What does one do if their Higher Self stops that person from being successful?

I ask because for some reason, my Higher Self seems to not want me to have sex with anyone, he said he wouldn’t hook something up and he says he will not step back if I do a ritual. He says because it is “Not for the good,” but shouldn’t I decide that. Or at least have a choice in the matter?

This is why I choose to ignore mine, in case for situations like this. If you want, can’t you claim sovereignty or something?

Although to be clear I don’t know if I have one…


disconnect yourself from it, the higher self is a separate entity from you but still connected to you. Disconnecting yourself from your higher self and being your own soul in my opinion real sovereignty. Sure one can come to an agreement with their higher self to allow more free space to do as you wish with your own soul rather than having something else green light or red light it.

I don’t have a higher self and I’m honestly glad about that because I hate the idea of having some higher entity halting me from doing something I want with my own path/soul.

Like a few people have said “your soul isn’t yours it belongs to your higher self” lol.

the way I define the higher self is a separate entity who forges your path and the direction it can go.

True self your soul that is yours even those who have a higher self have a true self but their true self is tied to their higher self, in my opinion similar to basically a fragment. Disconnect from the higher self and your soul ceases to be a fragment and starts to become it’s own being and whatever life strongly imprinted on said soul.


So the higher self is like the “parent soul”? In terms of someone’s soul “coming” from it?

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Not necessarily more like it’s the whole and you’re the fragment, either you’re the only fragment or one of many fragments.

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I see your higher self as a gps for your soul (car) of sorts and you are just a passenger for the ride , if you don’t feel called to have a purpose or anything specific just do what you want and ask for it to give you space , although it may block some of us out from things that would serve our ego , sometimes it takes us to better places than we could imagine


Then what’s the difference between that and a “spiritual parent”? Since I’ve heard both terms used.

A spiritual parent who your true self was born from, as in for example the spiritual parent of Set, Aset, Osiris, and Nephthys are Geb and Nuit.

theyre not fragments of their parents but rather actual children.

Now you can make a fragment your child if that’s the dynamic the higher self and you chose but otherwise you’re pretty much just a mini version of your higher self.

Then fragments don’t have spiritual parents or would their’s be where the HS came from? Since their just a mini version of the HS as you said.

they would in a way share the same spiritual parents as their higher self if it has one.

Only case they wouldnt is when the soul becomes it’s own being and becomes more aligned to one of its other lives then their essence would change to the intricacies of that life.

There are cases where disconnecting from the higher self doesnt change much and you are still the same as what your higher self is but as a different essence.

One example is when I met Amaterasu she fragmented her self and that fragment disconnected itself from her and became more like a sibling to her, it became the more masculine solar aspect to her feminine. Though they aren’t well known in mythology if at all like she is.

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How can I disconnect myself from it?


Could a HS have stopped/halted the soul transmutation by chance? Seems like they can be kinda a***'s. This thought came up to me…


I’m curious too.

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You have a link to your higher self just as you do to everyone around you. However, the link to the higher self runs deeper and much more noticeable when you meditate on your soul’s ties.

From there you use whatever means you know how to break it/cut the link be it a cord cutting ritual, energetically burning it, etc.

It’s capable of doing so yes.

After you cut cords with your higher self, it will leave you alone? Like wouldn’t try and contact you after or re-establish connection. Since I’m sure the cord cutting would have been noticable on both ends.

If you shared energy/essence…wouldn’t there still be a way to connect? Even if you technically “cut cords”?

It can’t re-establish something like that again without consent, and it would become incompatible as the fragment becomes its own core self.

It would be like trying to put a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong because both are their own individuals now. Even if they both share the same energy on the surface their core selves are different now.

Hmm okay.

I just figure that after cutting off connection, the HS would take notice and wonder what’s up or something. Which is why I asked about it trying to connect or contact said person. Guess not?

Although someone did mention that you can “rejoin” the HS…or least I think that was what was mentioned. Something about a fragment being able to rejoin but would become part of the entity again?

It could take notice but it can’t do anything about it as it is completely an external force. Worst case scenario is that it becomes a upset child that you don’t want to be part of it anymore, and it can be banished like any other external force.

That worst case scenario would be kinda funny imo. That would probably confirm I made the right choice in the first place lol, if that happened.

Either way, asking out of curiosity. Ive never worked with/around the HS concept as it really isn’t important to me. So all hypothetical.

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