What does it mean when you see a demon sigil in your dream regularly?

every time i dream i see the same sigil it looked like the sigil of Lucifer.
when i wake up i only remember that sigil and clearly see it when i close my eyes.
what does it mean?


Hello there, @esmee!

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It can be possible that Lucifer try to call you, ask you to evoke, contact with Him. If you are new in magick, communicating via dreams is a good and clear option to both of you.



thanks for the quick reply i didn’t know what it means i’m still quite new to magick.

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hello timothy,

I will introduce myself I live in the Netherlands. I am 20 years old and my name is Elena.I am new with magic I first never dared to use magic or did it secretly when my parents were not at home.
only they found out.luckily they did not mind.I try to learn as much as possible about magick only every time I read I have more questions than answers.

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If you are seeing a sigil consistently in your dreams it could be a calling but it could be something as simple as you are really really wanting to communicate with this entity but scared to do it so it’s popping up in your dreams a lot.

Either way if you decide to commune with the entity in question there is plenty of information on how to go about it on this forum.

Welcome to the Become A Living God community :rose:

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