What does Angelic(Light) and Demonic(dark) energy actually do and what do they offer

I put on Angelic and demonic because it seems to be the most popular on this forum but i would also like to know anything about other energies from other pantheons please.

As well a how I would be able to gain there power as my own

I have noticed though that demons can have both light (kindness) and a dark (wrathful) side like humans. Angel are more one dimensional with only light.

First of all, these, I would say, are not “types” of energies - they are human value judgments about energy based on it’s effects or intent. Energy is just energy, really.

Boiling water on your egg = get a soft boiled egg, a very healthy food = good
Boiling water on your hand = scalded hand, very unhealthy for you = bad
Same energy, different application, leads to judgements about that application

Ego, you can work with all of these for good or bad, but it’s you that makes that so, not them.

Invoke them - look up “invocation tutorial” in the Search or online. To develop your own power, first learn to develop your astral senses, and go from there… look up “develop astral senses” in the search at top right


many of them have domains that intersect with one another.

a demon of protection such as Pazuzu has the same job and function that an archangel like Michael has. Purah and Sabnock both provide housing. Sachiel and Bune/Mammon/Clauneck/Belphegore both provide wealth, prosperity, and adundance. i believe there’s no difference in regards to how well a demon or angel can do in terms of magic; they both can do the task well and can be effective either way.

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All I can say is energy feels like a vibrating frequency in that some are low and growl at a rate that sucks up the air in a room while higher or lighter, Angelic energy (which doesn’t have to be angelic just because It’s light and higher), feeds or gives empowerment to the soul body or human spirit like invisible food and care.

Some can strongly feel energies in their bodies & mind when contacted or in a strong presence. Some prefer dark as it resonates with them, buts it’s a Heavy, lead feeling for others…protect yourself either way if you try & research. If you want it as your own, work with them as others mention. Follow what is suggested & develop your psychic abilities! Some speak in dreams, signs, or by your actions & deeds towards them. Research.

Demonic or dark energies (not always super dark but out of whack…) scare people in frightening ways, give horrendous nightmares, mess with their minds, and can physically harm them & their loved ones (scratch their bodies, throw objects, cause accidents…if you don’t believe me plz research or YouTube this) to grow in power by feeding upon their fear, anger, and bad emotions and environments.

If someone messes with demonic or dark energies, it’s advised to be well protected, not addicted to drugs and alcohol, mentally ill, underprepared, and most importantly…Know how to send them away if things get out of line. Hearing demented voices, abnormal visions or hallucinations and things shouldn’t be ignored if someone starts dabbling in such work. People have ended up in hospitals and committed horrible crimes (not all of course) by messing with some dark or demonic energies.

Angels from what I hear can be narly too, but people don’t call specialists, priests, and mediums to remove them. I’ve contacted one before, but wasn’t sure until I woke up & it comforted me in a horrible moment when cold, in pain, & alone.

Now what can you do with these two forms of energy? I see them as a battery or source to power things based on one’s intention. Light can do light things, jobs, health, miracles, or revenge accordingly (I don’t dabble in this myself) & so can dark. Just be prepared for consequences either way. Research.

Perfect example on this forum of demon & angel magic and energy: Demonic energy is amoral, and like electricity, it just finds the path of least resistance - #39 by LvxMferre

Forum members & moderators speaking on various schools & pantheons of demon and Angel magic that requires study to safely conduct. I’m replying as others will find this post. There’s degrees and different flavors. Research folk, religious Saint beliefs and rituals, and what John Dee and others found.

Edward Kelly was John Dee’s scryer who actually saw angels, but Dee’s name is more famous although he didn’t see them. The “angels” they saw later told them to swap wives for sex. Were they angels or just entities? It’s not always angels or straight demons. Parasites exist too.

Secret groups, clubs, and societies can teach how to use or raise energy these days without using such forces. Meditation is also recommended.

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