What demonic books that has Astaroth or Astarte in it? I meditate on her sigil on youtube then women attracted to me

I want to focus only to her since Angel doesnt have to make someone sexually attracted to me and make a move on me

I’m not aware of any books solely for Astarte and not as a member of a pantheon, the Goetia (Astaroth) or larger discussion myself.

She is linked to the Egyptian goddess Isis, also Sumerian Inanna, (caution: not everyone agrees with this) and you might be able to find something that’s only about those, as cults for the worship of these versions exist/ed more recently than the middle-ages version of Astaroth.

I think the author Enoch Petruchelly works with her and has some videos on his yt.

Qliphoth books are included in this directory of book threads:

Rites of Astaroth, by Denerah from ToAF


Let me recommend the study of Astarte from a historical point of view. For example, you can search for the book “The Jewish Goddess” by Raphael Patai (Hungarian-Jewish ethnographer, historian, Orientalist and anthropologist). There is a chapter on Astarte (I am currently reading this book myself and found it quite interesting to read). Also, you can look for links or a section of literature in the article on Astarte on Wikipedia. Perhaps you will find something interesting for yourself.

Because if we talk about Astarte, then the image of this goddess is rather the heritage of ancient civilizations and, therefore, it may be interesting for you to get acquainted with its various aspects through the prism of historical science.