What do these sub symbols mean?

I have become more meticulous about creating my own magick, creating thought forms etc.
I have created well over a thousand with these symbols, does anyone know what they mean?
I am a bit worried that these symbols have been encoded with a certain meaning and could effect my magick, I’m sure you recognize them but does anyone know what they mean and why they have been used?

I’ve only ever seen these symbols as artistic flourishes on spirit seals, so as far as my understanding goes, they don’t mean anything.



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They seem to be mainly a component of the Goetia seals, and others used in Western ceremonial magick.

Here’s Belial’s, for example.

And Marbas:


Even the seal of the archangel Michael has them:


In other versions, the symbols are more simplified, for example, instead of the triangular cross, a simple line is used instead, which is what makes me think they are simply artistic embellishments:

It could also be a “tipping of the hat” to older symbols, as I have seen some writing in the Sefer HaRazim that uses circles at the end of each point. Not sure on the other ones, but it is a possiblity that it is a similiar reason as many of the older grimoires were heavily “influenced” by other texts.


It occurred to me that the others are more similar to Sumerian Cuneiform but there is no letter quite like any of these symbols.


I guess what I am wondering is because I have been inspired by the angel and demon sigils will Solomon’s magick be effecting my magick when I use these symbols

If no one knows, perhaps a better question is there a way to test that out?

No, it won’t. Like I said, there is no evidence that those symbols hold any meaning beyond an artistic flourish.

However, the seals in the Goetia do come from a much earlier source, though no one truly knows their actual origin. In his Modern Goetic Grimoire, Rufus Opus speculates that they originated from an ancient Greek form of shamanism, whose practitioners were called “Goets” (the word Goetia is believed to be derived from a Greek word meaning howling or lamenting, and referred to the sounds the magician made during conjuration).

If this is true, then they predate the mythology of Solomon.

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In addition to what Darkest said, it’s really the intention in using the image/seal/sigil/symbol that matters the most.
Some symbols will have a huge weight from the collective belief of millions of humans in the astral, but that’s not the case here.

It’s possible to use completely the wrong sigil for an entity by accident, and still get the intended entity.

So it doesn’t matter, imo, if these symbols mean anything to anyone else. They are simple enough that it’s very likely they’ve been invented by others throughout time.

But YOU created these for your personal use, so for you, I think it’s your meanings that you personally ascribe to them, and intend to use with them that will take effect during your workings.

So this:

We can’t possibly know in this context, because you made them and you have to tell us, not the other way around.

If you were just doodling without ascribing any meaning these, or divining it through your own subconscious, then they have no meaning.

In remote viewing every viewer has to work with their subconscious to find out what symbols they use for different things. These are called “gestalts” under Ingo Swann’s system. Most people have a flat line for “landiness” for example, but not all. Also, each symbol can contain within it texture and more meaning, so two symbols that look the same can mean different subtypes - rocky landiness is not boggy landiness.

In this case, to find out your meanings I suggest taking your hand-drawn symbols, and ‘tapping’ them with the pencil in different places, write down what comes to you until nothing comes any more. Practice this until you have clearly repeating patterns. Then you will know, “oh, this is my gestalt for x”, and you can just know that going forward.