What does "White Magick" mean?

If I use it to heal myself, is it still not self serving?

I’m not a reiki practitioner, but not everyone who uses what you call white magick uses their powers to serve anyone and everyone.

There’s no such thing as white=good and black=bad.
Darkness can heal, and light can destroy.

That’s quite the cliché though.


Well wealth magick is commonly known as Low Magick

High Magick and Low Magick are different categorizations than white and black magick

However they can go hand in hand, the problem with categories is, it’s been too over exaggerated, your very thoughts are magick, it’s just magick

Which thoughts or energies you have the most dominant determines which path you’re on naturally

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I have a book that says that “White Magick” is used to create internal change and “Black Magick” is used to create external change.

A magician’s wealth magic and a healer’s heal working to other people is not same thing. One of them gets for his/her self, other gives to other’s self.

Every living being feels pain and joy according to its capacity. It is also an objective thing. We are just cannot expressing our subjective experience with current language fully. And some more clever people use this “subjectivity” lie to harm others.

I wasn’t thinking of wealth I was thinking of done thing less tangible specifically pleasure, satisfaction (and maybe pride over their magic).

By subjective I was specifically suggesting moral judgements are subjective like “it’s wrong to steal but if your in a country with no social programs like welfare and no food banks and your baby is starving to death and done rich f’er has food but you can’t afford it is it wrong to steal to save your baby’s life?”

@MagnumOpus You make good points but very little in life is straight forwards black or white because most of it depends on the circumstances surrounding it when it comes yo abstracts like moral judgements, and when both magicians get pleasure from doing what they do there’s little difference whether a white magickian gets pleasure from helping someone or a black magickian who gets pleasure from getting extra money to spend on themselves. Pleasure is pleasure regardless.

Anyhow, you’re welcome to your views so if you still disagree with mine let’s agree to disagree :slight_smile:

This is the main problem. Rich, powerful generally love the playing “everything is subjective” game. They dont want to look hunger of your child. I am saying the, this kind of system is esentially based on selfishness of a couple of people.

One’s well being is also important, I think. Love thy neighbour as thyself, you should love yourself firstly.
( Religious institutions are selfish state institutions, most of them have no right to suggest these advices to public )


I really don’t think that the debate is over White and Black Magic. I feel like this is really about the so called Black Mages. By all respects, I ‘could’ be called a Black Mage in that I do not answer to a Higher Power like “God”, but yet many of us are far, far different from someone that is a natural born psychopath (which means little) AND is also sadistic (which makes the difference). That would be two very distinct professing Black Mages.

I define as white magician someone who serves the soul outside of themselfes means others for his specific selfevolution.Challenging his ego in that way,to become universal aplicable in the most posible positive way. Most of such lifes are not or have not what we deem a long , physical pleasurable lifes at least for the real ones.By nature they are givers and servers. And seem to cultivate a humanistic,pacifistic,moral,and ethical worldview/lifestyle wich produces on the long run no big suffering for themselfes or others or is dominantly fokused upon reducing it.Also Detachment of common pleasures and the earthly life is most of the time a big part on theire journey at the higher stages or see this as temporary at the end. Most of the time they want to be absorbed by a god instead of absorbing one or becoming one. And are cultivating protection and discernment what is clean or unclean for them.Healing on all levels are a common practices for them. Unconditoned Love,Light,Equality,Justice,Peace, Harmony, are common buzzwords or practices they apply themselfes to.

I’ve always understood it as one being altruistic and the other to be selfish. There’s nothing wrong with either but yeah from my understanding white magic Vs black magic is one is not for the benefit of the caster whereas the latter is.

From my understanding since white magick is the masculine current it is about giving light to others and the world, it is service to others

While black magick is service to self because of its magnetic feminine nature, but they go hand in hand, there has to be a flow to have electromagnetic balance in your aura

Black magick deals with demonic integration and your personal world and white magick represents the angelic integration of your consciousness

They go hand in hand however That’s why ancient Egyptians didn’t differentiate between white and black magick, it’s all Heka

There just has to be balance, white magicians fight their own demonic nature and neglect their earthly existence and shame black magicians for doing what they shame themselves for, where as black magicians are fighting their shadow in the form of RHP because of the inherent segregation and demonization of selfish behavior, people have to understand there’s a balance just like a relationship, you have to give and recieve it’s very much the same when it comes to black and white magick

For your magick to work you have to be light and darkness, you have to be able balance yourself between the 2 pillars, people that get stuck in one path never get to God consciousness because they’re still operating as an aspect rather than the totality so they just get stuck in Daath and get ripped to pieces so they face their own polarity

But these terms for black and white is simply to compartmentalize magickal operations, they are human constructs

“White magick” is about faith, positive personality traits and their development, compassion, healing, protection