What do you think happens after we die?

I myself started this thread with my own experience of death in mind.

I had overdosed on sleeping pills (a story I’ll share at another time) & though they pumped my stomach, I went through the painful & terrifying experience of having my organs shut down, one by one. It was when they had me in the ambulance for transfer to a more capable hospital that I was declared dead.

I recall watching the heart monitor while the paramedic told me to stay awake. As I watched the line track the states of my pulse, I saw it flat line & a sudden sense of peace washed over me, as I thought, “hu”.

The last thing I recall was darkness & the feeling one gets when they’re sleeping & know it. Just this lasting state of consciousness. I was revived twice, the reports say, with my heart stopping again, shortly after each time. Even after a shot of adrenaline was administered, I proved unresponsive. They had just called it, when the medic said, I breathed. Apparently the adrenaline took a while… Was the official verdict. But, I’m no medical professional, not even close… So I don’t know how that works. I always thought adrenaline was supposed to be an automatic response, but I only have what I’ve seen & films to go off of, other than my own experience.

There isn’t more that I recall: just “being”, no sensation, no sound, no pain or anguish of any sort, no fear, no joy, nothing… Just “being”.

What are your thoughts on death ? all angles & views are welcomed.


I can’t say what happens after we die but I know after I die I choose to no longer reincarnate and return “home” where my “true self” (some call it the higher self, similar concept but different in some ways) which is the life that strongly imprinted on my soul to define what/who I am, from there I’ll explore and relearn all I once knew before this life.


My understanding, is that our “spirit” survive. Then given a choice to stay in the realm or leave or crossover into the light. I don’t know what’s behind that light but I have some ideas, including reincarnation.

If we choose to stay, usually it’s out of fear of that light due to religious beliefs, or we choose to stay because of our emotional attachments to what we experienced in or lifetime. When we remain here long enough… we lose our identity, because everything that identifies us as individuals dies, nothing to keep those memories alive. What remains from us are living spirits without identity.

To survive we pick an identity we used to know or believe in, whatever it is. And identify ourselves as that spirit or being. Usually it’s something unrelated to, or an exact opposite of, whatever we think or believe is beyond the light. Or we simply exist as shadows… living beings without a specific personality.

This is a general idea. Lots of details still working to figure out. Most important, the part that connects all that to God/s, Angels, Demons etc and what we call today, Aliens. I have a sketchy outline but not enough for it to make complete sense yet. Maybe it never will, because it shouldn’t. Who knows !

What I know for sure, is that nothing really dies. It only changes form. That’s one thing spirituality and - finally - science agree on.

I hope my theory is wrong, really wish yours is true, sounds a lot more peaceful. Or that we experience whatever we believe or think we will experience after death.


@PrinceX Shall we all go to that “happy hunting ground?”, shall we meet oblivion? Shall we reincarnate? Shall we return to the realm from which we came? Shall we depend or rise to another room, it will it be a mere lateral move?

Is the end an eternity just beyond all our lives lived & learned from?

I do not know. I believe in reincarnation, & there seems to be some evidences of it. But, what lays “just beyond the veil” of this realm shouldn’t be our concern, I feel.

How we live now, in this moment; moment to moment; day to day. As we have it & find it (I feel) **should be our chief concern. For it is the only thing which is certain to us, the now. **The next moment is not granted, not can we secure it by sheer power of will alone, we seem to come upon it by mere chance of the right conditions playing in our favor.

So while I posed this topic, for fun, I feel concern with what happens after this life distracts us from being the best versions of ourselves that we can be in this moment; in the now that we do have.

If any after life exist, if any existence remains beyond, if the Spirit is an energy which can not be created or destroyed but only transmuted, then the alchemy we should be concerned with is here… As is…

If anything favorable is to fallow it will be how we handle the life we have, as we have it.

That’s my take on it anyway.


Archangel Azrael told me we all reincarnate when we die.


Completely agree with you. Couldn’t say it better myself :+1:

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@PrinceX I figured you would :wink:

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May I ask why he is not incarnated?

Maybe doesn’t want to be?

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Yes I know. But she is saying that he told her that everyone incarnates after death

everything can reincarnate can and will aren’t the same thing, and death isn’t needed to reincarnate, it can be a conscious choice or something against your will by a “higher power”


When I was a child I had a dream. I was sick and there were big piles of wood everywhere, where other dead people were put to get burned. Most of my family had already died. I felt sleepy and I knew when I fall asleep, I will die. I tried to stay awake and I was desperately thinking “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be born again and go through all the pain again.”
I was still very young when I had that dream and nobody had ever told me about reincarnation before. This dream, along with a lot of others I had later on, is proof to me that we reincarnate.


many years ago i was at the operation table, “unfortunately” there were students to to complete it…
narcosis was taken off as poor student did something really wrong, they cut into artery. It felt terrible pain, more terrible than any toothache would ever be, i just wanted to escape it so badly that finally i did.
i found myself in some narrow and low tunnel, what has light at the end, all the pain and sorrow was vanished and i felt so relaxed.so i tried to crawl to light direction and soon found out from where the light came - eyes of my wounded biological cell. i heard everything what was going on, doctors jelling at each other, metallic noise and many more. i understood that doctors wanted to revive me, they had many attempts, i felt when i was pressing myself smaller inside of that broken biological cell then their attempt was about to fail. they won after some time. Later they said that i was “dead” 19 min.


I said “reincarnates” not incarnates. :joy:

Also, what makes you assume that he hasn’t?


But I don’t want to reincarnate. Can’t I just live immortal on the other side and perhaps consciously incarnate on a higher plane ?
When ever someone says “we all reincarnate” it makes me feel like it’s against my will like I’m forced into some astral bondage. Me no likely.

Also I hate the idea of my loved ones just vanishes from me for ever.

And if we do reincarnate, does it have to be back on earth ?
Fuck earth l, I’m over earth.

There has to be something better out there, with less evil, less war, less pain.

I won’t come back here, I refuse !!!


We are going to hell to meet our loving demons :stuck_out_tongue:

Hail the infernal empire


Yup and hopefully all my gay friends are waiting for me there cause I’m looking forward to one hell of a party :tada::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::partying_face:

But In all seriousness life after death is probably just a different state of awareness. we study observe and experience this life by hallucinating it through our brain Like we are here because we are aware of here. We keep it that way with tools like smell taste touch and a few others.

When we die we don’t have those tools so we’ll probably use others that make us aware of and thus present somewhere else in some other state of consciousness or reality.

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Ive had a report of a vast ocean called the Lake of Fire, by a Magus who travelled there through use of a few Enochian Keys, and whatever Magi do.
My mother had a NDE, where she was dead in the ambulance briefly, and asked to return here to see my sister and I graduate, and a year later she died.
So, my Baptist upbringing tells me it probably will be a tragedy.

That is possible, yes.

Quantum immortality.

Occultists love to trot out the whole multiverse, or “Many Worlds,” theory of quantum mechanics to explain certain spiritual ideas and magical results, but they seem to ignore the corollary of quantum immortality.

The idea of quantum immortality is a thought experiment based on what’s known as the Everett interpretation of the Many Worlds theory, and posits that, basically, our consciousness is bound at each quantum branching to take the path that does not lead to death, meaning that we must always exist somewhere.

The New Age “quantum jumping” and “reality transsurfing” crowds have taken this even further and posited that our multi-dimensional consciousness is observing every version of the universe, but we are only locally aware of the one in which we are most present. When we “die” in our current reality, our consciousness immediately shifts to one of the other versions of the quantum matrix where we didn’t die, and it then becomes our new present.

So, for example, if you were killed in a car accident here, you could theoretically wake up and find yourself in another reality where you survived, but are horribly mangled, or maybe one where you managed to avoid the accident all together and someone else died.

If the Many Worlds theory is true, and every decision and choice we make creates a parallel branch of probability, then, according to this interpretation, in essence, we can never really die, because our consciousness will always be needed to experience the universe, and in order to do that, we have to be alive, thus existing forever.