What do you typically feel after a ritual/offering/etc

In my experience, usually I’d get a sense of calm and warmness all over. I’d like to believe that it means good. hehe

Perhaps I’m looking for validation, but in the end, it’s completely up to me.

What about the rest of you? Do you usually feel at peace, or the complete opposite? Does it tell you anything?


I feel high, euphoric, and giggly…A feeling of peace and mutliple presences are seen felt after closing the ritual…There is a desire to go out and walk or go right to bed. Body feels like something pent and coiled up is released… Mentally, supper spacy, like I got stoned or something…kinda like im in two worlds at once…this disperses after an hour. Just kinda super happy…and for anyone who knows me, im never happy, let alone smiling.

If you can cross an orgasm with a clean high…


It depends, sometimes I feel drained and dizzy, but excited. Other times I feel complete serenity and bliss


Pressure on the sides of my head after invocation.
But it really depends on the ritual.

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I feel happy & high too but wi th new spirits very sleepy or hungry after


After a ritual I feel happiness, positivity, a sense of calm, and rejuvenated. It’s truly a beautiful experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.


Depends on the spirit I’m dealing with. Like the first response, most of the time I feel euphoric and more hyper than usual. I find myself pacing back and forth happily or having an extra pep to my step. Being a naturally upbeat and bubbly person already, I honestly think it’s embarrassing in front of the spirit at times because I end up giggling and over-talking in a Harley Quinn-like way. facepalms

There are spirits who, after an offering, makes me quiet down and meditate more on their presence, the workings done or just life/my existence so far. Sometimes wisdom here and there is shared. Sometimes it’s simply contemplative silence.

Of course, there are spirits who, since I did not know well but I still acknowledged for dropping by, just left me either in confusion or shock. Some leave riddles and deep figures of speech for me to figure out. Some just have me bopping my head and singing to this:


I feel different after each ritual, I guess if depends on which demon/spirit I’m working with. I feel particularly woozy after calling on Hekate, very energized after invoking Lucifer, and so on.

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