What Does This Mean?

I’m curious to see if this sigil means anything to anyone here. If they’ve seen it before, know what it is and means, or even sense anything from it.

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I just have a feeling it’s combined with healing in some way feels like water as well besides that it’s really hard to tell me more.

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Looks a bit like Uriel’s sigil upside down. Not sure what the origin of these simple-looking sigils is though.

Also upside down could imply not Uriel but some sort of infernal counterpart, perhaps one of the gatekeepers with a correspondence also in the North… or South.


I do get that water is connected to it. I also feel it’s connected to Pluto

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This could be shown here as there is a single strat circle and in most of the sharp shapes such as triangles or diamonds… If these are archangels than whatever this belongs to would be of that caliber.

One of the four angels of harlotry and sacred prostitution?

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I agree, hence gatekeeper. I would start by looking for archdemons with the correspondences mentioned - water, North, pluto etc.
IMO, Archdemons are the same species as angels, they just have different opinions and values of order vs sovereignty. So you’re looking for something of the same type but with opposite views, hence archdemon vs archangel.

I don’t know what this system is that the simple shapes came from, but if it has more sigils maybe this one is even listed as it’s own entity.

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Could be, They’re are plenty of those in existence.


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Could just be that someone made up their own sigil? How was OP given the sigil? Seen via the mind, or found somewhere?

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Honestly, I would leave it to meditation on it and seeing what will happen, there are many beings so expect many sigils.


It’s a sigil made with the Rose Cross method. Print out an image of the Hebrew alphabet circle from the Rose Cross and you can backtrack from the sigil. The circle is the beginning of the sigil and the ending line is hidden in the line of the sigil itself.