What do you think about Christian magickians?

Christianity is such a broken concept, but I feel like if we encourage true communion through spirit rather than dogmatic practices, this “god” can be very useful and very loving, to christians in dire need of real help. I’m working with one right now, telling them God is watching over them, and helping them acheive their highest purpose. He is, though.

He IS.

He always WAS.

And I am not used to this. I see him having a great, powerful effect on her life.

SOUL SEARCHING. She’s COMMUNING WITH HIM DIRECTLY, becoming ONE with him and LEGITIMATELY DROPPING dogmatic beliefs that were destroying her! I love this, because I want the best for her. But I worry for her, as I’ve never trusted this entity. But I know for SURE she’s in the best hands she, personally, can be in. Which is life changing for me, because I thought they were doomed. Seriously. Her life was falling apart. Drug abusing mom, enabling dad, terrible standards, borderline schizophrenic , and she went to try to commit suicide many, MANY times. And god is literally the answer. And of COURSE it fucking is.

She loves God, and is watched over by God, and is legitimately supported in a very real, real way by God. She is legitimately guided to reach her highest purpose!

And this is literally leading to a oneness with her Source! Why am I surprised?

Well, regardless, i understand if you guys disagree. The religion itself is disgusting because of all of the hate it brings to this world. But I see real improvement here.


Christian magick is a legitimate practice, some work with Yahweh in it, some work with the holy trinity of Yahweh, the holy ghost, and jesus, or some work with Yahweh, Mary, and Jesus as their trinity. I find it’s very valid and every religion has disgusting parts but it’s okay the religion itself isn’t the important part rather the individual practitioner’s connection to their path in it.



Thank you, Velenos.


Religion brings both good and bad things. Any religion can (and was) hateful, some more than others.
But on a personal level, any religion can bring stability and strength to a person’s life.
Religion always containd a dogma, that’s one of the reasons why I’m personally not a fan of it, but its very core is magickal.
Of course, strong and confident people cannot be controlled so easily, and that’s where any religion starts to contradict themselves. “Give them hope, but not too much.”
If your friend manages to break through that, and reach the core of her religion, then it can be a life changer for her.


I suppose I don’t have an opinion (edit: I stand corrected. :laughing: ) . Probably because I don’t live in the US where Christianity seems to be as common as flies on a sheep’s arse.

The Bible is boring as hell and should be treated like pretty much every other ancient text, where hermetic/mystical wisdom is couched in allegory and only found if you read between the lines.

All consciousness, human or otherwise, is of the same source, neatly compartmentalised into little fragments, the same way Maxwell could not be confused for Veil, but we are ultimately the same. Your mate speaking to the Christian, Biblical God is just a different flavour of you speaking to a demon.

Hopefully this is all taken in the spirit it’s intended and doesn’t offend anyone, but that is what I opine on the topic of Christian magicians.

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But that’s your opinion.


Exactly right, and I would never want to enforce my opinion on anyone else as the Ultimate Truth™. That’s the wonderful thing about opinions, everyone gets one of their own :laughing:

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Given there’s multiple sources this is not exactly true but fair point.


Can you tell me more about that? I sort of assumed everything had the one, but it makes sense for there to be more than one. That being said, I still feel one with all things, or at least connected. My intuition tells me I most certainly am connected to all things, even you, but eh.

In my own experience you can learn to trace a person’s energy back to their soul and further back to who/what “created” that soul and further back to the source that energy came from, and in my time I’ve experienced various sources from my own to others. The void is one of many sources, there’s also sources that emanate this glowing gold “energy” each source sparks various clusters of creation. One source’s creation could be a whole different cluster of universes, planetary bodies, life, and so forth from another source’s.

These sources share similarities in that all of their creation is individual fragments of itself (not in the sense that source has consciousness or is a living entity as I cant touch that) but I know my source to be that I was born from the void, my “creator” or well "mother"embodied the void, a conscious mass of void that went on to create a cosmic embodiment that became my soul’s “father” and their primordial mingling birthed my existence.

I wouldn’t say I was birthed a adult entity, rather my true self is akin to an elemental in nature, but I do remember coming into being and entering creation from outside of it.

In this existence I’ve been able to scan some and view their source and when their soul “sparked” as it’s own individual so to speak.

However, we’re all in this source’s creation reincarnated so we all seem connected to one another. But outside of it, it could very well be a different story.

I do believe some sources no longer exist as itself but rather fragmented to a point it makes up all that which it created as a energy is not created nor destroyed but transformed and some sources transformed into their creations.


Thanks for giving me some information on that, really helps me get how things are into perspective in a multi-dimensional sense. Do you know why sources even exist?

I can’t say 100% sure they exist more or so that I believe they always have, just as I believe the void has always existed, it could be that at some point their energies reacted with one another to spark various creations.

At one point I did hold the belief that various sources sparked “major” fragments that became its eyes and hands and from there aided in creation but that belief I’ve long dissolved.

Although I do still believe some sources like the void has embodiments that help in creation such as Tiamat, Khaos, Nun, etc but other sources I can’t be 100% sure on the primordial waters is what I mostly have experience with as it’s more close to home than the other sources.


My experience with the void is that nothingness is a lawless state state, so it wasn’t “made” because nothing has to be made to embody the universe, no laws saying it was necessarily supposed to be “made”.

So yeah, that’s my best shot at understanding it’s creation

There’s an episode of Midnight Gospel that talks about the bible and how Jesus was teaching us how to do magick. The whole series is really good, but that episode is really something I think people should watch.

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I remember that episode. Personally, I do not think that this is quite the same thing as hidden messages in the Bible.

A while ago a bunch of us smashed the troll entity which was parasitising people’s connection to Source, and passing itself off as the only deity. It’s therefore excellent to read that someone is within that current and with just a bit of guidance, able to connect to their energy.


Did you halt it from reforming?

Because if not, I can do that for you

Yes, it was a whole bunch of us, plus ancestors, plus various deities and other… forces, way back in 2016. We covered all the stuff you can think of, and probably a bunch you can’t. It’s cool. :+1:

And watching a Christian recently forge historic and absolutely unprecedented peace treaties between Jews & Arabs is another lil’ check box on the list… :thinking:


By hooking up people like you describe in the OP, you’re taking a step towards preventing other parasites stepping in and trying to drain indivisuals, they may not be on that scale but they can be bad enough to affect one individual and their circle.


I feel like if christianity became a religion of spiritual seekers this world would be significantly better off