What does "Archaelus" mean?

What does “Archaelus” mean?

I know that this is the “real name of Koetting” and in the OAA is the emissary of the flames, the great initiator.

Before knowing this, talking to important entities such as Belial and Lucifer, they referred to me as “Arkhaelus” and then I saw that Koetting is called like that, especially by the OAA text.

Does anyone know the spiritual meaning of this?

Is it a “spiritual rank”? and I have not heard?

It’s the Greek word for “High Priest”


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Emm… No? What’s your source?


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Thing is, the first word “Arch-” does come from the word Archon which means master/ruler and arch- also means “to start”, “the first to”. But the second word -aelus…? No…?
There is “Archelaus”, “Archelon” and so on, but non of these words mean “High Priest”.
The actual ancient Greek word for High Priest is “Archiereus”

Probably E.A.'s name is a combination of…maybe Greek and Latin…? Greek and something else?


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Arhijerej is a title in orthodox faith and when we take a step back it originated from Archiereus.
MeneLAUS…king from the antics had LAUS and it means “people”…
Arch = “first…to start” + laus = “people”
We could add this one too to your initial explanation.

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Yes, -laus means “people” but -aelus means nothing. Unless he means Aeolus, which is…you know…the God and Keeper of Winds. Which again doesn’t mean “Priest” whatsoever.


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Another word that comes to mind is “άυλος” (aylos) which means “immaterial”. Long story short, Archaelus does not mean High Priest in Greek lol


E.A says it himself if I remember right.


Well E.A. must re-take his ancient Greek classes…


Interesting … because when I heard from Belial or Lucifer to call me what I interpret in a sonorous way as “Arkhaelus” maybe phonetically is closer to “aeolus” …

Then “Archaelus” would be an honorary title for someone who “keeps”?

I mean a kind of guardian?

According to E.A he says that the acronym of his name would be ERIC ARCHAELUS

Aeolus means the one who “moves fast”, someone “swift”.

Since you mentioned Lucifer… There is a word, “ἕωλος” pronounced in Greek the same way as Aeolus (Αίολος) but the writting and meaning are completely different. It comes from the proto-Greek word “ἠώς” and means “dawn”, “daybreak”.

So we could say that the whole “title” probably, would mean “The first of dawn”, “The beginning of dawn” or even “The master/ruler/lord of dawn”. I’d advice you to ask Lucifer and Belial, since there’s always a chance the origin of the word is mixed. Plus, they should know the meaning since they like to call people like this!

And I believe him. But in no way “Archaelus” means “High priest” in Greek.


Thanks for your insights, I will be reporting what I find out with Belial and Lucifer.

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Rotflmao! Since silent grew up speaking Greek and lives in Greece and has been involved in ancient Greek reconstructionisms orders I would have to say she is the authority here.


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I must agree with this assertion.