What does "White Magick" mean?


Another discussion that will reveal our unique & diverse perspectives:

According to what you know - from experience, from reading, from conversations with those around you-

What do you consider “WHITE MAGICk” to include? And, is it currently part of your personal bag of tricks?


Its interesting for several reasons to me - because it seems to me that white magick means to most people - doing something that does not harm another - and implies ethics and permission and disclosure of things that affect others, and approaching things in a non interfering way and being overall ‘above board’ and that goes with the grain of nature…

I find it rather dogmatic and restrictive in several senses- however it appears that it moves closer to a kind of wisdom to it and requires a kind of self control that may not be altogether a bad thing…

White magick to me is magick tempered with respect and the well being and best outcome with the least impact and least collateral damage as part and parcel and the outcome of an operation…

White magick is a front for evil as much as black magick is a front for good workings…

To answer the question without going into what I consider ethical or not white magick is said to be used for the bettering of oneself and those around them in a non harmful, non traumatising, positive loving way… which is more an ideal rather than a reality…

The art is in the result as much as in the execution, any kind of magick will require sacrifice to get right…


From experience I can say, the right path is often very dogmatic and
has a strong ethic codex. Spells on other people is working against the others
free will. Th motto is" to know in order to serve."

The training goes over five years mostly Kabbalah and the understanding of
the old myth. Every day magical work and the tasks are not easy.

The right path climbs the ladder up , the followers want to know who they are and try to raise their consciousness step by step. They go thru all the
process of alchemy to make their personal lead to gold. A very powerful initiation
is in the underworld. To break in pieces and to find the light in the darkness.


This is a good question, Zoe. White magick in my opinion really has more to do with merging with the divine light side and letting those powers work through you with the least harm to others as possible… it is respecting the powers of nature and other human beings, placing divine love above all other powers and becoming that endless light source. I think the progression goes like this… raised in strict religious family… wants to know more answers… goes to white magick as the rules of religion are still intimately connected to said person’s internal world and would feel guilty otherwise… eventually some shed the guilt or fear of rules and go onto darker practices… without the fear that they will be punished for doing so. What keeps a lot of lightworkers from going onto the darkside… the fact they think they will be punished… I know EA has talked about this and ideas of karma… love what he said about it being rather the attachment to things and our own ideas of what is good or bad snapping back on us… white magicians are more prone to believe this way and it can and it is a lot safer to do so. I always saw white magick as more focused on healing and nature… hope that answers the question, haha.

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Here are my two cents!

What is white magick and what is black magick?

To me, the former are the workings that benefit everyone, including people not directly involved in the working. The last one is when the only one that comes out with a benefit is the magician, having people suffering and this giving a direct benefit to the black magician.

What do you think?


[quote=“tania, post:6, topic:83”]Here are my two cents!

What is white magick and what is black magick?

To me, the former are the workings that benefit everyone, including people not directly involved in the working. The last one is when the only one that comes out with a benefit is the magician, having people suffering and this giving a direct benefit to the black magician.

What do you think?[/quote]

I think you’ve landed on that subtle yet important distinction that delineates the difference between 'dark & ‘black’ in the latter part of your answer. Having said that, I think there’s much more Beneficial (or benevolent, if you will) Works done in the use of Dark Magick, that the true “white” magicians claim they would never touch! Makes me wonder about the principles & priorities of the white … :wink: Z


Personally I associate healing and protection with white magic, which can take many different forms.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m really uncomfortable with anything other than using magic for healing and protecting myself and others.


Zoe I think your question is about actions and outcomes as I percieve you to be a results driven kind of gal. I dont mean that in any way badly after all most people on this forum myself included want to move beyond belief into experience and action. But I think the question of Black and White, good and bad is dare I say a metaphysical and theological one.

Is there a benevolent God who created and oversees the Universe and who sees our destiny as realising our spiritual self and returning to him/her? If so White Magic is anything which helps that and that goal in others and Black is anything which distances us from our maker, or others in fulfilling their task of returning. And in that case a lot of people on this forum are in trouble ha

If the Universe is just a seething mass of forces and intelligences which somehow balence out - as i understand say the Tree of Life and inverse tree of the Qlippoth system to represent - but there is no overseeing benevolent God there, then Black and White are all relative, there is only force and form, and we all need to decide on our own version of reality.

I deliberately miss out the Gnostic idea that the world is owned by the Devil as thats still a Christianised belief of course.

For my own two cents worth. I believe acts which create energy or healing for ourselves or others is ‘White’. And acts which destroy or take energy from ourselves or others is ‘black.’ But I think the question of an ultimate deity is so beyond us as to be not worth bothering to conceptualise as our minds are completely unable to percieve it.


To me, quite simple, it’s the difference between the sheep and the goats. :wink:


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The Devil IS in the detail…


To me “white magic” is the true inner desire to see people and humanity enlightened, uplifted and liberated from oppression. It’s peace, and love and all that implies. It’s about using your power to see positive change take place in your life and in the lives around you. Healing, teaching, creation of wealth, finding love for yourself or those without it. I do not see it as soft, or weak, or powerless. I don’t see it as a tool of self oppression either. Too many people of traditional religion walking the RHP, have used self denial, and constraint of ones natural desires as a means to obtain spiritual power. It works, but I think it’s unnecessary. So no fasting, celibacy or denial of worldly pleasures for me. hehehe…I think an Angel or Archangel can be called to destroy your enemies as well, so long as you don’t make enemies with someone they deem as good. But I’m sure they would rain down fire on a city of called to do so for the right reasons. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


My definition of white magic is magic with an altruistic intent (regardless of whether altruism is technically possible or not).