What do You think of this video? Do You think it's legit?

I hope pasting links to yt matherials is allowed here. I was wondering about this one particular video. What are Your thoughts about it?

If it’s not allowed, please let me know and I’ll edit the post :sparkling_heart:

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I think demons instead of humans can shapeshift into just about anything, since they are disembodied spirits. like- “ aliens “, reptilians, ghosts, were- animals, the moth man & other similar creatures maybe :thinking:& all kinds of Wierd things

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I think this is a perfectly valid topic as it’s a discussion starter, we ask people to put some words around it to get the discussion into context.

Bear in mind links do break, quite frequently as you’ll see form older posts, so if you rely on what’s at the link to completely define it, and it breaks, your topic may stop making any sense. … you know, "do we think what’s legit, now? "

Like here, the only way you know it’s about Shapeshifting if that link breaks, is because I just said it.

I’d say go ahead and put your own thoughts too. Sometimes the best way to get posters is to be a bit “clickbaity” and say something you know some will disagree with as people agreeing are more likely to just add a like and not expand on it.

The other thing that can happen, is people often won’t bother to click links that take you off site, or watch a video: they might mean to but there’s not enough time. I’m not going to spend time watchign that myself, to be totally honest. So if you provide a quick synopsis in your own words of the main opinion you are interested in, that helps a lot.

But if you search on here for the many shapeshifting posts you will also see older opinions about it that you might be interested in.

So, re this 3 minute video, he’s NOT talking about shapeshifting as a physical thing. He mentions it in only two contexts,

  1. Perception (Ie acting, he may mean what we call “Glamours”) and
  2. Lucid dreaming.

There’s also
3) Astral travel, which is like lucid dreaming but approached from a non sleep state
4) physical shapeshifting (a la the works of William Wraithe)
5) skin walking (we don’t talk about these people because of the strong association with all-too-human, lowest-of-the-low actual physical violence and criminal behaviour. BALG in no way discusses, encourages or endorses any kind of illegal activity.)

Personally I don’t believe physical shapeshifting is realistic, I’ve read Wraithe and I think it’s honestly nonsense.

Glamours are not shapeshifting at all, they are illusions: not the same thing, so I disagree with that association. Invisibility also happens under this banner.

And while you can see yourself as anything you like in the astral, this isn’t really a big deal and I don’t know why you’d limit yourself to Earth animals. I note the reader doesn’t claim to have done any of this.

In short: learn to astral travel or lucid dream first, then experiment for yourself.


Ok thank You for the answer :heart: I won’t be posting video links again then :slight_smile: Thanks again :green_heart:

research the witch of Evora, in her books she teaches and tells us how she transformed herself, including a little exercise to change the color of eyes and even the color of her hair.

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I’ll look into it, thank You :kissing_smiling_eyes:

What are the books called?


The witch of Evora is a Portuguese witch and unknown to Americans and Europeans, so books in English are rare, but search for (the witch of Evora, the witch of Evora and Cipriano, the grimorio of Evora, Evora no catimbó, Evora um grimorio of witchcraft and black magic).