What do you guys think about the new age methods of manifestation

I’m trying to manifest a job but I don’t have a lot of spell ingredient/supplies.

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Personally i believe the magick is within you not the objects. That being said i do think that the candles and incense and everything else helps put you in the right mentality. Its not needed but if you even have lets say vinegar then you can do a curse. I personally like to burn a single dollar in money spells as it makes a great sacrifice and most offerings are sacrifices either in time (such as poetry and song) or in items (such as incense and candles or food.) Hope this helps even slightly.


So … what should I do?

You should spend some time preparing for the ritual. Look up ritual music on Youtube and get yourself into the zone. Then try some sigil magick or similar that doesn’t require a lot of tools. @Nimosdomus was saying this, that you’ll have to do more immersion and preparation mentally to help the manifestation.

So do some research into preparatory immersion or pre-ritual preparation that focus on the mental aspects. Do some research for sigil magic so it’s not going to need a lot of tools.


I already know a lot about sigil magick! The only concern is whether a MERE sigil is powerful enough to manifest what I want.

I’m going to assume you are talking about Spare style sigils, where you take a statement of intent and turn it into a glyph, and not spirit seals.

In any case, there is no such thing as a “mere sigil.” With enough practice, a sigil is equal to, and can even be more powerful than, a standard ritual. Just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. The man who created the technique, Austin Osman Spare, could do incredible things with a “mere sigil.”

Sigils have been used to manifest pretty much anything you can use magick for. It uses your subconscious mind for manifestation, and the key to the technique is to forget the intent behind it.


Oh I see! Would you recommend a spirit sigil or a square sigil and if so which demon sigil should I use? Which demon is known for manifesting jobs?

A spirit seal does not use the same mechanism as a sigil.

Look in the money section of the forum or do a search. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of recommendations.


What do you mean it doesn’t use the same mechanism? I know the sigil belongs to the spirit. Yes! Is it possible for me to do sigil gazing method and request something. Also do I have to draw their symbol because I find it very difficult to draw their symbols?

I think you are confused. As I mentioned in my post, I was talking about Spare style sigils, where you turn a statement of intent into a symbol, and which uses the subconscious mind for manifestation. That is what @anon39079500 mentioned in his post as well.

I don’t use the term “sigil” for the symbols that represent spirits. I prefer to call them seals. And they do not use the subconscious mind for manifestation. They call upon an external, or a seemingly external, force. That is what I meant when I said they don’t use the same mechanism.


Yes, it is.


I see! do I have to draw the demon seal or can I use my phone? Their seals are very difficult to draw.

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You can use an electronic version. It’s always recommended to draw a seal by hand because it helps to infuse it with your personal energy which makes connecting easier, but displaying it on your phone will work too.


What do you think about using a pop culture demon like Sebastien Michaelis from Black Butler? I don’t intend on doing it but I just want your opinion.

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I have no idea who or what a “Sebastien Michaelis” is, but using pop culture is a prominent part of the Chaos Magick paradigm so as long as you can invest enough belief into it, I don’t see why you couldn’t use it.


I think that manifesting is the most powerful thing. You don’t ever need spare like chaos sigils, in fact for me they just get in the way. I think where manifesting falls down is when you are trying to do something complicated and don’t have all the pieces. That is why I started working with demons and not just doing manifestation stuff.

there’s no new age manifestation method lol, manifestation never needed ingredients/supplies.

I never used supplies, personally I’ve always just trained my scanning to see the choices of an action it always appears to me as blips in time with strands to each action and use energy manipulation to pull which outcome I want to happen…

in hindsight it sounds longer but it’s really just a game of fishing by feeding energy to the outcome I want to a point it becomes reality.

tools are just amplifiers of a person’s magick if they need it or want it it’s no way required.


If you work with demons don’t you become dependent on them? If not how do you avoid that?

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The same way you avoid becoming dependent on people around you, demons are no different. Learn to be independent if you haven’t already and if you already are keep being. Demons aren’t specially different in terms of reactions and actions. Just like if you annoy someone around you, you annoy a demon they’ll tell you like it is.


I’m refering to scripting , 369 method , quantum jumping etc etc

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Rituals are 9/10th preparation and 1/10th perspiration. Decide what you want. Set ur altar with candles, I use 5 black sone people like 1white 1black. Whatever works. Inverted pentagram, draw your sigil it’s more personal done with your own hand (a personal preference) or print 1 off., I hold the sigil as opposed to putting it in the centre of the pentagram, and look at it until I’m ready to start then I put the sigil on the Altar with my offering and chant the Enn for whichever demon I’m invoking. I ask and write my requirement(s) on parchment but paper will do and burn it in a bowl. I generally use whiskey and my blood as offering. Not lots of blood, I usually cut my hand or finger and wipe it it onto the sigil. The thing is it’s not always a quick process, meditation to the Enn is a good way to establish contact (again a personal preference). I don’t know if that’s any help! Angel

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