What does it mean if Angel Michael looks to me a child but to others a king like being?

Why is this? What do you think this could say about me?

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Honestly, nice question

If we live in asumption, thath archangel michael is “system/machine” of “god” he appearing to you as children, means that that previously mentioned “system/machine” of “god” would you like to update trough you on level of less serious level, like almost friendlike companionship…

no business, more like humanitarian relationship, maybe you as parent/higher aspect of him, maybe they sometimes needs this kind of time to balance themselfes…

i have heard lucifer makes same, see everyone operates on different vibration on our mechanical and/or thoughprocressing differs from eachother

It could very likely be your perception, I’ve always seen Michael as an adult except for times where he we had our good days and he let me soul dive him/see his memories growing up. However, other than that he looks like a man whose around his mid 30s and Gabriel often appears to me as a man, while I have seen his female form twice. Gabriel looks younger than Michael in appearance.

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