What do you think/feel?

The pictures below are from a small cemetary I’ve visited often over the years. The first time my friend and I went I saw a black figure roughly 4 feet tall about a foot off the ground directly in front of the sign, moving erratically but going nowhere. One of few times I’ve ever been afraid of the paranormal.

The cemetery is behind the sign - the only way in a small gate. Most of the stones are unmarked but one caught my eye many years ago marked simply “ Soldier.” I’ve visited ever since to spend time with the unknown individual and it’s also where I leave offerings to Hecate.

Curious what you guys pick up on :smiley:

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I don’t know why but I felt a lot of sadness, tears gathered in my eyes, poor long-forgotten souls of the dead and I had this awful feeling of panic like as if some where lost, unsure where they are :cry:

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Concerning the last pic:

A Powerful male dark Entity is present and standing in the middle of the road.
He’s made of shadow and has glowing yellow eyes.

Seems to be of the planet Saturn and feels slightly Demonic. He’s related to the Death Current somehow

“Arnael” is the name.
Very predatorial nature and energy.


In the last pic I sensed a figure behind the sign, what do you think?


It is a very very sad place and even more sad it’s abandoned. Evidently it belongs to a family buried there but none of their ancestors are alive and have claimed it. The county cuts the grass twice a year and nobody goes there. I don’t know who “ sodier” is but I clean up his stone every time . :sob:

Probably another shadow person @TheBlondeBrujo

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That’s probably the one I saw who scared the hell out of me

@Micah that’s how he looked to me when I saw him. I was frozen paralyzed and told my friend: Go Go Go!! but she couldn’t see it


Next time you go you may wanna take an offering and contact either Mamman Bridgette or Santisima Muerte and do like a consecration of the Cemetery or something.

If you’re into necromancy, evoke “soldier” and get some Info about him.

He probably died in Iraq from a Gunshot wound. Seemed to have a bitter life and alot of family problems. His last thoughts were of hate, regret, and sadness

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For some reason I can’t use the quote function right now but something about what you just said is really really odd timing. Hm.

The first few times I went so long ago I couldn’t even take pictures there - it would be a dead file. It’s like whatever is there doesn’t want people intruding but I’ve been going so long now.

I will put my feelers out and find out about him. I think I may have seen him passing in my apt and mistaken it for my grandpa. I’ll have to look back at what was happening at the time.

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