What does King Paimon like?

I’ve recently figured out that the signs I’ve been getting could very well be the King himself getting my attention. I want to give him a sort of welcoming gift upon inviting him to an alter but I have no clue other than a reacurring thought about the color of velvet red.
If you have experience with him and know of any good ideas, I’m open to them!


You might want to try the forum search button. There is a lot of information on King Paimon and possible offerings for him on here.

Off the top of my head, he likes fruit, chocolate, red wine, and Mountain Dew. He also appreciates art done in his name.


Wine, mountain dew, tea in general and anything sweet that gives energy. Also, poetry is good, etc. You can search the forum for more info.


isnt it all about energy, ??

All the spirits do work for humans, they have to spend energy to do that. It would spirits highest priority to receive energy in some form so that I can sustain itself.


They do manipulate energies in order to do what the magus asked. But anything you offer has energy. Energy exists everywhere and it has many meanings. So, it doesn’t matter what you’ll offer as long as you choose it yourself and give it as an offering to the spirit’s name.


is it mandatory to offer something in return for the task?
or is it just customery?


Put yourself in the position of the spirit. Would you want a bunch of random humans coming around and asking you for free favors?


it depends on the person and the situation.

You should offer something. Except if your relationship with the spirit is really good and has lasted many lifetimes and it tells you that it’s okay not to. But you should offer something. It’s rude not to, or they may not even help you if you don’t, etc.

I mean, if you simply have a question, it’s okay not to offer anything. But when I make a pact, or I ask for something to happen, I do offer something.


Do you know if he is a day demon or night demon ( When to call him) ?
And, which direction to sit to summon him please?
thank u

It doesn’t matter. You can call upon King Paimon any time. I have done so at night, as well as in the middle of the afternoon with no problems.

According to the Goetia, his direction is West.

okay, and could you please suggest me a book where i can get the complete Guide, regarding their sigil’s, incense,direction,their powers,candles etc. ? is it the Ars Goetia? Or any other? And please also mention the author.I am very thankful.

I don’t think you need a book to get the complete guide, you can just search it up on this forum or on the internet. You’ll find some good information about him.



You are too worried about “getting everything perfect” before you do anything. As i said, none of that matters.

All you really need to make contact is the seal. Everything else is suplerfluous and is only for you not the spirit.

Information about all that non essential stuff can be found on this forum if you simply use the search bar.


okay i will do as you suggested… If i am doing love/obsession work on someone, do you think it will have greater results,after having sex with that person? Because in our case,we havent had sex yet. ( I guess he is shy ).