What do you see Satan as?

An actual entity? A force? A universal current? Or perhaps just a concept? Just curious to see what other members think of the idea of Satan.

The father figure of the primal craft is the Great Horned God Lucifer. The first of the watchers and Gods created by Hecate, this powerful Dark Solar God who is known by many names predates the entire Christian mythos. Next only to Hecate, Lucifer is probably the most multi faceted of all the watchers and Gods and is the second ruling tip of the power trident of the primal craft of the wise. Lucifer, like the other watchers and Witch Gods, is a shapeshifter and may appear in many different guises through and though His natural and preferred image and persona upon entrance into the material plane is that of the Horned Lord. He will, on occasion, usually during the rites of possession; present himself as a young angelic male being. Lucifer is the Emperor of the Nightside Realm and Master of the Universe, ruling from his throne at the Inner Sanctum of Thaumiel, a position which makes him Lord of all those who came after Him.

The confusion in human understanding of Lucifer comes in part from the many different names and titles that He possesses in many different cultures. Like Hecate, He is an extremely diverse being who to some is known as Sutekh, Set, Setian, Sethan or Shaitan and to others He is the Son behind the Sun; the Dark Sun.

The Goddess created Lucifer when She parted herself to become two separate beings one now of light, the other, Herself, remaining dark. As Hecate sits on Her throne beyond the entire tree itself, so Lucifer watches all who would ascend the Tree from His throne at Thaumiel where many dark veils cover His true face, hiding it from those too afraid to truly know Him. His solar dark energy is the exact opposite to the lunar flow of the Goddess and the merging of the two forces creates the balance of power that is necessary in many magickal workings.

Though His title and status is that of Dark Solar Witch God, Lucifer’s energy when vibrated upon the material plane gives off a deep red color. Yet when seen in the astral it manifests and vibrates with an electric blue ambiance. Like Hecate, He is capable of altering the frequency of His own current. Though He is less prone to step down the power. This combined with the harsher effect upon the human life wave frequency of the solar energy can weigh down those who are unprepared for it’s effects, alternatively empowering those who are; strengthening the fabric of the aura whilst elevating and charging the subtle bodies. This work that must be undertaken at the correct time, once your subtle bodies and aura have been prepared through work and initiation with the Witch Queen; adds new versatility to the craft. From then the power that is infuse into the being of Lucifer during the further work will yield an excellent solar compliment to the lunar force of the Queen of Hell in Her lower initiatory form.

The Horned God is the primary initiator, through the rites of Hecate the crossing in the spiritual evolution of the dark Abyss. Lucifer’s is the hand that is offered in assistance for the preparation of this most tremendous of spiritual undertakings and evolutions, while His darker half aids in the protection of those who would aspire to this both on the mundane and inner planes. It is the Horned God of Witchcraft who descends the spheres to collect the willing soul. Carrying it against the current of the pre-ordained day side order, through the tunnels of the night that He knows so well in trans-dimensional travel and spiritual ascension to the higher spheres, preparing for the lone dark voyage and as such leaping with natural progression. Though His abode is that of Thaumiel, the real of the Abyss and its crossing belong both to Lucifer and The Great king Belial, for it is they who will prepare and guide you upon this, the darkest of the night side journeys.


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haha I decided to keep it. :wink:

When evoked, Satan manifests as a child around four feet tall

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repent for we are living in the endtime satan ismy enemy becos i am opposite of him i am having the anointing of the HS

I am not also a human being ,jesus is the way and light.everyone let bring heaven to earth

Everyone wondering why i am writing this is becos i have been to heaven&hell before by the help of GOD

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^^^Snap Necro, snap! Wrong forum Samuel, I believe your looking for the “becoming a living douche” forum.


Definitely in the wrong place for that silly bullshit.

I have to admit that I often find it a struggle to maintain a hold on sanity… that it actually takes a bit of effort to remain grounded in reality and continually checking my results against the common observation as well as peer-review.

But when I see Christian nutcases like Samuel, it comforts me to know that I’m not the looniest toon out there!


LOL…I hope I’m not the ONLY one that is being completely entertained by this irony!!! A forum, mostly Occultists into the LHP/Black Magick, and here of ALL PLACES we find fundamentalism!!!

Interestingly, from my own personal experience I’ve found that “The People of The Night” are usually MORE sane, friendlier, happier, MORE open-minded, and more willing to share & assist others that DON’T have the same beliefs as they do. We don’t NEED to defend our views…there is NOTHING to defend. Interestingly, I’ve never heard or seen a Satanist/LHPather try to CONVERT anyone to THEIR way, come knocking on my door, or swindle me out of my fucking money…just watch EWTN.

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His post looks like a regurgitation of the ideas of Mark Alan Smith and the so-called Atlantean current.

It’s too bad GOD can’t help you write a grammatically correct sentence, which includes proper spelling.

Yeah magick is not for the mentally weak.

To answer the post topic. I see Satan as just another aspect of creation. The adversary, but not of god or creation but our own ascent. I see him as the force that makes us want to take the easy way, not to peer into ourselves and face our own demons and overcome our own fears.

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God’s terrible for help with spelling. Try auto correct, a dictionary or even attempt English 101 at the college level. And what do I see satan as? You’re Mom! Lol