What demon should i summon if i want to shapeshift?

i really need some help with this, i may have just started in demon magic, but i really would appreciate the help!

This is not a thing that tends to be imposed by daemons, but a shamanic skill you learn for yourself.
These days the techniques have been lost along with a lot of occult info thanks to the age of Pisces and the destruction of knowledge in the pursuit of power over the masses… “suffer not a sorcerer to live” and all that.

Native American, Celtic, Norse, Persian and other cultures had shape shifting practices. Native American skinwalkers are probably the best practitioners left today, but it’s a secret closely guarded by cults that some consider evil and to have corrupted the practice.

When I learned shifting as part of studying druidry, it’s a spiritual practice that allows you to enhance your senses and access intuition from the perspective of the magical abilities of the animal you are shifting into. It’s also easily done in the astral for astral travel or soul travel.


They really can’t help you unless all you seek is guidance. As Maulbeere said many cultures have primal shapeshifting practices but physically Shapeshifting into an animal is not a simple thing to do and if possible it would take a long time delving into shamanic practices among others. Hecate can guide you, but know that if you truly want to shift it will take your full devotion. This is dark shit my nibba.

Most shapeshifting is done in the mind, and it is very physical, just not in the same fashion. Any power one would receive from actually turning from a human to dog, or human to bird or whatever becomes negligible since by the time they are at that point they are already fully ascended.

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Do you mean physical or astrial

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Azazel and this will take a very long time first you need to learn astrial aura chakra changing and then physical.


alright! thanks so much

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Anthology of Sorcery Volume 3, Book of Spells has a ritual using MARCHOSIAS that talks about shape shifting into a Werewolf.


Does it work?