What do you people do?

This is a general question I’ve always wondered for users whose name I recognize around here a lot. 1)What kind of magic are you the best with/specialize in and 2) what culture’s mythology/ religious rights/ history are you the most familiar with?

I wasn’t sure if there was already a thread like this. These probably would be answered in the introduction thread, but they definitely would have changed the longer you’ve been here.


White magick RHP Eastern philosophy religions such as Taoism Buddhism Hinduism Yoga and meditation Western religion such as the Roman Catholic church and practice with angels and saints etc


Sorceress working in the Norse current using the CMT paradigm.

I work mostly Vodou and Norse magick but I’ve recently started work within the Egyptian system. I’m pretty familiar with most Northern European and Germanic lore along with the New Orleans Vodou tradition. I used to work with demons but I stopped getting results and decided to focus my attention elsewhere.


Meme magic of Kekian discordian chaos maybe…


Praise Kek Lord of darkness and chaos forever shadilay my brother! :frog:

Loki’s the only one I’ve been able to work with successfully out of those and even that was a fluke. What do you think is the main difference between Norse magic and the demon magic you use to do? And how do you even get started?

love magic demonic magic and curse well that maybe under destruction magic i wanna work on telepath magici work with goatic i dont know much about others i know alot about greek gods though

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Can love spells still work if the person casting it doesn’t have a working idea of what love is?

that actually is a good qustion you can get a basic idea before casting i.e reseach n observing it will work but may take awhile or fizzil out

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Yes, because love spells are usually done for a specific, easily recognizable, outcome like having your crush ask you out, or getting the girl next door into bed. These are all expressions of love, but you don’t need an idea of what love is to enchant for them because, culturally, they are already ingrained in your subconscious mind. You may not know what love is, but part of you still recognizes what it means when you see two people holding hands.

  1. What kind of magic are you the best with/specialize in?

So who is asking and why?

These are serious questions but the answers don’t concern me at all.

Long term, long time frame, slow Magick. Have done for a few months more than twenty-one years. Also more practical applications.

  1. what culture’s mythology/ religious rights/ history are you the most familiar with?

Why does it concern you? (And again, I don’t care.)

Xtain; originally protestant, television evangelists and fringe-groups all the way to completely fucked up but later got into Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

Hare Krishna movement. Read and practised heaps of their stuff. Helped turn me vegetarian.

Heaps and heaps of play upon your guilt hucksters, each with their own peculiarly quirky sickoism whilst all ruthlessly and individually aiming for their own brain-dead segment of the bottom of the barrel television audience. Herbert W Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong (if you’re looking for cruelty and alcoholism study Armstrongism); Jimmy ‘I Have Sinned’ Swaggart; Jim and Tammy Bakker (both display vulgar yet innocent greed); George E. Vandeman (Mr. Creepy himself).

G.D., Crowley, more Crowley, Marcello Motta, Israel Regardie, Anton Szandor LaVey, Peter James Carroll and Frater C.D. (Barry Salkilld). There were others.



I’m a sexton who engage in a little hanky panky from time to time. Gets lonely at the yard.

Edit: nvm you meant what magickal system do I practice, not occupation.

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I’m a witch. The base of my practice is Finnish traditional witchcraft and vaguely asian energy work practices which later “evolved” to Neigong and Taoist sorcery as I learned more. I’ve added stuff that either resonated with me or I’ve found interesting and workable, mainly norse runes, primal craft, draconian current and traditional witchcraft from places other than Finland . Also E.A’s stuff that I find a bit hard to categorize.


Partly morbid curiosity. Partly so people know who to bother when they have questions pertaining to certain paths/systems. Unless you’re not into that. Then you can just type “bugger off” at the bottom of your post or something. lol.

You guys know any books off the top of your head for studying that more in depth?


Jerry Alan Johnson’s books come to mind, despite their expense. There are other good ones, but I have bad memory for names.

Far as Buddhism goes there always is the bardo aka Tibetan book of the dead which is about the processing of rebirth and there is the Tao Te Ching for Taoist philosophy and another book called The secret oral teachings in Tibetan Buddhist sects

There’s also the lotus sutras for Mahayana Buddhism

For a practical how-to on a specific meditation method, I really like The Taoist Method of Water Mediation.

  1. What kind of magic are you the best with/specialize in and

Jack of all trades and master of none. I like fusion anything. Aka making it up as I go along. Never met a recipe yet I didn’t fiddle with. I’m not really a very good baker just contrary for the sake of it.

  1. what culture’s mythology/ religious rights/ history are you the most familiar with?

Celtic druidry and anglo saxon witchery. Which has not a lot to do with what currents I’m investigating today, but there you are.