What do you think happens when we die?

Hello E.A.,

Recently, I was rewatching your seminar about the demonic hierarchy, in which you briefly mentioned that your experiences with soul travel had led you to believe that something other than eternal damnation is awaiting you after death. That offhand comment made me curious. With the acknowledgement that none among the living can know the mysteries of death with absolute certainty, what do you think will happen when our bodies go caput?

Do we go to some astral realm, or Hades? Do warriors who fall in battle go to Valhalla? Do all those Tibetan lamas who spend their lives preparing to dissolve their egos in the Clear Light of Reality upon death so that they can reincarnate as bodhisattvas have any idea what they’re talking about? Or is our consciousness purely a byproduct of chemical reactions in the brain, and we will simply return to oblivion when we die? What about Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence?

This may be a bit speculative, but it seems that what people believe about death has a huge impact on the way they live. Billions of people live in fear of eternal damnation and in hope that following the rules laid out in some book and saying the right prayers will be enough for eternal salvation. Others live under the assumption that this world is all there is, and material gratification is the best they can hope for. What do you think?


This question has been raised a few times recently, so I’m going to answer it in my next youtube video!

Thank you for the great question, and I’m excited to jump into it!



On a trip I was on I went to what I believe was the moon, a white sterile place where our consciousness waits to be wiped and then we are reborn, reincarnated, even insects are attracted to lights, rabbits are hunted with bright head lamps, when we die people are told to head to the light, that’s why I believe we are all one consciousness having individual experiences, man, animal , insect and beast alike. The moon is a bioluminescent electro magnetic soul catcher. Its a foreign luminarie which has invaded our world, ancient artworks show Saturn and Venus as our sun and moon which if one looks at the pole of Saturn we see the pentagram. Read the Saturn moon myth for reference. If mankind is to reach its full potential of elevated consciousness, we need to block the signal coming from the luminaries controlling the moon. Its interesting to note Allah was a Persian moon god, also in Egypt during the times of the pharaohs, Jah was a moon god too! Then there’s the gnostic belief Jah/ Yahweh is Yahldaboat.

Hey Kaalananda,
I thought you might be interested in what I know about death. I’m a solo practitioner (non religious) of many years experience and part of my practice is as a ‘medium’ (for what a better word). I clear nasty hauntings basically, the ones other mediums won’t touch and over time I have built up a reasonable idea of the world of the dead along with information from my deities (spiritual assistance) I work with on a regular basis. Believe me, I don’t pretend to know all the answers, I’m just an everyday day person but I do know a few basics. Death is freedom but if you have issues when you die you can become stuck in-between both worlds. This is the mainstay of how I help in my ‘medium’ work, there is a ‘veil’ between the living and the dead worlds and I regularly assist those who have faltered and become trapped. I believe if you have no huge issues in your life at the time of dying and accept death you’ll be fine. You need to prepare for your death, the modern western world does not know how to die and I know this sounds morbid but life and death are part of our innate human nature. What’s on the other side? I don’t really know but I know the dead can move back and forth between both worlds by choice and can take on human from once more if they choose, I’ve been told by my spiritual team it’s up to you. I believe you go where you want to go after your life ends and that death is truth. I hope this post has been helpful as you may already know this info but I would love to here other peoples take on this subject.
I’ll also be very interested in EA’s response to your post.


That was a pretty badass video answer to a very well laid out and thought filled question.

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Whatever we (really, beneath-unconsciously; or not) want, OP! :slight_smile: