What demon can help me with this?

So I’ve been feeling really bad about the way I look and I really want to change it…so I am asking which demon can help you with beauty/changing physical features or maybe do some of you know like a spell for “stealing someones beauty” (i mean not literally but to look similar to that person, get some of their features) and what demon can help you with that? Changing your features into your desired ones. I would be happy if someone could help since my appearance is one of my main problems:(


President Ose (A Demon of the Goetia) is said to change men into any shape. I assume he can help you with what you desire.
Marbas can also be helpful.

On a personal account, I recommend King Paimon as he is capable of answering any of your questions. Once I wanted to fix my hairline, as it started to recede due to stress.
King Paimon appeared in my Lucid Dream and showed me an ideal version of myself and told me to “become one with it”, which I did. Shortly after, baby hairs started to grow where there was no hair at all.

Hope my answer helped you a little. Wish you the best


Thank you soo much, this definitely helped me a lot ! <3

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Sorry for bothering but I need to ask this lol.
Ive read somewhere that king Paimon is not really human friendly and does not really like humans and that he only likes certain “intelligent” humans aka. the he will help the ones who he finds intelligent and likeable. And that he also doesn’t like people who complain…so I just wanted to ask about this because now I am kind of scared to ask him for help since I feel like I wouldn’t be the type of person he likes (for ex. i complain about my appearance a lot) …

I’m not sure where you “read” this, but that’s far from the truth. King Paimon is very patient with beginners. Granted, you have to show some respect, as with all spirits, but for the most part, he is beginner friendly. I work with him a great deal and for various reasons, and have never experienced him not “liking humans”.

Some people may not have had a good experience with him, so he isn’t all roses and candy either. You just have to form your own opinion, and not go by something you read on the internet.

Good luck.


Don’t let other people’s hearsay interfere with your path. Most people on here have no issues with him, I only really know of one person that did and it was resolved just fine, he was actually just trying to get the dude to stop groveling.

They’re not human, they’re not going to beat you up and take your wallet for asking a question. The worst they can say is no, and that’s ok. You’ll need some balls if you’re going to talk to entities on your own terms though, and not get tricked by the first nobody that notices you’re a bit insecure and they can take advantage of that.

It’s very possible to be polite and respectful without being a meek doormat. Do that, it’ll take you far.

Re the OP, we have some other threads like this in the Health, Beauty and Shapeshifting category, and I moved this over there for that reason.

Belial can help with addictions that are in your way, like comfort eating. But shapeshifting isn’t a thing for regular humans imo, and on point nutrition, the gym and optimised supplements for any genetic nutrition needs you have (a dna analysis and bloodwork nutrition panel will tell you) is much easier and quicker. Nobody ever though a fit person was ugly.
Work on developing your magick skills at the same time of course, tat’s never wasted, but it’ll take a while, and probably encourage you to do that exact same things anyway, so help out by starting on your own.



the most important thing for him is respect. Always call him “King Paimon” and do not forget the title. Be calm and don’t show fear or anything because calling someone for help only to be afraid of that very person is considered rude.
King Paimon is probably one of the most loving beings I have ever met. He always is more than ready to help IF you show commitment and genuine interest.

As offerings, he likes a self-made poem, wine, and (as my personal favorite) chocolate.
I am sure anything is fine tho as long as the offering comes from your heart.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

Thank you for help, I have two more questions, do you think that Azazel can help with changing your features too? And how do you recommend making ritual or offering for King Paimon to help you change your looks?

King Paimon doesn’t specialize in changing your looks himself, but he can offer you the knowledge on how you can actively influence your body as I did.
You would basically be doing the “changing” yourself.

King Paimon is actually, as he stated himself, part of the same consciousness as Azazel but a different entity. That implies that Azazel could help you with that as well.

As for the ritual/offering:
Clean your room and basically make sure that your temple is worthy of a king. Meditate and get into a light trance-like state.
Gaze upon King Paimon’s sigil and don’t follow any script but simply speak your mind.
Your words should be sincere and come from the bottom of your heart. Attach strong emotions onto those words.

Then place your offering next to his sigil and just keep on gazing, whilst you hold on to this feeling of desperately “needing King Paimon’s help”.
If you happen to have Frankincense sticks, you may want to light them, as it is his favorite scent.

Depending on your level of development, you may get some kind of answer right away, while you are awake. But it is most likely that he will appear in your dreams.

The most important part of this is: Get into a trance. People listen to the Demon’s Enn to achieve that. Some may simply listen to their breath. Whatever you do, just repeat one action over and over again until you lose a sense of reality.
I, for example, lightly tap my finger to achieve trance state

Duke Beelzebub, under Lucifer, can create in increase in personal beauty.

When I have summoned this power, Beelzebub has altered my aura with glamour magick to alter how others perceive my appearance. You may notice that the lines of your face look differently, or that you have a different look about your eyes.

The power also encouraged some physical changes, like how I dress and style myself, while also encouraging fitness habits like healthy eating and exercise.

The power also works on your own perception of your appearance and attractiveness, which can create a positive feedback loop where you feel good about yourself, so you have the energy to make changes and feel good about the change.

However it is you look, facial structure, hair type, such things, you should choose styles that work for your characteristics. If you have thick hair, don’t try to do thin hair things. If your face is shaped a certain way, look at attractive people who look like you in terms of facial structure, hair, body, and with fashion that you find attractive and model yourself after that. Grooming is also important. No one really has a fuckin blast shaving, but it’s a thing that is done.

Many people don’t really put too much positive thought into their appearance, really, but a good appearance can give you many advantages in life as attractive people are perceived as more likable and trustworthy, not to mention sexually desirable. It’s also good to feel good about yourself.


Besides demons, there are many things to do to change appearance, it is a lot about energy, as energy shapes us. If someone is not naturally good lucking then what helps a lot is to be making yourself as healthy as possible, diet and fitness wise. Yoga can really help to shape the face for example, and remove puppy fat from the face and give more defined features. Water, green tea and fresh green juices help with the glow and energy levels. a good hair cut and nice and clean clothes help a lot too. Hygiene not to forget, whitening teeth. I dont know a particular demon for looks, but somehow I feel Astaroth might be able to help.

The type of glamour magick I do is by rubbing my hands, then when they’re hot I keep in mind what I want to do, for example, softer skin, and with this thought in my head I rub my arms seeing my skin get softer. For anti ageing, I do the same but then move them over my face. It can help to rub with olive oil and a gua face shaper for lymph drainage, also good for double chin :slight_smile: To lose weight do the same. I had a lot of success with this, to the point people think I had plastic surgery. I had narrow asian eye lids and always wanted larger eye lids, and somehow I managed to do it a couple years ago but I accompanied it with intermittent fasting for cell regeneration and I highly believe in diet being key in magick manifesting faster as it can help with vibration.


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Some people have experiences where King Paimon shows up much more ‘loud’ or intense than others. The first time I called him, he was loud and flashy. It spooked me for a moment, yes, but I’d also done other evocations and I wasn’t about to be scared of him. I’d called him for a reason and was planning on following through. Others have had him be very kind to them without the fanfare. I agree, he’s often willing to engage rather well with beginners, but in my experience he’s not the type to love engaging with people who can’t hold their own. I’m not sure he’s going to change your appearance, that isn’t really what he’s known for doing… Ultimately, you’ll have to call him to be able to form an opinion.

Have you checked out the shapeshifting and beauty category of the forum?


I have but I haven’t got an answer since most of people, thats how i saw at forum, while are talking about shapeshifting they mean like, to shapeshift into wolf or something like that, so everyone says that it isnt possible, when thats not what I want lol. I dont want to turn into wolf but I do want smaller nose haha.

There are plenty of topics on other features, there’s just not much useful information there to someone who doesn’t have a firm relationship with magick.

You can ask Ose as this is something that falls within his domain. Also though, please note the outcome of this is something that will also rely on your personal abilities as a magician. I’d make sure to note you don’t want to jeopardize your health if you call a spirit; it wouldn’t be fun if you walked into a car or a pole and your whole face changed in a way you don’t like.

Yess I definitely I agree, i wouldn’t like to get “tricked” or anything like that and end up with reversed results. I felt like Ose was the best demon for this kind of situation but I researched him and I saw one person who said that hes more of a sinister demon (not that he would kill you or sth like that but that his energy is more “sinister” than others) and that they feel like he isnt much from Goetia, rather than hes from other parts of book (The Lesser Key of Solomon) because his energy was more sinister. So I kinda gave up on calling him bc the last thing I need is to look worse and since they said hes more sinister, I am kinda afraid to work with him then bc yk I wouldn’t want him to make reverse results or sth like that. Although what I said may be wrong bc I don’t know much about this particular demon and what I said is just what I heard, so idk :confused:

Someone is always going to have a bad experience with any given spirit. You can choose the be afraid of them all, or you can choose to do a ritual and see for yourself.

Have you had any experience with him? Or do you know someone who had an experience with him?

I don’t have experience with Ose, no.

Well I asked bc you are definitely right, people have different experiences but the thing is that there isnt much information about him on the internet and the only informations that are about him, well they’re all saying that hes kind of sinister so idk what to do