the purely white magicians I’ve met are on an angelic high horse and are very limited in terms of magical knowledge and consciousness, same goes pure rebellious black magicians

That is why it is called the LHP and RHP, you have to master both of your hands

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